Create Your Musical Paradise With These Music Room Design Ideas For Your Home

by Pooja Dara | February 27, 2024 | 6 mins read

Music room design for a small living space wherein you can dedicate a tiny corner

A music room helps you escape mundane life and everyday stresses and immerse yourself into the world of music without creating any distractions for yourself or others around you. If you have sufficient space in your home for a dedicated music studio, then take the plunge now

There is absolutely no doubt about the kind of powerful impact music has in all of our lives. Not only does music impact our moods, but it also inspires us to action. 

With that said, we hope that you’re convinced enough by the idea of a dedicated music sanctuary for your home. Moving ahead, designing a music room is slightly different from designing the rest of the rooms in your house as many additional factors need to be taken care of. These are:

  • The nature and purpose of the room (jamming to music only, listening to music only or both).
  • The number of musical instruments and audio equipment you own and their respective sizes.  
  • The room’s location (ideally, back of the home or the basement without windows), layout and total space available.
  • The material for the walls and the floor (ceramics, hardwood, laminate or concrete).
  • The type of furniture/furnishings (drapes, soft furnishings, scatter cushions, solid shelving, comfortable white seating). 
  • The decision of whether you prefer comfort or practicality over the design aesthetics, or vice versa. 
  • The room’s decor theme (use wall-mounted musical instruments as a pseudo-artwork gallery, guitar wall mounts, area rug, gig posters, plants, photographs, books, CDs, old framed vinyl records).
  • The room’s colour scheme (sky blue/greys/off-whites/neutrals for a more peaceful space or electric blue/deep ocean blue/red for a more action-oriented and loud space).
  • The lighting in the room (mix of both functional and ambient lighting):
  • Red light speeds up the heart rate, increases energy and intensifies emotions.
  • Orange light sharpens your thinking ability and concentration.
  • Natural light makes you more productive and happier. 
  • Blue light slows down the heart rate and balances your emotions.
  • Lighting fixtures (adjustable floor lamps, dimmer-based recessed ceiling lights, overhead direct/task lighting)
  • The attitude of your neighbours or other household members towards your music (~sometimes they can get over-sensitive and cranky). 
  • The acoustic properties and the sound-proofing of the room:
  • Dimensions (a rectangular room with a flat ceiling is the best).
  • Frequencies and vibrations of the sounds (a room with thick walls is the best).
  • The perfect balance of sound absorption and sound diffusion improves the overall acoustics of the music room. 
  • The total amount of money that you’re planning to invest in the music room design project. 

It’s now time to check out some fantastic home music studio room design ideas and music listening room ideas for your home. So, without further ado, let’s begin. 

Music Room Design #1

This modern music room idea looks absolutely pleasant and soothing to the eyes. The grand black piano and the violin serve as a stunning focal point for the room and contrast nicely against the wooden floors with the large grey rug. The white walls make for a very peaceful music-making and music-listening environment, while the green plants and books act as good sound absorbers to improve its quality while the music is being played. 

Music Room Design #2

Who says you need a music room only for making music? You can definitely listen to music in it exclusively too. This red and black-themed music room intensifies your emotions and helps manage your stress better. The tall green potted plant introduces a homely and natural vibe, and the recliner chair gives you an ergonomic seating option in the space. The large white rug softens the overbearing feel of the red colour on the walls and ties the room together.

Music Room Design #3 

This industrial loft-style music room design features a full range of musical instruments, right from a piano to a complete drum kit to a trumpet and a violin. The exposed wall surface and the wooden flooring act as excellent shock absorbers and dispersers in the space. The ‘jazz’ signage on the wall and the pair of industrial pendant lights introduce a rustic and musical concert kind of a vibe. These musical instruments also double up as DIY decor ideas for the music room.

Music Room Design #4

This living room and music room combo is the ultimate entertainment centre for you. The amps and speakers do not interrupt the space’s aesthetic; instead, they complement it beautifully. When you’re in the mood to watch television or listen to music, you can make use of these cosy off-white lounge seaters, and when you’re in the mood for a family gathering, then simply join these two lounge seaters together to form a large sofa and add a centre coffee table too.

Music Room Design #5

This music room design is your go-to option if you live in a small apartment and do not have considerable space to spare. This isn’t a complete music room per se, but the guitar, the framed vinyl record decor on the wall, along the hanging musical notes wall design definitely bring the right vibes in. You can also easily use the black chalkboard wall to draft your musical ideas and simply use it for decorating the room. 

That’s all there is! A music room design for your home should be such that it reflects your creative artistic style and your personality through its associated elements. We hope this blog post has provided you with some actionable tips on setting up the perfect music room (jamming space/listening space) for entertaining your friends and family. Get in touch with our interior design experts at DesignCafe if you want us to handhold you through this transformation project.

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