Brighten Up Your Home With These DIY Lighting Ideas!

by Devna Tiwari | February 17, 2024 | 5 mins read

DIY light decor ideas for your home

We are quite sure that after traversing our list of these amazing DIY lighting ideas for your home, you will be inspired to create a few yourself! So, without further ado, let’s explore these creative ideas.

Now that you are stuck at home with your family, how about you brighten up your home with some DIY lighting ideas? Sounds like a fun pandemic plan isn’t it?

There’s something really comforting about creating a piece of decor for your home with your own hands. DIY ideas and projects are witnessing massive popularity among people all over the world because they are a great way to recycle unused objects and materials apart from being a fun home decor project.

There are several DIY lighting decor ideas and they are all unique. DIY projects give you the freedom to choose the materials, colour, dimensions and all the other aspects you like for your space. Besides, if you have growing kids this whole process of creating your own lights is an excellent bonding experience. Make them a part of this process to let them appreciate the idea of recycling everyday items into something beautiful.
Here we have created a list of our favourite DIY lighting ideas to let you make the most of this stay home, stay safe period! So let’s get started.

DIY Kitchen Lighting Idea

The idea is to save your kids from getting hurt the next time they try to sneak into the kitchen at night to steal a cup of ice cream or snacks! You can use these LED light strips over the countertop, on the floor or around the cabinets. These lights are readily available in different colours and lengths and can be easily installed wherever you want – be it your bedroom, living room or kitchen as shown here in this image.

DIY kitchen lighting ideas with led light strips over the countertop

DIY Hanging Lights

The easiest and most elegant of all! These DIY hanging lights can be excellent decor items for your balcony, pooja room or even living room. And if you like everything traditional, they are perfect as they have an old-world vibe to them. All you need is a couple of glass jars (remember the last time you ordered a dessert jar cake and saved the jar because you like it? Yes, the same one!), hemp or jute string thread, and a few diya-candles. Just tie the thread around the tip of the jar, as shown in the image, and place the candle inside the jar. It’s ready now to be hung anywhere in your house. You can also just keep them on the floor if you do not have any railings, exposed beams or nails handy. You can also paint these jars using glass paint if you want them to blend with your colour scheme or for a funky look.

DIY hanging lights decor in glass jar
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DIY Bedroom Lights

We all love delicate fairy lights isn’t it? Easy to fix, these lights can be arranged in any manner you so desire. You can add this to your headboard, on the walls, around the window rims and even your living room. You want to know another amazing thing about this bedroom? The headboard is also a DIY design. All you need to do is join the wooden planks together in the required dimension and place it behind your bed.

DIY led light arranged on bed headboard

Candle Nests

Cute aren’t they? This super adorable and easy DIY lighting design is a great way to brighten up your balcony, kitchen or bedroom windows. We all have processed food cans or nut cases at home. It’s time to put them to some use. Paint these used cans or cover them with craft paper and ribbons to decorate them. Now hang them in the desired spot using hemp or wire. Place the diya-candles inside and you’re done!

DIY light with processed food cans

DIY Pendant Light

How about you add a natural touch to your overall decor? Collect some twigs from your backyard, terrace or balcony and make a beautiful pendant like this one out of them. To get a perfect circular cage, you can try sticking the twigs on a blown-up balloon first using a strong adhesive. Once the cage dries up paint it with your favourite oil paint colour. Insert a bulb attached to a wire from the opened side of the cage. And there you have a beautiful nature-inspired pendant light for yourself!

DIY lighting idea in red circular cage

DIY Hanging Jar Lights

A great way to give your space a touch of industrial lighting! You can use your old jars, or get a set of new ones. Punch a hole into the lid, to let the wire of the bulb sneak in. Remember the bulb must be inside the jar as shown in this image here. If you have a bar unit, these jar lights are a great addition. They will work well in the dining space or your bedroom too!

DIY hanging jar lights
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Personalised DIY Night Lamps

If you are an avid reader, a night lamp on your bedside table is the best decor piece you can add to your space! Take a jar and paint it in your favourite colour, stick the craft paper cut-outs and put some tiny LED bulbs inside. Turn them on at night to illuminate your bedroom with a soft light.

Personalised DIY night lamps

DIY Aromatic Candles

If you don’t wish to go big on the lights, how about a scented candle? They are an excellent option to create some mood lighting in your bedroom. Take some cinnamon sticks and stick them around the candles, tie a ribbon around and your scented candles are ready! You can also use dried fruits, potpourri in the same way and change up the aroma from time to time.

DIY aromatic candles with cinnamon sticks around them

And there you have it! DIY lighting ideas for your home. Time to get started with your own lighting idea. Hurry, go grab your materials and craft things to get started!

Happy Decorating!

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