Want A Modern Chamber? Pick From These Designer Wardrobe Ideas!

by Mohita Adhvaryu | February 24, 2024 | 5 mins read

Designer wardrobes with modern designs for your bedroom

Make your bedroom modern with our flawless designer wardrobe picks.

Imagine a bedroom without a wardrobe! You simply cannot, right? Well, that’s how important it is, even when you are dreaming. Not just a functional piece of furniture, a wardrobe is also an aesthetic focal point of your bedroom. Along with their utility, wardrobes are also a significant component of decor and you can get a designer wardrobe that strikes a balance of both in your bedroom. Here is a list of designer wardrobes built with the latest materials, texture and patterns just for you!

Quintessentially Tasteful: Patterned Wardrobe

Patterns can redefine the way we look at designer wardrobes. With detailed engravings or sleek cut-outs, a patterned wardrobe can provide a visual relief to plainly designed bedroom interiors. From floral to abstract, you can choose from a plethora of patterns and motifs for your designer wardrobe. This is one is an absolutely unique design and will definitely appeal to your minimalistic sensibilities as well.

A patterned wardrobe plethora of patterns and motifs for your designer wardrobe
A patterned wardrobe helps you create a rich and textured bedroom
Embrace a clutter free life with functional wardrobe designs

Chic Choice: Mirrors On Your Wardrobe

Are you looking for a classy and functional designer wardrobe? There is a simple solution to it. Add a mirror! Smartly integrated to save space, mirrored wardrobes are multi-functional and amp up the aesthetics in one go. This wardrobe is perfect to deal with the design challenges of a small bedroom. Moreover, it also makes your chamber look and feel more spacious.

Top designer wardrobes with mirrors on wardrobe are the trending designer wardrobes
For small bedrooms and even spacious ones, mirrored wardrobes are trending due to its multi-purpose

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Smartly Streamlined: Walls To Utilise Wardrobes

A great design choice for studio apartments, this wardrobe utilises most of the wall space. It is also stylish and lends a clean seamless look to your bedroom. You can design a wardrobe around a love-seat or near your bed. Either way, a wall-full wardrobe makes for a seamless and trendy bedroom any day!

A great designer wardrobes to utilises most of the wall space to make a trendy bedroom designer wardrobes
Wallcovering wardrobes are stylish and utilitarian, do consider it for your designer wardrobe plan

Truly Trendy: Translucent Wardrobe

Swept with style and statement, a translucent wardrobe is here to stay for eons. They are great to subtly show off your designer couture and yet not reveal it all. For quintessentially modern bedroom interiors, a translucent wardrobe is the right choice. You can choose various colours and textures to complement the palette of your bedroom and create something stunning!

Translucent designer wardrobe is the right choice for storage and style option for your modern bedroom
Translucent wardrobe makes for an excellent storage and style option for your modern bedroom
Our wardrobe designs make organisation easy

Fully Fabulous: Fiber Panel Wardrobe

With natural tones, textures, fiber panelled wardrobes have quickly become everyone’s preferred choice when it comes to designer wardrobes. Furthermore, the best part about these wardrobes is that they are light in weight. You can choose your designer fiber panelled wardrobe by picking from a wide range of textures, finishes, and colours and be spoilt for choice. Go for this wardrobe if style and simplicity are always your decor benchmarks!

Designer fiber panelled wardrobe by picking from a wide range of textures, finishes and colours
Fiber panel makes for great designer wardrobes with their streamlined and stunning look

Smoothly Sorted: Sliding Wardrobe

Sleek, sliding wardrobes always get you compliments. Design and function-wise, they are a smart designer wardrobe idea to rely on! For small bedrooms or studio apartments, these wardrobes are ideal if you are looking for space-saving storage units. You can choose plain colours or jazz it up with some iconic patterns  and make it a great focal point of your bedroom!

Sliding designer wardrobes for small bedrooms and apartments is a space saving storage designer wardrobe ideas
Looking for space-saving storage ideas? Count on sliding wardrobe designs

Wonderfully Worked: Wooden Wardrobe

Durable, minimalistic and functional, wooden wardrobes never go out of style. These types of designer wardrobes complement all colour palettes and enhance the look of your bedroom through refreshing contrast. Opt for laminate or solid wood – both work wonderfully well.

Wooden designer wardrobe build by laminate or solid wood materials for every type of bedroom interior design
Wooden wardrobes are sophisticated and great for almost every type of bedroom interior design

Basic And Brilliant: Built-In Wardrobe

Both for the sake of convenience and design, a built-in wardrobe is great. They not only make optimum use of space but look absolutely stunning and chic too. So whether you own a modern or vintage styled bedroom, built-in wardrobes are smart on design and provide ease of use. And it also bags full marks for using the whole wall and looking seamless.

Built in designer wardrobe for a space-saving, modern and functional bedroom interiors
Consider a built-in wardrobe for space-saving, modern and functional bedroom interiors
Space saving wardrobe solutions with 20% extra space

So, whether you are considering a quick revamp or looking at wardrobes for a new home, these designer wardrobes will definitely come in handy before you take the leap. For any further interior design query, do reach out for a quick consultation and we will be more than happy to help you!

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