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Tuesday to Sunday | 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

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Magic corner unit, D-carousels, lift-up shutters, wall units and janitor units.. TV cum study units, pooja units, and more… Ever wondered what’s the best interior design plan for your dream home? From interior design styles, colour combinations, layouts, space-saving innovations, accessories, and decor DesignCafe spans the length and breadth of home interior design. That is why we have a team of 400+ designers to advise customers.

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FAQs On Home Interiors And Designers In Bengaluru

DesignCafe has an upstanding quality code, with award-winning, in-house interior designers, intelligent designs and functionality-first protocols. Our handpicked interior designers are among the crème de la crème of the industry, and our quality standards are mirrored in the slew of positive customer reviews on our Google and Facebook pages!

At DesignCafe, in addition to delivering end-to-end home interior solutions (design, execution, installation, handover), we also offer a matchless 10-year warranty to keep you shielded against inevitable wear and tear. Our service philosophy, coupled with our ethos of ensuring elevated customer experiences, has led us to being awarded the ‘Most Innovative Interior Design Company’ by Times Business Awards. Our projects are rooted in aesthetic designs, functional interiors and affordable packages.

DesignCafe’s home interior design services starts from 3.5 Lacs. The cost of interior design will depend on various factors including the size of your apartment, materials and finishes you choose, designs you select. Every DesignCafe home is customised to the taste and budget of the customers. Talk to the designer to get the customised quote for your home.

DesignCafe provides the best interior design services in Bengaluru. It has 400+ award winning interior designers in Bengaluru. The quality of services provided by DesignCafe’s designers are inexpensive compared to the solutions provided at the competitive pricing.

At DesignCafe we have 400+ designers, some of our top interior designers in Bengaluru are:

  • Jessica Fernandis
  • Ankita Jain
  • Ankita Jhunjhunwala
  • Nivedita Thaker
  • Aayushi Atin Garg
  • Anusha C
  • Ashika Nambiar
  • Deepa SK
  • G Navaneeswar Reddy
  • Geeta Vasavi
  • H V Amulya
  • Nikita Chotrani
  • Priyanka Varma
  • Pamireddy Ajantha Reddy
  • Prashant Chhajer
  • R Divya
  • Ravi Kumar G
  • Syed Vaseem Ahmed
  • Varuna H
  • Vigneshwar M
  • Vijay R
  • Vikram S
  • Kajal
  • Khusbhu Zaverbhai Chawda
  • Shiva Bisht
  • Thaneesh A
  • Research and study the style the designers follow so that you get precisely the kind of house you are looking for.
  • Make sure you specify your budget and choose a firm that can work according to your selected budget structure.
  • Learn from your designers’ customer reviews. This will help you understand their work.
  • Have an estimated timeline and specify this to your designers so that you get your home as planned.
  • Be open to your designers’ creativity so that they get enough freedom to offer you the best designs.
  • Be personally involved in design decisions and spare time for meetings with your designers so that you are never surprised by the result.

The major interior design trends in Bengaluru 2024 include the following:

  • Neutral Colour Palettes: Bengaluru homeowners love earthy and neutral colour palettes, which is why they are trending in the city. The neutral, soothing palettes bring in the minimalistic appeal of the city.
  • Two Tones For The Kitchen: One of the major design trends in Bengaluru 2024 is the two-tone kitchen design. Trending two tones are grey and white, turquoise and white, etc.
  • Natural Materials: Natural and sustainable materials like wood are trending in Bangalorean homes. Wooden furniture pieces like cabinets, wardrobes, dining tables, etc., are trendy this year.
  • Functional Spaces: Due to the work-from-home lifestyle, homeowners have been demanding functional spaces that give them variety in the same house.
  • Traditional Aesthetics: Another fantastic trend ruling the Bangalorean home interiors chart is traditional elements like a wooden swing, antique lighting, vintage upholstery, art, etc.

The cost of home interiors depends on several factors. Materials, finishes, furniture styles, etc., are some factors that determine the interior design cost. Therefore, the cost of designing a 2BHK home in Bengaluru can vary a lot. However, if you are going for modern design elements with not-so-specific themes and furniture, the cost may start from Rs 8-9 lakh. But in case you have a specific set of choices, the price may change. Thus, it is vital first to research the kind of interiors you want for your 2BHK home. For instance, if you are keen on minimalistic design, you might get your home interiors done at an affordable price. However, if you want lavish interiors with antique elements, the price will rise.

The interior cost of a 3BHK apartment in Bengaluru can start from Rs 7-12 lakhs. But keep in mind that this price is not standard as it depends on the kind of interior design you want. For example, for a simple, minimalistic 3BHK apartment, the interiors will cost even less than those of a 2BHK house. This, of course, depends on many factors, including the materials, upholstery, lighting, colour palette and furnishings. The cost can, therefore, vary with the choices you make. The best way to estimate the price of a 3HK interior is to select the type of interiors you want and then discuss your budget with the designer to understand the possibilities.

Although perceived widely as a luxury, interior design can come on a budget. This is because the price mainly depends on the kind of design you want. For example, an apartment with an opulent design theme featuring elegant lighting and premium materials can cost a fortune. However, the same space can be designed affordably if you go for a minimalistic theme. Thus, the price differs based on the design decisions you make. Some design firms deal with only premium design themes that may be out of reach for many homeowners. To bridge this gap, DesignCafe has come up with an expanded range of design themes that allow people from different economic backgrounds to afford a designer home.

Affordable interior design ideas are the ones that are pocket-friendly and yet appealing. Some of these affordable interior designs in Bengaluru are:

  • Plant decor : It uses green plants as a decor element to create biophilic interiors.
  • Handmade crafts : You can create a budget interior theme with handmade DIY crafts for wall decorations.
  • Inexpensive lighting: Another great way to design your Bengaluru home is by adding low-cost, modern lights.

The interior design cost in Bengaluru can vary as per the kind of interior theme you choose. For example, a minimalistic design theme will cost you way less than a royal design theme with luxury materials and finishes. Again, the cost will vary as per the size of your house.