L Shaped Sofa Designs For Living Room

by Devna Tiwari | February 26, 2024 | 5 mins read

living room l shape sofa for your home

Here are some of the most popular L shaped sofa designs for you to choose from for your living room and how to arrange it!

The sofa is the furniture piece that anchors every living room regardless of its size. Picking a sofa requires mindful thought. You need to pick one to choose the right layout, shape, design, style and all other aesthetics. All of these details need to establish harmony in your living room. This is why you need to examine each and every one of them carefully.

The extremely elegant L-shaped sofa designs have become a hot pick in the field of home interiors and are more than a comfortable seating spot for an evening gathering at home or as a statement furniture piece to turn heads. 

It is now the element that sets the tone of your living room interiors and is a functional and cosy spot to sit on  – just what the sofa should be!

So today we bring you some stunning L shaped sofa designs perfect for a modern living room regardless of its size! 

Leather Tufted L Shaped Sofa Design

Who doesn’t like the idea of having a luxurious home, right? While not all of us are blessed with a big budget to make that dream come true you can include expensive looking furniture or decor to make your home look and feel luxurious. This leather tufted L shaped sofa design is one such element. The grey-teal toned L shaped sofa has been designed using glossy leather and a tufted backrest to ensure style and comfort. A full-length L-shaped sofa design like this one is a great option for almost every living room style. Another great thing about this sofa design is it can be customised in different colours, textures and materials!

Leather tufted living room l shape sofa design in grey-teal toned is style & comfort.
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L Shaped Sofa Design For A Small Living Room

If you think that L-shaped sofa designs for living room do not work in small living rooms it’s time you give that a second thought. This relatively smaller L-shaped sofa design features a cushioned back support along both sides of the shape L. This one’s perfect for a small living room and provides seating space for a lot of people. Compared to a conventional sofa-set, an L-shaped sofa can comfortably accommodate upto five to six people. Now that’s true luxury in a living room that’s tight on space!

Cushioned back support green coloured l shaped sofa designs for living room accommodates up to five to six people.

Low Height L Shaped Sofa Design For Living Room

This one brings in zen vibes to this living room. This sofa is comfortable, minimalist and of low height. Designed with extra wide cushions to comfortably chill this L shaped sofa is perfect if you like minimalist style. It is just the right pick for you as the height of this sofa design makes it look extremely minimal and classy. This sofa design can be customised in different colours, texture and patterns as per your taste and overall interior style.

Low height living room l shape sofa set designed with extra-wide cushions look minimal and classy.

Sectional L Shaped Sofa Design

This sectional L shaped sofa design has an armrest support along the longer side of the L that makes it comfortable and perfect to lounge. This L shaped sofa design is inspired by the sectional sofa design where the cushions can be pulled out if necessary to adjust the seating arrangement. You can get one that is a more traditional looking with a wooden silhouette and legs or a more contemporary sofa design with upholstered cushioned blocks like this one.

Sectional grey colour l shape sofa set for living room with armrest support along the longer side is perfect to lounge.
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How Do You Arrange An L Shaped Sofa In A Living Room?

Now that you know the different L shaped sofa designs available for you to choose from for your living room, let’s discuss how you arrange one. The perfect arrangement of an L-shaped sofa entirely depends on the size of your living room. Listed below are the popular ways you can arrange an L-shaped sofa in a living room.

At The Corner

If you have a small living room or one with a tight layout placing an L shaped sofa in the corner is the most suitable option so you have adequate passage space. While this means you will have to move the sofa to vacuum your living room it’s the most relaxed seating arrangement especially if you are tight on space.

Corner grey colour l shaped sofa for small living room relaxed seating arrangement.

Against The Wall

Setting up an L-shaped sofa up against a wall is perfect to watch television mainly since the seat at the end of the layout will serve as a lounging seat to unwind and watch your favourite.

Living room l shaped sofa design is lounging seat & set up against a wall for watching television.

In The Centre

In spacious living rooms where space is not a limitation L-shaped sofas can be arranged right in the centre of the living room. They can act as a visual partition between formal and informal seating spaces or even divide the living from dining space in an open-plan house layout.

Modern living room l shape sofa in white colour with colourful pillows arranged right in the centre of the living room.

And it’s a wrap! That’s all you need to know before you pick the right L shaped sofa design for your living room.

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