Modern Crockery Unit Design Ideas for Top-notch Ambience

by Pooja Dara | February 17, 2024 | 5 mins read

Modern crockey unit design inspiration for your home

Discover the latest collection of modern crockery unit design ideas to create a stylish vibe. Read further to know more.

A modern crockery unit is a blessing for homeowners with tons of fancy serveware. With the right furniture, these pieces are easily accessible & add to the home’s aesthetics when appropriately displayed.  

Why Modern Crockery Units Are Your New Best Friend

  • Act as an extension to a small kitchen.
  • Equally versatile in the dining room, kitchen or living room.  
  • Excellent solution to integrate more storage into an existing design.
  • Elevate the visual appearance of your space.
  • Reduce countertop clutter and protect delicate pieces.   
  • Multi-functional 

Here are a few modern crockery unit design ideas that you might love to scroll through!

Closed Translucent Glass Crockery Unit Design

This modern glass crockery unit looks extremely beautiful and stunning in the dining room. It features a combination of closed wooden cabinets and translucent glass cabinets to lend an ideal balance of openness and privacy to the serveware and souvenirs on display. It blends well with the decor and furniture of the space.   

Modern glass crockery unit design which is closed and translucent
Create contrast with a darker wall paint

Modern Cabinet Crockery Unit With Mandir

Most large urban households have a modern closed cabinet crockery unit with a mandir installed beside it in the kitchen area. This setting reflects the pure thought that the kitchen is the home’s soul that nourishes its incumbents, and the day’s first meal is dedicated to the gods. The designer jali shutters for the mandir emit divine vibrations, while the closed cabinets and drawers are packed with storage. 

Modern crockery unit design with a mandir installed beside it
Illuminate the kitchen with bulb chandeliers to bring vibrancy

Modern Dining Room Crockery Unit

This broad, modern crockery unit adds an aesthetic appeal to the dining room and keeps the dinner sets easily accessible and safe from accidents. The grey colour of the unit complements the yellow-coloured dining table set with chairs and brings an overall warmth to the space. 

Modern crockery unit design for a dining room which has a aesthetic appeal
Crockery units make the dining room look efficient

Hidden Modern Kitchen Crockery Unit

This tall and hidden modern kitchen crockery unit is a space-saving design. The entire piece has two parts – an open side with glass shelves to display the delicate serveware and an oven, microwave, wine rack and a tandem drawer on the other side. It makes the most optimal use of the small space as it doesn’t interfere by opening up in the front, making you instantly fall in love with this kitchen.    

Modern crockery unit design which is hidden and saves ample of space
Use LED strip lights for illumination
Do you want a drool worthy crockery unit at home

Wall-Mounted Crockery Unit Design

This compact wall-mounted crockery unit design makes the best use of the vertical space of the wall. You can play around with the patterns, styles and colours to make it more visually distinctive. The glass doors on the cabinets make it easy for you to locate the position of the items inside, but at the same time, you need to ensure that you keep them organised and clutter-free. 

Wall-mounted crockey unit design which looks minimalist and contemporary
Minimalist and contemporary design for your home

Wrapping Up

All in all, modern crockery unit designs not only give your space some extra oomph but also mirror your individual preferences. Start making your home a practical oasis by contacting DesignCafe for a free virtual consultation right now.

FAQs On Modern Crockery Unit Design

What Factors Do You Need To Consider Before Investing In A Modern Crockery Unit?

  • The finish & colour of the piece
  • The amount of storage required in the unit
  • The budget set out for the purchase/design process
  • The material & style of the design
  • The total space available where the unit needs to be installed

What Are The Different Types Of Modern Crockery Units Available?

  • Material – Glass Units | Solid Wooden Units | Engineered Wood Units | Laminate Units
  • Finish – Matte Finish | Semi-Gloss Finish | Gloss Finish | Non-Textured Finish | Textured Finish
  • Styles – Built-In Crockery Units | Freestanding Crockery Units | Wall-Mounted Crockery Units
  • Colour – Neutral Colours | Medium-Toned Colours | Vibrant Colours (~rare)

How do I decide between Open vs. closed Crockery Unit Design?
To decide whether to invest in an open shelves or closed crockery unit design, you need to know their pros and cons.

  • Helps showcase your pretty cups, dinner sets, pottery sets and more.
  • Trendy and lends a minimalist and visually clutter-free look.
  • Blends with other decor styles and gives smooth access to kitchen items.
  • Ideal choice for those who love organising.
  • Budget-friendly and cost-effective.
  • Magnet for dust, grime and grease if it is located near the stove area.
  • Ideal for compact kitchens.


  • It is not easy to customise.
  • Gives a sleek outer aesthetic and keeps unsightly items away from curious eyes.
  • Does not require daily dusting and cleaning since the doors remain closed.
  • More expensive as compared to open shelves crockery unit design.

If you are still in two minds, then you can try a hybrid design which combines the features of both closed cabinets and open shelves.

How to Integrate Lighting Into The Modern Crockery Units?
Crockery unit/cabinet lighting plays a significant role since it enhances the design details and elevates the vibe of the space to the next level. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Accent Lighting – Strip Lights | LED Spotlights | Puck Lights | Dimmers
  • Task Lighting – In-Drawer Lights | Fluorescent Tube Lights | Track Lights
Pooja Dara is a content writer at Design Cafe home interiors blog.

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