MDF Jali Designs For A Mandir At Home

by Shreya Bilagi | February 24, 2024 | 5 mins read

MDF jali design for your Mandir

Every footstep you take is essential to remember you are not alone. God is with you to guide you and fill your heart with hope some days he shows you the sun and other days the rain but always makes sure you come strong out of the storm again. If you are looking out for some traditional yet classy MDF jali designs for your mandir at home then you have arrived on the right blog, read more to learn more! 

It’s A Place To Pray 

A holy place is much required so that prayers to god can be said in a place that is peaceful and has a spiritual vibe to it. Take a look at this mandir jali design that is built from dark wood and has an intricate traditional design to it. This mandir jali design is in a pyramid shape excellent to attract cosmic energy. This jali designed mandir has hanging diya’s that are much needed to give your pooja room a mandir look at home. This mandir has an open mandir without any doors, four strong pillars made from wood hold this mandir strong and together.

MDF Mandir jali design for a pyramid shaped Mandir with four pillars
A mandir with four pillars and a pyramid shape with no door design

A Magnificent MDF Jali Design For A Mandir

If you are inspired by the design of the moguls then this MDF jali design is apt for your mandir at home. This jali designed mandir is designed with the pattern of the moguls dating back many centuries. This mandir has a handleless shutter made from dark wood. Bells hanging off the ledge of doors add a symphony to your mandir. This MDF jali design also has a led strip lighting concept provides focus light to the idol of god kept inside. This mandir has bottom drawers in white and a top shelf in wood to place holy items and devotional books.

A MDF jali design for a mandir inspired by the pattern of the moguls
A MDF jali design for a mandir inspired by the pattern of the moguls
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 A Wishful White Jali Door Design 

Take a look at this mandir in an MDF jali design. For those of you who love the colour white and prefer to stand and pray than sit down, this jali door, mandir design might be the one you have been looking for. This mandir jali design has been designed with the simple concept of stars. This mandir comes with a shelf, a drawer and a bottom cabinet. If you have a whole lot of holy books or items, you need not worry about storage with this mandir design as it comes with space to store your items safe and secure.

MDF jali design for a mandir with a shelf, a drawer and a bottom cabinet space to store your items.
A star-shaped jali door mandir with a shelf a drawer and a bottom cabinet all in frosty white in frosty

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A Charismatic Kashmiri Inspired Mandir 

Fancy Kashmiri design at home? If your answer is yes, then this temple jali design is a must-have. This beautifully yet intricately designed MDF jali mandir is made from wood and marble. The outside of this mandir has a Kashmiri design carved into wood and painted with white paint to make the design pop. The inside of this mandir is made of white marble to represent purity. This MDF  jali design mandir comes with  open and closed cabinets and LED strip lighting in the back to make sure your idol has a cool lighting effect while kept in place.

Mdf jali design for a Kashmir inspired mandir with backlighting in led strips
A Kashmiri inspired mdf jali mandir design with backlighting in led strips

 A Classic Jali Door Design 

When you can have a classy decorative MDF jali design for a mandir, why compromise? This classic jali designed mandir is one among the most popular mandir designs. This mandir has jali doors with detailed work in white against a marble wall. This mandir has a bottom cabinet with a set of three drawers so that pooja items can be stored safely and securely.

MDF jali design for a Mandir made from white wood and white marble
A classic jali door mandir made from white wood and white marble

This is what we at DesignCafe reckon are some brilliant MDF jali designs for your mandir at home. We hope you enjoyed this read. Let us know what you think! Send us an email. Can’t wait to hear from you! 

FAQs On MDF Mandir Jali Designs

1. How durable are MDF mandir jali designs, and do they require special maintenance?
MDF mandir jali designs are durable but require regular care. To maintain their appearance, occasional cleaning and protection from moisture is essential.

2. Can MDF mandir jali designs be painted or finished in different ways?
Yes, MDF mandir jalis are versatile and can be painted or finished in various ways to suit your aesthetic preferences. This flexibility allows for customisation to match your decor.

3. What are the cost implications of using MDF for a mandir jali compared to other materials?
MDF is a cost-effective choice for mandir jalis, often more budget-friendly than other materials. The exact cost implications may vary based on design complexity and size.

4. Are there any eco-friendly or sustainable options for MDF mandir jali designs?
While MDF itself is not considered eco-friendly due to its composition, you can opt for sustainable finishing materials and practices to make your MDF mandir jali design more environmentally responsible.

5. Can MDF mandir jalis be designed to accommodate lighting and decorations?
Yes, MDF mandir jalis can be designed to incorporate lighting and decorations. These designs offer flexibility to add lighting fixtures and decorative elements, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the mandir.

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Shreya Bilagi is a content writer at Design Cafe home interiors blog.

Shreya Bilagi

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