Small Living Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas

by Shreya Bilagi | February 24, 2024 | 4 mins read

small living room furniture arrangement ideas for your home

Trying to rearrange your furniture can be a daunting task and that’s why we at Design Cafe decided to help you out with a blog post on small living room furniture arrangement ideas

Have a small house and need some help with small living room furniture arrangement ideas? We at Design Cafe are here to help. A living room is a place where we eat, chat, watch movies and spill popcorn in. A living room is the area of the house where family and friends get together for a gala night. It can be arranged in the way you like according to your personality. Let us show you how!

Small Living Room Furniture Arrangement

For a petite living room, you need to make sure you arrange your space according to smart small living room furniture recommendations. If you need an idea on small living room furniture arrangement, take a look at this living room. This living room is arranged with a light grey-toned sofa, which is a two-seater, and another, which is a three-seater, fitting brilliantly in the available space. This living room also has a built-in unit to place your television set in. It has cove and recessed lighting. This living room has an accent wall which is textured in grey with hints of gold paint. 

Small living room arrangement, living room with grey sofa set fitting brilliantly in the available space.
A living room with grey sofa sets and a grey accent wall with streaks of gold

A Fun Small Living Room Arrangement

Do you have a fun personality? It’s time to you brought that personality into how your living room looks and feels. Check out this small living room arrangement. It has a fun element added to it. This living room has a poster with funky lettering and also a floor mat with words which peps up space within an instant. This living room wall has frames put upon it, which add to the funky vibe. This space is equipped with a sectional sofa so that spending your time here becomes a comfortable affair. 

Seating arrangement for small living room with the l-shaped sectional sofa in white placed comfortably.
A living room with a sectional sofa in white with plush grey pillows
Do you want a living room that is lively and livable

A Perfect Seat

Want some help with sofa arrangement in a small living room? Then check this living room out! This living room might be small but it has tall walls. It has two different styles of seating. There are twin sofa sets in cream colour and two white armchairs. This living room has a beautiful ceiling with wooden panel work. A large white floor mat lies elegantly on the floor. Two white pouffes are kept which can be used to sit on or even as a footrest. 

An off-white sofa arrangement in a small living room with two armchairs perfectly placed for easy movement.
A living room with tall walls, an off-white sofa set and two white armchairs

A Small Living Room Arrangement Ideas

This living room is for those of you who like small spaces. This living room is small yet arranged so beautifully. It is equipped with a two-seater sofa and an armchair. If you feel like reading, you can rest in the armchair or if you’re feeling lazy, you can hit the couch! This living room has white vitrified tiled flooring and a round floor rug. It has a built-in TV  unit with space for keeping remote controls, magazines or even books.

Small living room arrangement idea, Two-seater sofa and an armchair arranged so beautifully for a family.
A small living room with a round floor rug and a built-in TV unit

A Living Room With A TV

This living room has an L-shaped sofa in a pretty beige brown colour. It has a wood-panelled flooring. This living room, though small, is perfect for being the centre of activities in the house. This living room has a TV unit with backlighting for the perfect viewing experience. This shelf can be used to store book and magazines.

An L-shaped sofa in a small tv room furniture arrangement is perfect for being the centre of activities in the house.
Live large in this small living room with an extended TV unit

So what if you have a small living room? You can deck it up to use the space available in an intelligent manner. Try out our ideas in your small living room and see how they transform the space into a veritable paradise. Tell us which of the ideas you liked the most in the comments below. In case you need help arranging furniture in your small living room, reach out to us and we will be more than happy to help you out. 

And if you have enjoyed this read on small living room furniture arrangement ideas, let us know by reaching out to us through our website. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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Shreya Bilagi

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