A Fashionable Guide To Wardrobe Designs For Bedroom In 2024 (DesignCafe Expert Speak)

by Charmaine Kenita | February 27, 2024 | 5 mins read

Design Cafe Expert Speak: A Fashionable Guide To Wardrobe Designs For Your Bedroom In 2020

2024’s Trendiest wardrobes designs for your bedroom decoded by Swati Santani, DesignCafe’s VP – Design R&D.

Wardrobes are personal spaces. In bedrooms, their purpose has always been purely functional. Earlier cupboards and almirahs did the job of storing clothes. Later wall attached wardrobes came into fashion. They were convenient, practical and affording more space for storage. Wardrobes have come a long way from simple wooden ones. No longer is there just one design to fit every bedroom. They have become sleek, modern, showcase different designs and employ different materials in their construction. Their designs change every year, their look and finish is an integral part of bedroom design and decor.

As much information as there is out there about wardrobes and their designs, sifting through it all and finding out what works for your bedroom isn’t easy. Home designs must be refreshed every couple of years and hold true for your bedroom decor too. If the coming year is going to compel your wardrobe transformation, allow Swati to guide you in your choices with the latest trends and ideas.

We ask Swati in a freewheeling conversation to share her thoughts and insights on the latest wardrobe designs for bedrooms for homeowners to achieve the right look.

Five ways to make your boring wardrobe interesting

How have wardrobes transformed in the last decade?

Swati Santani: Organising closets or wardrobes have become very important off-late. There are several reasons for this.

A: With varied tastes and our increasing capacity to own clothing and accessories, homeowners have more things to store and organise. There are formal, semi-formal and casual clothing. Then there is Indian and Western wear depending on the occasions. Accessories,  shoes, scarves and belts are a must-own. With so much to organise we need space and therefore intelligently designed wardrobes do the trick.

Jazz up your bedroom with these trending wardrobe designs

B: With less time at hand, a well-organised wardrobe works wonders when you are rushing to work in the morning or dressing up for a formal evening. A better-organised wardrobe ensures there’s less time spent in looking for your favourite pieces of clothing. It also makes it easy to re-organise quickly every couple of days.

What are the most popular bedroom wardrobe designs today?

Swati Santani: Contemporary designs are definitely the ones that are trendy. They can be found in most homes and complement interiors and design. Be it all glass, with sleek/rimless frames or a combination of textures, you can get creative to make your wardrobe an elegant statement piece. Wardrobes aren’t just functional but reflect the design aesthetics of a homeowner. We do also find a taste for classical and early modernist designs, with trims and wood finish that work well for people who love these styles.

Wardrobe design for bedroom with blue colour to make a beautiful wardrobe

What sections/ compartments must a wardrobe compulsorily have?

Swati Santani: Wardrobes must have a few important compartments and the rest that accommodates its style. To name a few, a balanced mix of space to hang shirts, jackets, skirts, dresses, sarees is one. Also, a stacking space for tees, bulky pieces like winter wear or rolled-up blankets is very essential. One could choose from mid to long hanging spaces depending on their collection, and small shelves to stack casuals. Drawers are an important part of the wardrobe as they give easy access to odd corners at the back, and are easier to use at the lower level than shelves. Different depths of drawers work for different pieces. Small trays for accessories/ watches and small drawers for inners/ delicates. Then you need larger drawers if you love a neat pile of clothes plus one at the lowermost level for odd storage boxes and formal / party shoes to completes the design of your wardrobe.

Bedroom wardrobe design with a space for hanging clothes is the latest wardrobe design
Wardrobe interiors have become stylish and intelligent so your clothes and shoes fit in well
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How convenient is it to have wardrobes with mirror glass finish?

Swati Santani: Mirror and lacquered glass finish wardrobes are super easy to clean and maintain, make the room appear larger and give it a premium contemporary look.

Wardrobe designs with mirror for bedroom give a premium contemporary look
Wardrobes with mirrors are for those who want easy maintenance

Are walking closets/ wardrobes still popular? How does one go about designing it?

Swati Santani: Closet wardrobes are popular, though it depends on the space one has. You can either choose a fully open wardrobe with a door to the walk-in closet or create a perception of a walk-in wardrobe by having closed units in space.

Check out modern wardrobe designs amongst Design Cafe customers.

Are there differences in wardrobe designs based on gender?

Swati Santani: Yes there are his and her wardrobes which ideally have different compositions. Men’s wardrobes stack in more shirts, trousers and jackets and therefore more hangers work well. A few shelves and a couple of drawers for belts and tees usually suffice too.

For women, one would prefer to use short, medium and long hanging space for folded sarees, skirts, shirts, short and long dresses. Hooks or smaller shelves for scarves, stoles, and accessories are also important. More drawers work well to store smaller items.

Men and women latest wardrobe designs for bedroom
Various compartments and compositions in wardrobe design help in organising clothing and accessories

Now let us talk about top wardrobe trends for 2024? What can we expect to dominate bedroom storage?

Swati Santani: A clean, minimalist look for a clutter-free and better organised space is what will define 2024. Wardrobes are becoming as important as other spaces in the house. They are being treated like spaces in themselves and getting the attention they rightly deserve. A good wardrobe helps you begin your day trendy and stylishly.

Sliding wardrobe design for bedroom in minimalist look with a rustic touch
This wardrobe with textures and wood is a minimalist wardrobe design for those who love clean looks

As we’ve seen from Swati’s insights, wardrobes are going to ride the wave in home designs for 2024. So if you’re planning a home transformation, your wardrobe must feature in it prominently. Reach out to us at Design Cafe to give you the style and look that will complement and transform your bedroom.

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