Great Looking Wardrobe Designs With A Dressing Table and Mirror

by Noopur Lidbide | February 14, 2024 | 3 mins read

Wardrobe design with dressing table and mirror for your home

Here’s your guide to selecting the best wardrobe design with a dressing table and mirror for your bedroom!

Every house has to have a few elements that will never be dictated by the availability (or lack thereof) of space. A wardrobe designed with a mirror is without a doubt a must-have interior element for every bedroom. Take a look at these smart wardrobe designs that combine your storage with vanity.

Equal Parts: A Wardrobe Designed With A Dressing Mirror

In this design, the available wall space has been divided into four equal parts. A majority of the portion is dedicated to the wardrobe for storage, and the rest is smartly allocated to a dressing table with a full-length mirror.

Blue and white bedroom is adorned with an Indian wardrobe design with a dressing table and mirror

Extended Vanity

For larger rooms, a mirror and dressing table need not be restricted to being an extension in the same direction as the wardrobe. Here, the dressing table and mirror have moved on to the adjacent wall, allowing added wardrobe storage and plenty of free space.

Master bedroom wardrobe design with dressing table and attached mirror to it
Make way for multi functional wardrobe designs for your home!

Full View Guaranteed Of A Wardrobe With Dressing Mirror

If you have enough room, a single mirror is hardly sufficient. A full-view mirror, therefore, is a must-have! This wardrobe design smartly implements full mirrors for frontal and side views. The dressing table’s drawers get a dedicated space without cutting into the mirror view.

Sliding wardrobe design with dressing table attached full view mirror

Mirror Mirror On The Wardrobe

Don’t have enough wall space for a full view mirror? Don’t worry! A classic design idea for a wardrobe with a dressing table in Indian homes is to incorporate a mirror on one of its doors. Open shelves on the side, meanwhile, provide ample space to keep your everyday beauty essentials.

Wardrobe design with dressing table where mirror is incorporated on one of its doors

Dressing Table Attached With A Wardrobe For The Win!

With great walls come great expectations! If you are blessed with a room with a wall as wide as this one, your dressing table with mirror can be a natural extension of your wardrobe.

Modern wardrobe design with attached dressing table mirror

Keep It Afloat

Keep your dressing table attached to your wardrobe and keep it afloat! The length and breadth of this bedroom allows a wider dressing table mirror to work its magic when a full-length mirror is not available.

Bedroom wardrobe design with dressing table mirror

If you wish to keep your wardrobe and dressing table close, these dressing tables designed with a wardrobe should be on your must-have list! Which one of these designs do you think will make your bedroom look great? Tell us in the comments section below!

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