Utilise Those Awkward Spaces In Style: Corner Shelf Designs For The Living Room

by Pooja Dara | February 26, 2024 | 5 mins read

Corner shelf for living room which is wall-mounted in an open planned living room

Every home has corners that often go unnoticed but have the potential to turn into multifunctional spaces. Look through our collection of corner shelves for the living room and take your best pick  

Since corners are the most challenging spaces to access and design in any home, be it modern or traditional, corner shelves are believed to make the most optimum use of them. 

Let’s run through some of the benefits of corner shelves:

  • They help you store things and display souvenirs, antiques and much more in a decorative and sleek manner. 
  • They help you add an element of visual interest and your personal touch to the unutilised space. 
  • They are easy to install in any room of your house, be it the living room, dining room, kitchen or bedroom. 
  • They are available in various materials, shapes, styles, heights, sizes and fitting mechanisms. Some of these are:
  • Wooden corner shelf design
  • Glass corner shelf design 
  • Metal corner shelf design (rarely used)
  • Curved corner shelf design
  • Flat edge corner shelf design
  • Rectangular corner shelf design
  • Triangular corner shelf design
  • L-shaped corner shelf design
  • Zigzag corner shelf design
  • Customised corner shelf design
  • Semi-customised corner shelf design
  • Freestanding corner shelf design
  • Floating corner shelf design
  • Wall-mounted corner shelf design 
  • Ready-to-assemble (DIY) corner shelf design 

It’s now time to check out some amazing corner shelf ideas for your living room. We’re sure that you’ll love them and make one of them a part of your home.  

Customised Corner Shelf Design Which Is Also Space-Saving

This wooden corner shelf for the living room features two pieces, that is, an open cabinet in the front and a book showcase at the back. What’s unique you ask? Well, they’re both built into the corner wall with the front one fixed in position while the back one is fitted with rollers so it can easily be slid out as and when needed. It is space-saving, blends in well with the existing design theme, and also makes a stunning statement in this living room. 

Customised wooden corner shelf for living room which is also space saving
You can also purchase cabinets with inbuilt lighting as they’re becoming increasingly popular

Floor-To-Ceiling Corner Shelf Design For A Warm And Inviting Look

This floor-to-ceiling corner book showcase makes optimal use of the unused and limited space in the far corner of this large living room (both horizontally and vertically). It has multiple shelves which can accommodate the plethora of your favourite books and magazines and also display some of your decorative souvenirs/ knickknacks. It makes the living room look warm and inviting to family and friends alike.

L-Shaped Corner Shelf Design For An Empty Wall

This L-shaped corner shelf design is the perfect choice for you if your living room has an empty wall that you’re planning to put to good use. It is installed at a 90-degree angle and runs from one edge of the wall to the other. The shelves come in varying sizes and thicknesses so that they can give your living room an overall cohesive and neat look. Notice carefully, and you’ll see that the corner shelf is narrower on one side (~fixed onto the wall) and deeper on the other side (~ set into a recess). This adds some amount of visual drama and personality to the space. 

L shaped corner shelf designs for living room for an empty wall
If there are two shelves, ensure that no display item is closer than 2 inches to the shelf above so that it doesn’t give a cramped and cluttered look to the room
Do you want a living room that is lively and livable

Triangular Corner Shelf Design For Small Homes

A triangular corner shelf design is your go-to option if you’re living in a small apartment and not finding enough space to accommodate, say, a television and entertainment centre. The triangular-shaped corner shelf easily and perfectly fits into a corner and provides you with shelves for TV-related items at the top and bottom. The middle section of this furniture piece houses the LED TV in the front and also conceals its wiring systems at the back. 

Triangular corner shelf for small living room
The white shelving in this wooden corner shelf design adds a pop of colour and visual interest to the living room

Wall-Mounted Panel-Style Corner Shelf Design For An Open-Plan Living Room

You’ll absolutely fall in love with this wall-mounted panel-style corner shelf design for your open-plan living room. It stands out well against the medium-grey accent wall and acts as a stunning focal point in the space. It features multiple floating shelves that run right from the top to the bottom, so there is ample storage space. Here, you can put your beautiful figurines and creative artwork on display. It gives a soft touch yet a contemporary and elegant vibe to the area. 

Wall mounted Panel-Style corner shelf ideas for living room which is open
Pay close attention to the shelf’s weight limit when you’re installing a wall-mounted corner shelf design to avoid overloading or damage

All in all, there are a variety of corner shelf designs available out there for your living room, so make the right choice when it comes to purchasing one based on your needs, room layout, design theme, space available and budget. This will ensure that you get the best without breaking the bank. Corner shelf designs add unique touches to your living space, often speak a lot about the people living there and give the area an energetic and lively vibe.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a free virtual consultation with Design Cafe and get more guidance on the same so that you can make the perfect corner shelf purchase for your home.

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