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A Smart Floor To Ceiling Wooden Wardrobe Design

A walnut wood wardrobe perfect for people who love to hoard things designed with multiple compartments. This wardrobe is designed smartly from floor to ceiling.

Special Features
  • An all wood wardrobe with lofts to store things you don’t need every day.
  • A pull-out trouser hanger for the wrinkle-free organisation.
  • Drawers and shelves inside to maintain a clean dust-free environment.

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A Wardrobe Designed With An In-built TV Unit

A white and brown wardrobe with sliding doors, a TV unit and hidden storage. This wardrobe is designed for a small bedroom.

Special Features
  • A flip up TV panel with hidden storage behind.
  • Push to open drawers take make storage simple and neat.
  • Sliding doors lend a seamless look and is perfect for small rooms.
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A White Wardrobe Design With A Dressing Unit For Kids Bedroom

A simple beach wood and white coloured wardrobe with plenty of space to store store all your funky junk, perfect for kids bedrooms.

Special Features
  • An in-built iron board to make ironing your clothes a quick and easy task.
  • Top and bottom shelves to store all study and play material away.
  • An attached dressing table with a large mirror.
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An All Wood Walk-in Closet Adjoining A Master Bedroom

This wardrobe is designed for maximum storage with various options to store your clothing and accessories.

Special Features
  • A wardrobe with multiple drawers and open shelves for extra storage.
  • Large compartments to display your best clothing collection.
  • Deep loft space on top to store winter wear.
  • Pull down closet rod to bring everything down to your height.
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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Modular Wardrobe?

Modular wardrobes as the name suggests are easy fit storage spaces, can be made and dismantled easily, are sleek and run unobtrusively against walls. Unlike heavy wooden, almirahs that rarely deviated from a standard design, today’s wardrobes are outfitted with glass, chrome and metal, in colours as varied as white to red and styles that go from L-shaped to parallel designs. Some of these contemporary modular wardrobes also have enhanced functionalities – retrofitted with a folding bed or table as a space-saving measure or floor to ceiling to maximise storage space.


What Are The Most Popular Bedroom Wardrobe Designs Today?

Contemporary designs are definitely the ones that are trendy. They can be found in most homes and complement interiors and design. Be it all glass, with sleek/rimless frames or a combination of textures, you can get creative to make your wardrobe an elegant statement piece. Wardrobes aren’t just functional but reflect the design aesthetics of a homeowner. We do also find a taste for classical and early modernist designs, with trims and wood finish that work well for people who love these styles.


Are Walking Closets/ Wardrobes Still Popular? How Does One Go About Designing It?

Closet wardrobes are popular, though it depends on the space one has. You can either choose a fully open wardrobe with a door to the walk-in closet or create a perception of a walk-in wardrobe by having closed units in space.


How Do I Choose A Wardrobe For My Bedroom?

Wardrobes are essential pieces of bedroom furniture, that come a close second to your bed. Choosing one is not as easy as walking into a store or picking an idea of the internet. There are several factors to note before you choose a wardrobe for your bedroom. What it requires is a carefully thought out style and structure based on your requirements and lifestyle.