7 Cool Adult Bunk Bed Ideas to Maximise Space in Style

by Nikita Raikwar | February 24, 2024 | 9 mins read

Cool adult bunk bed ideas for small spaces

Looking to build an adult bunk bed bedroom space that helps to maximise your floor space and offers you extra storage solutions? Read along!

Living in a small space can be challenging, especially when it comes to furnishing and decorating your home. One of the most innovative solutions to maximise space in a small home is by incorporating adult bunk beds. Come again, you say? Yes, these beds are often associated with children’s bedrooms; they can be just as functional and stylish in grown-up bedrooms. In fact, their benefits go beyond just saving floor space.

Let’s explore 7 cool adult bunk bed ideas that are perfect for small spaces. We’ve got you covered, from luxury bunk beds for adults to wooden bunk beds with storage. Whether you’re living in a studio apartment or a small house, these ideas will help you make the most of your space without sacrificing style or comfort. So, let’s dive in!

Industrial and Luxury Bunk Beds for Adults With Bookshelf & Work Desk

The industrial bunk bed design for adults is perfect for those who want a modern and sleek look in their bedroom. The black and light wood aesthetic creates a bold and edgy vibe, while the built-in bookshelf and work desk add functionality to the bed. The bookshelf provides a convenient space to store books, decorative items, or personal belongings, while the work desk provides a comfortable and practical area to study, work or even use a computer. This design typically incorporates metal bunk beds for adults or steel elements and can be paired with exposed brick or concrete walls to complete the look. Overall, the industrial bunk bed design is perfect for those who want a functional and stylish addition to their bedroom.

Luxury adult bunk beds with bookshelf for an edgy look
An edgy, modern and bold vibe in this bedroom
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Rustic Double Bunk Bed Design With Wooden Accents & Ample Storage Solution

The rustic bunk bed design is a perfect fit for anyone who loves nature and the warm feel of wood in their bedroom. The design features a white laminate finish with teak wood accents, perfectly balancing modern and rustic styles. The white laminate finish adds a modern touch to the design, while teak wood accents lend a natural and earthy vibe. Additionally, this design comes with a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe, providing ample storage space for clothes, accessories, and personal belongings.

The work desk in this adult bunk bed design is a functional addition that provides a comfortable and practical area to study, work or even use a computer. The teak wood accent on the work desk matches the other wooden elements in the room, creating a cohesive and harmonious look.

Double adult bunk bed design in rustic touch with wooden accents
A cosy rustic double bunk bed design

A Modern Bunk Bed for Adults With Under Desk Storage for a Clean Look

The modern adult bunk bed design is perfect for those who want a clean, minimalist look with a touch of fun and colour in their bedroom. The design features a white bed frame with a pop of colour, such as pink or blue, creating a cheerful and vibrant atmosphere. The colour can be added to the room’s bed linens, ladder, or other accents, allowing you to customise the design.

The stairs leading up to the top in this modern bunk bed for adults can have drawers for extra storage, providing a convenient space to store clothes, toys, or other personal items. The work desk can also have under-desk storage, adding more storage space. The under-desk storage can be used to store books, papers, or other office supplies, keeping the work area tidy.

Modern adult bunk bed with under desk storage for a clean look
Adulting can be fun too!

An Indian Traditional Wooden Bunk Bed for Adults With a Unique Design

The Indian traditional wooden bunk bed design for adults is perfect for those who want to add a touch of traditional aesthetics to their bedroom. The design features a brown polished Sheesham wood frame known for its durability, strength, and unique patterns. The tall unit and open box shelves attached to the work desk provide ample storage space.

The open box shelves add a unique touch to the design, allowing you to display your favourite items. You can use the shelves to display books, photographs, or decorative pieces, adding a personal touch to the room. The tall unit in this design provides additional space too.

Traditional adult bunk bed which has a unique design
A strong wooden bunk bed for adults

Scandinavian Adult Double Bunk Bed Design for a Minimalist Vibe

The Scandinavian double bunk bed design is perfect for those who choose to go minimalistic. The design features all-white furniture in a cream and white tone, which creates a fresh and airy feel in the room. The bed has a hidden dresser and wardrobe, allowing you to store clothes and personal items out of sight and keep the room clutter-free.

The Nordic bed design for adults in this space adds a touch of warmth and cosiness to the room. The neutral tones make it easy to incorporate this into any decor scheme, while the boho style adds a touch of individuality. The design is also perfect for those who want a cohesive look in their bedroom, as all the furniture has the same style and colour scheme.

Scandinavian style adult double bunk bed for a minimalist vibe
A cosy Nordic adult double bunk bed design
Looking for aesthetic bedroom interiors that spark joy

A Maximalist Style Adult Bunk Bed Design for a Bold Aesthetic

The maximalist adult bunk bed design is perfect for creating a bold and playful look in their bedroom. It is an excellent choice for a bachelor pad or a room for teenagers who want to express their individuality. The design features a riot of colours, creating a vibrant look. The colours can be bold and bright or muted and pastel, depending on your style. In addition to the colourful accents, it also incorporates sufficient storage solutions. This is essential in keeping the room organised and clutter-free. You can add storage solutions such as under-bed drawers, built-in bookshelves, and hanging organisers.

These maximalist modern bunk beds for adults can also include a rug and a bean bag, creating a cosy and comfortable atmosphere. The rug can be a bold pattern or a neutral design, depending on your preference. The bean bag is a great addition to the room, providing a comfortable and casual seating option.

Maximalist style adult bunk bed design for a bold look
A maximalist’s dream come true

A Mediterranean Adult Bunk Bed Design for Coastal Vibes

The Mediterranean/coastal bunk bed design is perfect for those who want to bring the beachy and relaxed vibes of the Mediterranean into their bedroom. The blue and white colour theme is a classic coastal combination that creates a sense of serenity in the room. The decor items, such as seashells, driftwood, and woven textures, create a calming atmosphere. 

The bunk bed design can also incorporate elements such as a ladder or stairs that resemble a dock or boat ladder, further enhancing the coastal theme. Overall, this design is perfect for creating a tranquil and beachy oasis in their own home.

Mediterranean adult bunk bed design for a coastal vibe
Coastal vibes twice over!

And with that, we end our seven adult bunk bed designs and ideas for your small space. Wanting to create an efficient and functional space comes with interior design planning, and our interior design experts at DesignCafe are your perfect bet for helping you design the home of your dreams. But wait, that’s not all.  Below is a list of frequently asked questions. Do check out! 

FAQs On Adult Bunk Bed Designs

1. What is the weight limit for adult bunk beds?
The weight limit for adult bunk beds can vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer. Most beds are designed to hold at least 90 kg per bunk, but some can support even more weight. It’s essential to check the weight capacity of the bed before purchasing it and to follow any weight restrictions specified by the manufacturer to ensure safety and durability.

2. Can adult bunk beds be customised to fit specific needs?
Yes, adult bunk beds can often be customised to fit specific needs. Many manufacturers offer customisable options such as different sizes, materials, colours, and configurations. Some manufacturers may also offer features such as built-in storage, desks, or other accessories that can be modified to suit individual preferences. If you have specific requirements or preferences, check with the manufacturer to see if they offer any customisation options.

3. Are adult bunk beds safe for everyday use?
Yes, adult bunk beds can be safe for everyday use as long as they are designed and manufactured according to safety standards. It is important to choose a sturdy and well-built bed that is specifically designed for adult use, with proper safety features such as guardrails, sturdy ladders or stairs, and strong bed frames. Following the manufacturer’s instructions for assembly, use, and weight limits is also important. Additionally, regular maintenance and inspection of the bunk bed can ensure its safety for everyday use.

4. Can adult bunk beds be separated into two individual beds?
Yes, some adult bunk beds can be separated into two individual beds. This feature can be useful if you have guests or if you move to a bigger space and want to have two separate beds. Some may not be designed to be separated or may require additional hardware to do so safely. Speaking to a design expert like DesignCafe can help you understand the functionality of the same.

5. How can I make sure my adult bunk beds are sturdy and safe?
To ensure that your adult bunk beds are sturdy and safe, look for a sturdy and durable frame, check the weight limit, use appropriate mattresses, and check for safety features such as guardrails on the top bunk, sturdy ladders, and secure fasteners. Follow assembly instructions carefully, or have an expert like DesignCafe do it for you.

6. How do I clean and maintain adult bunk beds?
Cleaning and maintaining adult bunk beds is important to keep them in good condition and ensure their longevity. Regularly dust them with a soft cloth or a feather duster to remove any accumulated dust or debris. Use a mild soap solution and warm water to clean. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals that can damage the finish or paint of the beds. Rotate and flip the mattresses regularly to ensure even wear and tear. Use a mattress protector to protect the mattresses from spills or stains. Regularly check the bolts and screws that hold the bed frame together to ensure they are tight and secure. Loose bolts and screws can cause the bed frame to wobble or become unstable. Always adhere to the weight limit specified by the manufacturer. Overloading the bunk beds can cause them to become unstable and unsafe.

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