Kids Bedroom Designs

Check out the popular kids bedroom interior designs amongst our 10000+ happy customers.

A Kids Bedroom Design With Modular Furniture

This kids bedroom has been designed with a grey coloured wardrobe that has an attached study unit. A bed with yellow drawers underneath provide storage for toys and other items.

Special Features
  • A wardrobe with an attached study unit in grey.
  • Open shelves in white to display toys.
  • Wooden flooring brings in warmth to the space.
  • An accent wall in grey and yellow adds an element of fun to this kids bedroom.
  • A single bed with drawers for storage.
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A Kids Bedroom Design With A Bunk Bed

A fun and vibrant children’s bedroom featuring sea-inspired colors, playful accents, and cozy bunk beds perfect for siblings or sleepovers.

Special Features
  • Bunk beds with a bookshelf on one side and lots of open storage
  • Staircase that doubles up as toy storage
  • A study unit with an attached wardrobe
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A Modern Kids Bedroom With Storage

This modern kids bedroom has a storage bed with a lot of open shelf storage as well. An extended study unit has been designed with a combination of open box and floating shelves to keep everything organised.

Special Features
  • A storage bed with drawers.
  • An extended study unit.
  • Open shelves and floating shelves for storage.
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A Kids Bedroom With Smart Multifunctional Furniture Design

The main attraction of this kids bedroom is the platform bed with drawers running along the entire length of the wooden panelled platform. A floor to ceiling wardrobe with a pull out study unit, a wall mounted bookshelf and loads of space make this bedroom a fun space to be in.

Special Features
  • A platform bed with drawers on one side for storage.
  • A wardrobe with a pull-out study unit.
  • A wall mounted bookshelf.
  • A wardrobe with multiple compartments and loft storage.
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A Kids Bedroom Design For A Boy And A Girl

A fresh lime green and pink themed kids bedroom with LED strip lighting. This kids bedroom is perfect for growing kids as you won’t need to change the decor right through their teenage years. This one’s perfect for kids who like and edgy look with a fun factor thrown in.

Special Features
  • Two single cots one for her and another for him.
  • A wardrobe with push to open doors and shelves inside.
  • Twin study units in green and pink with matching set drawers and chairs.
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A Children’s Room Design With A lot Of Wood

This childrens bedroom brings out a playful vibe with a bunk bed and seating area with a ladder and ropes for unlimited fun.

  • A bunkbed with storage space at the bottom.
  • A playing nook with ropes and a ladder.
  • A study desk with a keypad drawer and chair.
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Modern Kids Room Design With Light Colors For Girls

This kids room is designed for a girl. This kid bedroom has a small ottoman bed and has a simple yet sweet vibe with the use of light colors.

Special Features
  • A ottoman bed for extra storage space for toys.
  • A bed with drawers for easy storage and quick access.
  • A study table with an attached wardrobe to put away the pretty dresses.
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A Kids Bedroom Design For Small Homes

A minimalist and playful kids bedroom designed with a bird house bed, a three shutter wardrobe and a custom designed shelf that together ensure your child has everything he/she needs.

Special Features
  • A bird-house bed.
  • A feature wall with wallpaper.
  • A uniquely designed wall shelf to display toys.
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FAQs on Kids Bedroom Designs


Bunk beds are great space savers and children enjoy them too. Bunk beds are fun for children, but you need to be careful as they can injure themselves if they are not careful.

The colour options for teenage girl’s bedroom are plenty. You can go for any pastel shade or something brighter – try shades of pink, purple, yellow or green. Blue is a great option too. Also read Teenage Girls Bedroom Design Ideas

A teenage girls bedroom can be decorated with wall accents, rugs, colourful pillows and pretty decorative like lamps or ceramic figurines. You can also add wall shelves and display them with books or indoor planters.

Kids room can be made fun with multifunctional furniture like foldable study tables, bunkbeds, play dens and colourful storage cabinets. You can also spruce it up with decor like rugs, carpets, cushions, curtains and stuffed toys.

The arrangement of furniture depends on the number of pieces and available space. Just make sure you place furniture away from the door so they can open and close it easily.
Children need a space to relax and fall asleep easily. First thing you need to do to make a toddler’s room cozy is install dimmers so you can regulate the brightness. A reading light is also a good idea if you want to visit this room in the middle of the night. Make sure the bed has a comfortable mattress woth lots of soft pillows. Also, make sure the noise levels are low so they can get a restful sleep.
There are many design hacks you can use to save space in your toddlers bedroom. Go vertical with bedding and storage. Keep some toys out of reach. Use space saving furniture like pull-out desks, beds with drawers, organise clothes and shoes in storage bins.