What Is The Difference Between A Modular And Civil Kitchen?

Have you just bought your dream house or want to give your existing kitchen a complete overhaul? If the answer to this is yes, then you certainly have a few crucial decisions to make. Do you want to go on the traditional path with a civil kitchen (one that’s designed by a carpenter) or are you looking for something more upscale with one that’s built-in a factory aka modular kitchen?

Carpenters have been the first choice for Indian homeowners, for decades when it comes to any home improvement project. However, the kitchen industry has seen marked developments with factory-made variants. Different elements such as cabinets, shutters, panels are gathered and built together in a factory to make one cohesive kitchen unit. Here are the underlying benefits of modular versus civil kitchens.

Differences between modular kitchen and civil kitchen

Modular Kitchens Move With You

The most significant difference between a modular and civil kitchen is the difference in functionalities of each. The biggest advantage of modular kitchens is that they can be assembled and reassembled. This means that every time you move home your kitchen comes with you. In contrast, with civil kitchens, cabinets once built are permanent making it impossible to dismantle them later. Therefore, when you shift you will have no option but to leave everything behind.

Difference between modular kitchen and civil kitchen is the difference in functionalities each

The Perfect Finish

Modular kitchens are popular today because of sleek and smooth finishes. They are light on the eyes as they are designed with fine and clean edges. Machine-made edge banding is brilliant because it is durable and lends an aesthetically pleasing look too. This is definitely not the case with civil kitchens. The quality and finish are always at stake as they are built manually. Even the most experienced carpenter will not be able to build you a kitchen with the perfectly seamless finish of modular kitchens.

Modular kitchen vs civil kitchen: sleek and smooth finishes not in civil kitchens but in modular kitchen

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Storage Options Galore

Now since modular kitchens are built to suit your needs you can design one with customised storage options. A designated corisan rack for spices, cabinets, cutlery organisers, S-carousel, oil pull-outs, tandem and skirting drawers, janitor units, pantry, magic corner units, vertical tray storage – absolutely anything and everything you want to cook in a clutter-free zone.  Your neighbourhood carpenter may not be able to give you a kitchen built with the latest technology or hardware that has become a basic requirement for modern homeowners. In the name of storage options, civil kitchens are built with rudimentary storage solutions – cabinets and drawers with restricted space – simply because carpenters’ knowledge is restricted. They are not updated with the latest trends, designs, accessories or technicalities of modular kitchen units. Here is where the services of interior design professionals trump carpenters big time.

One of the major difference between civil kitchen and modular kitchen is storage options, modular kitchen gives customized storage options but not in carpenter made kitchen

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A 3D Look Into Your Design

If you have opted for a modular kitchen your design firm will give you a visual tour of your dream kitchen as well as a 3D presentation. And the biggest perk is that the end result will be just like the visual. Needless to say, visualisation is next to impossible with carpenters. A carpenter cannot give you a sense of what your kitchen is going to look like with the latest 3D technology or virtual reality. At most your carpenter will give you a rough sketch on paper. However, there is no guarantee that your kitchen will turn out exactly the same. Nor will you get an up-close and personal feel of textures, finishes or materials that will be used.

Carpenter made kitchen does not give you a a visual 3d presentation which is not in the case of modular kitchen

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Modular Kitchens Are Easy To Clean

Kitchens are likely to get dirty frequently and keeping it clean requires regular maintenance. A modular kitchen makes life simpler because its fittings can be detached, cleaned and attached right back. With civil kitchens, cabinets are fixed to permanence. It is difficult to deep clean hidden corners and edges. For modern families, with fast-paced lifestyles, a modular kitchen is a safer and simpler option as regular deep cleaning is next to impossible.

Difficult to deep clean hidden corners and edges in civil kitchens but easy to clean in modular kitchen

Modular Kitchens Are Durable And Sustainable

Civil kitchens are often made by materials sourced at the discretion of your carpenter.  This means there is no guarantee your kitchen will last you for years to come. Second, with trends changing at the speed of lightning you will find yourself in a spot the next time you want to replace old parts or accessories. On the other hand, modular kitchen set-ups are machine fixed. This simply means hinges are firmly in place, materials are of the finest quality and accessories are nothing short of modern. And to top it all interior design firms offer maintenance services and warranties ensuring lasting care long after your kitchen is handed over to you.

Carpenter made civil kitchen are not where as modular kitchens are durable and sustainable

A Hassle-Free Experience

The process of designing and building a civil kitchen is lengthy and messy. It takes months to get a carpenter-made kitchen up and functional. Not to forget, your house will be a jolly fine mess until then. Also, you will end up spending a lot of time finding a good carpenter as well as sourcing the right materials. Not only this, you will also have to coordinate with labour to get the job done on time. However, modular kitchens save you time and energy. Your entire kitchen is built in a factory after which it is installed in your home. Installation takes no more than two days leaving your house free of a mess and noise.

The process of designing and building a civil kitchen is lengthy and messy which is not in the case of modular kitchen.

Have you ever seen a smartly designed kitchen

No Surprise Costs In A Modular Kitchen Design

Now for the best part. Modular kitchens are designed to your budget. Once you sign off on a design the price for the same is fixed. You will not be hit with surprise costs out of the blue. As long as there is no change in your design or requirements, the price for a modular kitchen stays true to estimate. With civil kitchens, budgets fluctuate. Your carpenter will more often add on costs for extra materials, fixtures, polishes. All this eventually escalates the overall budget you had set in mind at inception.

In case of civil kitchens budget is fluctuating but modular kitchens are designed to your budget

Civil kitchens have some advantages, though modular kitchens are a superior option. The reasons are as follows.

Civil Kitchens Are Basic In Design And Technology

An advantage of having a civil kitchen  or one that is made by a carpenter is that you can create a cooking space that is entirely unique. You won’t have to choose from a catalogue of pre existing designs. However, a big downside of a civil kitchen is that you will have no control on quality and finish since it will be built and designed by a carpenter with rudimentary technology and tools. In contrast, modular kitchens have superior finishes and material since the manufacturing takes place in a factory and is taken care of by experts who know the field well. Also, modular kitchens are designed with latest technology and hardware available in the market.

Civil kitchen where are basic in design and technology and are made by carpenter

Building A Civil Kitchen Is A Long And Lengthy Process

If you opt for a civil kitchen then know that you will be handling the purchase of materials, finishes and hardware. However, beware of hidden charges that you may have not discussed with your carpenter because of your lack of experience. Another disadvantage is that the costs of building a civil kitchen are not constant and depend entirely on the carpenter. This means you will most likely being paying for more than you signed up for.

Building a civil kitchen is a long and lengthy process but not in modular kitchen

Carpenters Give You Hand Drawings Only

It will be easier for your carpenter to accommodate small changes and customizations into your civil kitchen design than in modular kitchen designs. However, you will not get a 3D view into the entire design of your cooking space prior to work commencing with a civil kitchen, If you work with an interior design company you will get a presentation with a 3D view of your kitchen’s interiors before you start work.

Civil kitchen carpenters give you hand drawings only

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So there you have it a complete set of differences between the two types of kitchens. It is safe to say that modular kitchens are far superior when it comes to design, finishes, cost and quality. If you want to avoid the hassle of carpenters and fluctuating costs consult an interior design firm to make that final call on your kitchen design.

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