The Price Of Stunning Bedrooms: Find Out Bedroom Interior Design Cost In India

by Naina Khare | January 22, 2024 | 6 mins read

Bedroom Interior Design Cost In India

Want to give your bedroom a makeover but are short on ideas? This post brings forth 5 bedroom interior design ideas (on a budget) that will rip you off your senses! 

What’s the bedroom interior design cost in India? How much does a 3-bedroom interior design cost in Hyderabad? What about a ten by twelve bedroom interior design cost? What is the average bedroom interior cost anyway? These questions seem to wreak havoc on the mind and hit the nerves beyond reckoning! 

While giving your home a makeover is fun, it can get intimidating. Many people back out thinking interior designs cost a fortune – well, let us break it to you – it doesn’t! When you invest in the right props and pieces, you can create deluxe decors on a budget! 

To help you in the process, we have formulated a list of 5 interior designs at a low cost. The best part is that they are all designer-approved – and all of them would look stunning once done. Come along, let’s not waste a minute, and get started with our first bedroom interior design

1. Godrej Bedroom Interior Design Cost 

Wooden interior bedroom costs might be a little on the pricier side, but it’s (literally) the best thing that can ever happen to you! Breathtakingly beautiful and interestingly crafted, this bedroom interior will bestow your home’s character and sophistication. The exotic wall design with the sturdy black hanging lights and plain furniture looks rich!

This interior design bedroom cost will be valued at around 70,000-80,000 INR. The bed frame alone would cost about 30,000 INR. If you want an upholstered bed back, add extra 5,000 bucks. The false ceiling, dressing unit, and art pieces would sell for 13000 INR, 15,000 INR, and 5000-10,000 INR. For a decent set of bed linen and pillow covers, you will need to pay Rs. 2000-3000. 

Lighting, ceiling fan, and other decorative embellishments would increase the total cost again. You may also add plant pots, wall clocks, picture frames, family photos, and other cute decorations. Fake plants and wall clocks would cost 2000-5000 Rs, respectively. 

Godrej bedroom interior design cost
Get this low-cost interior bedroom decor done as soon as you can!

2. Master Bedroom Interior Cost

The bedroom is the most significant part of your home. Hence, it’s necessary to rejuvenate your bedroom – and give it a beautiful makeover. Like we all need replenishment, so do our homes. 

You don’t need truckloads of money to come up with this beautiful blue and white bedroom decor. You can create this room interior design for the bedroom at a low cost. Just install the right pieces of furniture and decor pieces – and you are good to go! Thus, this 10 by 12 bedroom interior design cost would total approximately 80,000-1 lac INR. The white bed frame would take up quite an amount of 40,000 INR. If you don a quality mattress, that would cost 20,000 INR or more. If you want to install a wardrobe, you will need to invest Rs. 1300/sq ft. The curtains, wall paintings, and other pieces of furniture would be priced at 10,000, 12000, and 15000-20,000 INR, respectively. So what, are you creating this limited edition masterpiece or not?

Master bedroom interior design cost
Don this bedroom decor because you’re (literally) one decision away from a whole new life!
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3. Low-Cost Bedroom Interior Design

What to chase when this is the catch? This subtle bedroom interior decor (to your surprise) can be created on a budget! Choose your favourite colours, patterns, and designs that match your personality and positively affect your mood. This bedroom is between 120-160 sq ft. This bedroom interior design would cost you around 50-70k INR, depending on what furniture you want to install. For instance, the bed frame with two side tables would amount to approx 40,000 INR. Donning a false ceiling will sell for an extra 10,000-13,000 INR. Adding other niceties, such as curtains, mattresses, decorative wall lighting, and so on, would increase the overall decor cost. 

Low-Cost bedroom interior Design
Life’s too short to spend another day with bland bedroom decor!

4. Blue & White Master Bedroom Interior Cost

How much will it cost for the interior of the bedroom? Is it even worth it? Take a glance at this low-cost bedroom interior design. The bed frame, floor, furniture setup, curtain, picture frames, and other interior items complement each other amazingly. This interior design would cost you 1-1.5 lac. The bedding, mattress, rug – all of them together will sell for approx Rs. 80,000. Likewise, other accent pieces of furniture would cost 30,000-40,000 INR. You can also add pops of colour on the shelves. Add books, accessory pieces, statues, and so on. Make it shine so bright that it burns their eyes, lol! 

Blue & white master bedroom interior cost
Here’s the blue and white bedroom of dreams

5. Wooden Interior Bedroom Cost

We bet you are done searching for those interior design Japanese bedroom low-cost photos. Yes, well, it is tiresome! But do not concern yourself any further. This bedroom interior decor will please your senses with its magnificence and inexpensiveness. That’s right. You can don this decor without causing a dent in your wallet! All you need to do is invest in the apt furniture and other pieces (curtains, rugs, carpets, et al.) that complement the room’s overall decor. This bedroom interior would cost you the same as the ones mentioned above. However, if you want to opt for more elaborate design and supervision consultation charges, you will need to pay a bit more. 

Wooden interior bedroom cost
It’s ‘let’s don this decor’ o’clock!

You don’t need to plough your money into expensive materials and exotic items to replenish and rejuvenate your home. You need to invest it in an unerring sense of direction, employing good decor ideas. While designing the house is a little daunting, incorporating the right ideas and tools can achieve exquisite decor. These bedrooms are perfect for every home with a streamlined, simplistic look and make your space all the more attractive and functional.

We hope this article, encompassing our top 5 efficient and appealing bedroom interior decor ideas, added fuel to your home decor fire! If you have any questions regarding the interior, please hit us up. We answer here. Follow these bedroom interior decor ideas and give your home a top-notch finish. All the very best!

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