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A Balcony Design With A Cosy Work Station

This balcony is designed with fluted wooden panelling on the accent wall that brings in warmth to the space. The workstation in white is an elongated ledge that bends into a seating area with storage beneath. This balcony design is perfect for those who need some fresh air as they finish their office tasks.

Special Features
  • A modern balcony designed with a cosy work from home setup.
  • A study desk with a bookshelf on one side is included to enjoy the outdoors as you work from home.
  • A seating spot with drawer storage adds to the multifunctionality of the space.
  • A fluted wooden panel on the accent wall brings in warmth to the entire space.
  • Floating shelves in white bring in a decorative touch to this balcony and lends space to display plants and decor.
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A Blue And White Balcony Design With Multifunctional Furniture

This refreshing balcony in blue and white is for those who would like to just hangout or read a book by a beautiful view. An accent wall in brick cladding gives it a nice touch of country life. A low lying seat arrangement with additional storage beneath increases the multifunctionality of the space. Also incliuded in the interior design is a bookshelf where you can flaunt your most prized book collections.

Special Features
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A Stylish Balcony Design With A Book Cabinet And A Hanging Swing

This balcony is specially designed for people who love to read books while enjoying nature. The hanging wicker swing adds a cosy vibe to the space while the brick cladding wall brings in rustic charm to this space. A pop of range on one wall brightens the balcony beautifully. The low-lying seating arrangement with storage space beneath can be used to organise your books. A tall cabinet with a combination of open shelves and pull-out drawers is perfect to show-off your prized book collection and throw in some decor too.

Special Features
  • A wicker swing with cushions and a wall-mounted tabletop so you can enjoy your coffee while gazing at the morning sky.
  • A cabinet with open shelves and pull-out drawers to organise your books and showpieces.
  • The glass panel protects your furniture and books during the monsoon season.
  • A low-lying seating arrangement with storage beneath for additional storage.
  • A brick cladding accent wall with a modern light fixture to illuminate the space in the evening.
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A Balcony Design With A Smart Bar Unit

This house balcony with a cosy bar unit is a perfect place to hang out with friends and family. The balcony bar top can also be used as a study counter to attend your office meetings or read a book while sipping on your favourite drink. The low lying seating arrangement with storage beneath and floating shelves on the wall provides ample space to store things.

Special Features
  • A small balcony design with an attached bar unit to enjoy house parties with friends and family.
  • The turfgrass flooring and potted plants bring in a natural vibe to the space.
  • The bar unit in wood and yellow laminate brightens up the space and blends in with the outdoor area.
  • A low lying seating area attached to the bar unit has been included.
  • A counter attached to the railing can be used as a study table or a bar counter as per your requirement.
  • A combination of closed cabinets and shelves lend ample space for storage and display.
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A Modern Balcony Design With A Study Nook And Hidden Storage

This modern balcony comes with a wall to ceiling cabinet with diagonal bookshelves, pull out drawers and some additional storage space at the bottom to organise your books and other documents in a clutter-free manner. Minibar cum study unit attached to the cabinet adds to the functionality of this space. While the wicker sofa and coffee table add a boho vibe to the area.

Special Features
  • A floor-to-ceiling cupboard with diagonal bookshelves to organise your books in a clutter-free manner.
  • A wicker sofa and coffee table add a boho vibe to this balcony space.
  • The attached study come bar setup increases the functionality of the space.
  • A tall chair with wooden legs brings in a party vibe.
  • The combination of open and closed shelves provide ample space to display decor items and knick-knacks.
  • The hanging wine glass rack helps you keep your goblets safe while adding to the style statement.
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A Balcony Design With A Brick Wall And Open Shelves

This balcony is designed with a brick cladding wall and stylish accents. A comfortable seating arrangement with a cabinet beneath improves the functionality of the space. The hollow block wall lets in a just enough sunlight to keep the seating spot cool to sit in during the day.

Special Features
  • The brick cladding walls add a nice rustic touch to this balcony’s design.
  • Open shelves on the brick wall provide space to display decor.
  • A comfortable seating area with a combination of closed cabinets and open shelves beneath to store your books.
  • The hollow concrete wall to bring in some sunlight to your balcony.
  • Potted plants bring in a splash of greenery to this space to give you a feel of the outdoors.
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An Enclosed Balcony With A Home Office Setup

This enclosed balcony has an elegant home office arrangement ideal for those work from home sessions. The balcony is specially designed with a wooden open storage shelf coupled with a laminate finished work desk with drawer storage for clutter-free organisation. The low lying bench seating has storage beneath it that brings with it additional storage benefits. The balcony remains enclosed by windows with roller shutters and is extremely practical as it keeps the space dust-free.

Special Features
  • An open wooden shelf coupled with a laminate finished work desk comes with drawers for clutter-free organisation.
  • A low lying seating arrangement is designed with additional storage beneath.
  • The home office desk has a pair of floating shelves to display artefacts.
  • White wooden framed windows enclose the balcony with roller shutters that keep the space clean.
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A Peppy Balcony With A Handsome Showcase-Cum-Wine Rack

This balcony is cheerful with an interplay of colours and a modish glass railing. The modular showcase-cum-wine rack with storage amps up the oomph factor. This space is ideal for those who love a functional corner of nature at their home.

Special Features
  • A suave showcase-cum-wine rack with handleless drawers to stack your wine collection.
  • The showcase has an attached low bench with storage underneath.
  • A low upholstered armless chair pairs well with the round table.
  • The hanging pots are a brilliant way of using the height of the balcony.
  • The turf mat is a lively addition to the balcony decor.
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FAQs on Balcony Designs


A balcony is like a small haven of nature in the middle of your house. It is a private outdoor space with plenty of potential to design it in a manner that suits your lifestyle and persona. So do you do this? Well, to guide you, here are some steps you can follow to create an ideal balcony space. 

  1. Declutter your balcony and make room for everyone to move around freely.
  2. Bring in plants that are easy to maintain.
  3. If you have the space, add vegetable and flower plants to your balcony.
  4. Install space-saving seating arrangements such as folding patio chairs, seating with storage below etc .
  5. Add a turf grass flooring or tiles as per your home’s interior style.
  6. Use the wall space to hang planters and wall-mounted racks/shelves.
  7. Add proper lighting for evening hangouts in your balcony.
  8. Set up a safety grill around your balcony to prevent accidents and to keep your home secure.

No matter how small your balcony space is there are multiple ways to set up a balcony garden. Here are some smart DIY hacks to design your balcony garden at home. 

  1. Use the balcony railing to hang plants in baskets.
  2. Go for vertical wall planters to stack some of your favourite flower pots.
  3. Use terracotta planters and arrange them along the boundary of your balcony.
  4. Bring in DIY planter boxes of wood/terracotta to create your small herb garden.
  5. Hang metal buckets with flowers in your balcony garden.
  6. You can also hang your flower pots from the balcony ceiling.
  7. Install wooden crates to grow tomatoes, chillies, herbs, etc.

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Small balconies are tricky to design because they are narrow and leaving less space to play around with ideas. However, if planned properly, you can create a comfortable space in your small balcony. As the first step, try to free all the mess in your balcony. Next, use the walls and railings to add green potted plants. Go for hanging baskets, wall-mounted shelves, and the like to make the most of your balcony’s vertical space. The third step is to add space-saving, modular furniture pieces. To use the narrow space wisely opt for railing mounted tables, lightweight folding patio chairs, seating bench with storage and more. Add striped patterned floor mats and light colour schemes to make your space look bigger. The trick is to go for sorted designs like small plants, light furniture so your small balcony does not look cramped.

As most balconies have limited space you must choose your pieces of furniture wisely. Here are some suggestions for the same:

  1. Lightweight foldable chairs and table.
  2. Wicker swings.
  3. Wall-mounted tables and armless chairs.
  4. Light bamboo chairs and coffee table.
  5. Seating bench with storage to save space.
  6. Metal patio chairs and table.
  7. Wall mounted bookshelf with an attached bench for seating.
  8. Low-lying armless wooden sofa and coffee table.
  9. Single armless lounge chairs or ottomans.
  10. Rustic wooden sofa chairs.

Some of the latest glass railing designs for a balcony are:

  1. Frosted glass railing with aluminum frames.
  2. Frameless glass railings.
  3. Frosted glass railings with stainless a steel frame.

A balcony garden helps you add a splash of lush green into your home. Here are smart ideas to transform your normal balcony into a garden.

  1. A vertical garden on your balcony wall.
  2. Add some DIY hanging planters to your balcony and plant some flowering plants on them.
  3. Place some potted plants on your balcony for a soothing vibe.
  4. Some balcony climbers and vines on the balcony railing that will save floor space while adding greenery to your garden.
  5. Install baskets or crates to grow herbs, organic vegetables or succulents.
  6. Place some terrarium on the side table or bar counter.

Most of us live in apartments with small balconies but that shouldn’t stop you from turning it into your favourite cosy space. So here are a few tips for making your small balcony a cosy one:

  1. A hammock or a rattan hanging chair.
  2. Some floor cushions and pouffes.
  3. A low lying coffee table with hidden storage underneath.
  4. A foldable bar counter with tall chairs.
  5. Some DIY hanging planters with flowers.
  6. A wall-mounted bookshelf and outdoor seater with hidden storage for your book and other essentials.
  7. A vertical garden to bring in the look and feel of a natural garden without taking up floor space.

The balcony is one of the most preferred areas of our home. It is the place where you love enjoying your morning cup of coffee as your watch the sunrise and set, take small breaks in between work or unwind with a glass of wine after a hard day of work. Colours play an essential role in elevating the look of your balcony. Here are a few options that work best for a balcony.

  1. If you want to make your balcony look bright and vibrant, opt for a dark yellow. This colour will lift your mood and create a striking contrast against your green potted plants.
  2. Looking for some subtle colours that will create a soothing vibe? Opt for some simple off white or beige colour scheme for your balcony. They are lighter to the eye and make your balcony look spacious.
  3. A blush pink or teal is for you if a chic and elegant style attracts you. These colours lend a soothing yet subtle fun element to your balcony.
  4. If you want to lend an industrial look to your balcony choose some bold colours like grey and pair it up with a brick cladding accent wall. Be mindful of accessorising your balcony with proper lighting options to set the right tone for your evening parties.

However, be mindful of choosing a good quality paint for the exteriors of your balcony, one that is waterproof and heat resistant.

Some of the most common types of balconies are:
Hung Balcony: A balcony structure, usually made of steel that is fixed on the edges of the balcony.
Stacked Balcony: A separate structure to the building supported with vertical posts or pillars. 
Cantilever Balcony: This balcony structure protrudes from the face of the building without any visible support.

Few DIY tips to decorate a balcony:

  1. Add turf grass to the floor and some white pebbles on the corners to beautify the space.
  2. A hammock or swing to enjoy some me-time in your balcony.
  3. A foldable coffee table that is space-saving and functional.
  4. A textured wallpaper or a vertical garden on the accent wall to accentuate the beauty of the space.
  5. A wall-mounted bar unit with seating arrangement to host some cosy house parties.
  6. Some pendant lights or floor lamps to illuminate the space in the evening.
  7. A rattan sofa unit and a low lying coffee table with storage.
  8. A floor rug and some pillows to lend a comforting vibe.
  9. Some potted plants for a splash of green into your balcony.
  10. Blinders or roll-up curtains to protect you from harsh sunlight on a hot summer day.