10 Stylish Bedroom Decoration Ideas That Absolutely Slay

by Anmol Kalro | January 14, 2024 | 6 mins read

Grey and white accents with frames complementing groovy decor of a modern bedroom

Enchanting and cheerful spikes that smarten up your cosy cocoon.

More often than not, your bedroom is the only space in your beloved abode that you get a chance to personalise in toto according to your own sense of style. Your bedroom is a personal haven of round the clock pyjama hangouts, deep thoughts and snory snuggles. Other common rooms, not so much, right? So we guess it’s safe to say that the one room in your casa that ultimately reflects parts of your personality has got to be dead-on in terms of design and decor! Straight out of your ‘pinned on Pinterest’ feed, these 10 bedroom decoration ideas will give you more than just a head start to turn your cosy cocoon into all things a la mode!

Bedroom Decoration For Small Spaces

The bedroom of your imagination probably looks like the movie Casino Royale with pink satin sheets, long see-through curtain drapes and enough room for a mini hangout spot within this space. If a lack of space is what’s curbing this dream, don’t fret. You can have all these things well even with limited floor space. Just ensure your bedroom decor aligns with one major goal: space creation. Whether you achieve this by adding glass elements and large mirrors, or have a low-lying bed that makes your ceiling look high – add more bedroom decoration elements to declutter. Sounds contradictory but works like a charm!

Bedroom decoration for your home with a large window and a mirror
A large mirror and window use position play to make a petite pad appear more spacious and airy
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Shower (Some) Flower Power

Bold pastels make for chic bedroom backdrops and instantly lighten the mood. Adding a floral wallpaper, even to one wall of your bedroom can give it a real nice bohemian touch to it. To accessorise this whole look, you can even choose to interject a pair of hanging pendant lights and a bamboo ottoman that is sure to create magic.

Bedroom decoration with a truly eccentric tulip backslpash and ceiling to lighted the mood
A truly eccentric tulip backsplash and ceiling makes for the perfect eye-calmer against a soothing blue backdrop

Less Is More

Wellness enthusiasts aren’t fibbing when they preach that all forms of entertainment must be left outside of your bedroom door. This ensures you have a serene, good night’s sleep with the least bit of disturbance. So while decorating your cosy cocoon, be sure to keep things simple. Attempting to spruce up with unnecessary accessories might only add to clutter. There is far more style in simplicity than you would assume. A calming wallpaper with warm colours, a few family photos and a vintage rustic dresser, and you’ve hit the room’s absolute sweet spot!

Bedroom decoration of a minimalistic bedroom design to ensure good night's sleep
Minimalistic bedroom design with elegant bedroom decoration that boasts a pleasant vibe

Black Magic (With Touches Of White)

If there’s one colour to have conquered hearts in every space, it’s black. Home interior decoration is no exception! A monochrome design adds so much class to an otherwise boring bedroom. The best part about all-white walls and a play of black and grey elements to spruce it up is that you can change your mind about this monochrome mania anytime you feel like it.

Bedroom decoration ideas with bold black accessories that look awesome against all white backdrop
Bold black accessories that look stunning against an all white backdrop make this bedroom a haven to unwind

Layers and Patterns For Bedroom Decoration

The simplest way to bring life to a dull bedroom setup is by indulging in trendy pattern play. You can take your pick of silk and linens between wide stripes, abstract geometrical patterns and tropical prints to bring life to your bedroom interior. Who knew changing sheets could make so much of a difference, right? Besides contemporary patterns for your linens layered with velvet and satin pillows can make your bedroom feel a lot cosier and more comfortable, too!

Bedroom decoration with a combination of tropical footprints and wide striped pillow covers
A combination of tropical prints and wide striped pillow covers make for creative bedroom decor

Have Fun With Headboards For Bedroom Decor

Besides being storage ninjas that help you declutter your room making it look nice and tidy, your bed’s headboard can be designed to give it a chicer vibe. Light ceramics or decorative hardwood panels can be set against alluring geometric wallpaper to step up your bed game.

Bedroom decoration with a slick wooden panel with backlights to set up your bed game
A slick wooden panel with backlights that instantly titivates this bedroom’s interior decor and design

Play With Lights

“It’s all about good lighting” – this is as true for interior décor as it is for Instagram pictures, to be frank. You can literally set your mood at any given period based on what lighting you decide to install in your bedroom. Aim to have separate lights for all the 3Rs – reading, romance and rest and you’ll come to see just how much lighting in your bedroom interior plan matters.

Bedroom decoration with a combination of desk lamps and hanging mood lights that bring in warmth
A combination of desk lamps and hanging mood lights that bring in warmth to this small bedroom design

Beyond The Four Walls of your Bedroom

Besides the obvious four walls of your bedroom, your ceiling is something that needs most design investment. It is, after all, a largely glanced wall in your bedroom. You can either go crazy creative with eye-opening wallpaper prints that serve a dual purpose – sprucing up while also soothing or create a more sophisticated statement with a grand looking chandelier. Either way – don’t ignore that forgotten fifth wall!

Bedroom decoration with a sparkling chandelier that does justice to indian-style decorated bedroom
A sparkling chandelier that does justice to the grandeur of this Indian-style decorated bedroom

Store Smart

The problem with a bedroom is that it takes just about a couple of minutes after cleaning a mess for it to magically muddle up again. This can be frustrating but largely avoided if you create invisible storage areas within your bedroom that save the day. In headboards, under beds and inside ottomans – storage is a necessity so you ought to create more.

Bedroom decoration by creating invisible storage areas within your bedroom
Smart and elegant storage drawers in every nook gives this bedroom decor a tidier finish

The Window Affair

If space is not a restriction, a great way to level up your bedroom game is by creating a cranny near your bedroom window to make it your own recess/introspection spot. Enjoy some fresh air with hot cocoa, watch the rain, read a book – because life is too short to be anything but deeply dramatic!

Bedroom decoration with a mini-bed seat beside the window pane makes for the perfect reading spot
A mini-bed beside the window pane makes for the perfect reading spot in this vibrant bedroom design

And there, 10 stylish bedroom ideas that will leave you mesmerised for life. Ace this space with decor and interior design to make this space everything you dream, desire and need!

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