Check Out These Amazing Kitchen Corner Shelf Ideas And Designs For 2024

by Pooja Dara | February 27, 2024 | 7 mins read

kitchen corner shelf design for your home

Want to add some extra storage space in your kitchen without compromising on its overall design aesthetics? Read more to find out your best pick from our stunning collection of corner shelf designs for the kitchen. 

Modular kitchens are seen as the epitome of space efficiency, aesthetics and functionality. However, it’s the kitchen corners that are often seen as problematic areas, so much so that we’d prefer to reserve them for the most rarely used items. Isn’t it?

With the advent of innovative developments, interior designers have started using the concept of ‘corner kitchen shelving’ as a wonderful means to create additional storage spaces for smaller and older homes. If styled skillfully, you can have the perfect combination of form and function in one go. 

A single corner shelf can cost you in the range of Rs. 500-5000 and upwards. The price varies greatly based on several factors such as (1) Brand (2) Material used (3) Number and size of shelves (4) Design innovation and (5) Amount of weight that you intend to put on it. 

What Are The Benefits Of Kitchen Corner Shelves? 

Well, there are plenty! Let’s briefly look into them one by one:

  • They’re space savers – Kitchen corner shelves are easily customisable to fit into your existing kitchen space. Most of them are wall-mounted, compact and expand horizontally, thus saving much of your floor space. Smaller kitchen designs benefit immensely from corner kitchen shelf racks that are successfully able to stretch small spaces visually. 
  • They can replace the upper cabinets – You can easily replace some of your upper closed cabinets with shelves instead to quickly update your kitchen. They’re comparatively cheaper than cabinets and clutter-free.
  • They’re super useful for storing and organising your kitchen essentials – Kitchen corner shelves not only give you extra storage spaces but also add a touch of your personality to the room. Reaching out to those masalas while cooking will become pretty easy now! 
  • They’re versatile, affordable and cost-effective – Corner shelves can be used for any room size, be it big or small. They’re pretty affordable and can help you cut down the overall cost of transformation drastically. 
  • They instantly enhance the design aesthetics – Kitchen corner shelves are available in a wide range of designs, textures, colors and materials. So, choose the perfect one based on your style and add to the beauty of your space. You can also go in for the open-shelving option by doing away with the doors completely. They make the kitchen space look pretty friendly and inviting.

But, how can you make open shelving work for you in a corner space? 

Open shelving is flexible and can add minimalism to the kitchen interiors. You can easily grab hold of your cooking stuff and kitchen tool without having to struggle with the doors. No wonder they’re an indispensable part of modern interior trends! 

Not only this, you can even decorate the shelves with some green plants and let them enjoy the morning sunlight by the window. Create open shelves at right angles (L-shape) to make full use of the corner space and hide the less attractive kitchen gadgets. 

Open shelving can also be installed either at the extreme corners of the room or between regular cabinets to complete the look. Several shelves can also be installed from top-to-bottom to create an open pantry.  

If you’re not fully convinced with open shelving yet, you can even maximise your existing corner kitchen cabinets by installing angled cabinets, swinging pullouts, blind corner cabinets and lazy susan shelves. There are endless possibilities to customise it as per your needs. 

For DIYers, learn how to build a kitchen corner shelf from scratch. 

Here you go! 

  1. Plan the kind of design you want
  2. Cut the material to size
  3. Use a spacer for the grooves
  4. Build a temporary fence
  5. Test cut
  6. Cut all the grooves
  7. Sand and smoothen the edges
  8. Glue it up
  9. Paint to give it a final finish (if need be)
  10. Mount it on the wall with good-quality screws

Want a more detailed guide? Check it out here

Whether you just want a small update or are budgeting for a full-scale kitchen transformation, you should be aware of the basic types of corner shelves:

  • Material
    • Glass corner shelves
    • Plastic corner shelves
    • Metal corner shelves
    • Wooden corner shelves
    • Steel corner shelves
    • Stainless steel corner shelves
  • Mechanism
    • Floating corner shelves
    • Kitchen corner rotating shelf (360-degree)
  • Shape
    • Geometric comer shelves
    • Franklin corner shelves
    • 2 or 3-tier corner radial shelves
    • Standing ladder corner shelf
    • I-shaped corner shelves (90-degree)

Let’s finally deep dive into the most popular kitchen corner shelf ideas and designs for 2024. Excited?

Tier Wide Corner Shelf

This light grey two-tier wide corner shelf is the perfect choice for you if you’re an avid organiser. All your kitchen accessories and utensils can be neatly assembled and accessed easily. These L-shaped corner shelves also blend well with the kitchen interiors and look charming.

L-shaped kitchen corner wall shelf with light grey two-tier for easy access and assemble looks charming.
Eyeing functional modular solutions for your kitchen?

Three-Tier Corner Shelf

This three-tier corner shelf kitchen reflects a combination of supported and floating corner shelves. You can place all the bigger items on the top shelves and the smaller/more delicate stuff on the lower shelf. Great, isn’t it? It’s the most practical option and is visually appealing as well.

3 tier corner shelf kitchen with a combination of supported and floating in this l-shaped kitchen is visually appealing.

Angular Corner Shelf

Struggling with awkward angles? Worry not! This angular corner shelf is an ideal choice. You can display beautiful jars on them and create a focal point. This corner shelf looks simple yet stylish and lends an airy feel to the kitchen interiors.

Angular corner kitchen shelf rack looks stylish yet straightforward and lends an airy feel to the kitchen interiors.

Floating Corner Shelves

Doesn’t this kitchen remind you of the countryside? These floating corner shelves are made of reclaimed wood and instantly bring a sense of warmth and cosiness into space. They do not have a floor-standing frame or supporting brackets which give it a sleek look. They’re highly durable too. 

Floating corner shelf with reclaimed wood bring a sense of warmth and cosiness is the kitchen corner shelf decorating ideas.

Glass Corner Shelf

Add some glow and class to your kitchen with this glass corner shelf. Its combination with soothing colours such as green and light brown creates some visual drama in the kitchen’s landscape. However, don’t overload the shelves with heavy material to avoid any kind of damages. 

Glass corner shelf design for kitchen with a combination of green and light brown colour adds glow and class to the area.

Rack-Style Corner Shelf

Who says you can’t upcycle a ladder as a rack in the kitchen? Repaint it, fit it in a corner carefully and reuse each step of the ladder as a separate shelf. You can easily shift this standing corner shelf from one corner to another owing to its portability. This corner shelf idea reflects creativity at its best!

Ladder as a rack repainted and used in this kitchen counter corner shelf reflects creativity at its best.

Small Corner Shelf

This three-tier small corner shelf for the kitchen keeps your knick-knacks up and out of the way. It makes the most optimal use of your unused corner space with a pop of your favourite colour as a backdrop. Soothing to the eye, isn’t it?

Three-tier small corner shelf for kitchen makes optimal use of unused corner space with a pop of colour as a backdrop.

Wooden Corner Shelf

Go completely rustic and traditional with this wooden corner shelf kitchen. Fill the unused corner near the wall cabinets stylishly and creatively by just adding two shelves, that’s it! You can even use leftover planks of sturdy wood from your storeroom if you have them.

Kitchen corner shelf next to the wall cabinets made from leftover planks of sturdy wood looks rustic in this white kitchen.

All in all, kitchen corners no longer need to be seen as dead spaces. Hope this blog has given you plenty of inspiration to maximize those unused spaces in your kitchen. So, put on your creative thinking hat and start experimenting!

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