A Guide To Study Room Lights

We all know reading and studying requires an abundant supply of light – be it natural or artificial.  Ask any experienced designer and they will tell you that good lighting is an essential element of interior design. Study rooms are no less important. This guide has all the information you need on lighting options you need for your study room.

Types of Study Room Lights

Ambient Lighting

Also called ‘general lighting’, ambient lighting is the primary source of light for a particular room. Ambient light provides a comfortable illumination without too much glare to navigate the room easily. It can be called the central source of light of any room. Here are a few examples of fixtures that can be used as ambient light. Let us take a look at them.

  • Chandeliers
  • Track lighting
  • Recessed Ceiling Lights
  • Wall Sconces
  • LED downlights
  • Wall Mounted Fixtures

Study room lights are no less important, check the information you need on lighting options you need for best lighting for study room

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Task Lighting

As the name suggests, task lighting is that type of lighting that focuses on a particular area. This means the source of light hits directly on a focus area which makes it easier to complete a specific task. As opposed to ambient lighting, task lighting is primarily used to locate smaller objects. It can provide a certain amount of increased light for tasks that require precision and accuracy such as reading. Some fixtures that provide task lighting are:

  • Portable Desk Lamp
  • Pendant Lighting
  • Under Cabinet Lighting
  • Directional Gimbal Recessed Fixture
  • Vanity lights
  • Table Lamps

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is used when you need extra drama around your favourite items or objects. Accent lighting is used to draw attention towards what you want to highlight. It could be a painting, memorabilia, a sculpture, wallpaper, wall art or more. Accent lighting in a room can also be used cleverly to draw attention away from things that aren’t visually pleasing.  Some examples of accent lighting are:

  • Candle Light
  • Direct Track Lights
  • Chandelier With Dimmers
  • Wall Sconces
  • Floodlights

What are the best lights for a study room?

Now if there is one thing we all have in common is studying for exams in the dark or in a space with poor lighting! We’ve all been there at some point in our student years. A well-organised study space is a must for students or anyone who works from home. Working with good lighting creates an atmosphere where you will want to finish your tasks on time and properly. So here are the best lighting ideas for your study room. 

Natural Light

Natural lighting is the best source of light for a study room. Natural lighting is the best to keep your eyesight in check. It minimises your stress while reading and writing. Positioning your desk near a window to make best use of natural lighting coming into your study room. And the best part of natural light is that it’s free. 

Table Lamp And Desk Lamps

A brightly lit table lamp is a must for every study table whether you are a student, a professional or living alone.  A table lamp is both functional and decorative. Even if your study table is small there are ample options in the market that will fit your space. Consider adding LED table lamps to brighten things up too!

Desk lamps are also a good option for a study table because the head of the lamp can be moved into different directions and angles to illuminate a particular area of the desk. They illuminate only the workstation instead of the whole room which is perfect if you study/work at night.

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Pendant Lighting

A pendant lighting is a fixture that is suspended from the ceiling with the help of a chord, metal rods or chains. It is a cheaper alternative to chandeliers and has gained massive popularity among designers, architects, and homeowners. Pendant lights throw light directly onto the study table so you can concentrate on a particular task. They are an excellent space saver too since they are suspended from the ceiling. This means you can have more floor space and surface area.

Wall Mounted Lamps And Sconces

Wall-mounted lamps are the easiest way to light up a study room. This lighting is suitable for those who spend time reading books or magazines. If you lack space in the study room for floor lamps, wall-mounted lamps or sconces are an excellent choice. Position them on the best spot on a wall in your study room and see how the light brightens up the whole space. Install them above the bed (if your study area is in the bedroom) or the study table to get maximum illumination.

Recessed Lights

Recessed lights are installed directly on the ceiling. Majority of the fixture is hidden within the ceiling or walls making it invisible. Although the lights are embedded into the ceiling, it does not compromise on lighting. Dimmer switches can be used to control recessed lights. This way you can take control of how soft or bright you wish the light to be.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps aren’t just an accessory to any room’s interior decor. They can be useful to define a small cosy reading nook in the corner of your study room. You can change the location of the floor lamp to suit your convenience. They are versatile in nature too because you can fix different types of bulbs in them to suit the amount of glare or glow you prefer. There are ‘smart’ LED bulbs in the market that can be controlled by your smartphone. Shift the focus to your study table to provide the right amount of light you need. A floor lamp is an excellent addition to your study room’s decor. 

Track Lighting

When it comes to flexible illumination, track lighting is the best option. These are a series of light fixtures placed on a ceiling-mounted structure made of metal or plastic. One of the significant advantages of track lighting is that it is highly practical and adds character to any space. You can move the head of the fixtures and point them to the direction you want the light to shine. You can also have them suspended from the ceiling like pendant lights – the possibilities are endless. 

Dimmers For Better Control

If you want absolute control over the light in your study room then you must install dimmers. They are small knobs placed on the control switch to help control the amount of light the bulb gives out. It will help you set the perfect mood for you to work or relax.

And that’s everything you need to know about study room lighting. We hope this guide helps you make an informed decision as you plan your study room interior design. Our team of designers are here to help you. Do book a consultation to know more about everything you can do to design a great study.

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