A Checklist For Your Dining Room Interiors

A dining room is much more than a functional space where meals are served. It is a space where a family gathers to share stories after a long day. It may also be the place where children finish their homework and assemble projects, where parties are held, and where friends linger long after the meal is over. At a pinch, it may even be where you set up your home office on the days you work from home. 

This heart of the home can be a place you show off your interior design style. Take into consideration the space, functionalities you want it to serve and then experiment with furniture, furnishings, colour palettes, and lighting for a perfect setting to host meals and create memories. Read our guide to know what you need and where before you start designing your dining room interiors.

Dining Table That Tells Tales

The most critical component of dining room interior design is the dining table and chairs. A well-loved dining table around which families and friends assemble has many a tale to tell. With some thought, it can be more than just a practical place to dine at. When selecting a dining table, begin by considering the shape and size of your dining room. Then factor in the number of people in your family that are likely to gather around at meal time. 

Round off your design choices by determining the right material and dining table style for you. Larger families can opt for the solidity of a rectangle table seating six to eight, especially if your room has space. The width of your table can be tailored according to how narrow or broad your room is. If you have a smaller room and host fewer people, explore square, round and triangle shapes. With their aesthetically pleasing lines, these can lend a unique elegance to your room. Such shapes also work quite well when integrating eating spaces with the kitchen. If your dining table only occasionally seats large groups, add on table leaves can be the right choice for you. 

The dining table-top can go a long way in shaping the overall look and feel of your dining room. A wooden top brings traditional and classy functionality while a glass one can make even small spaces appear roomy and light. A stone top made of marble spells luxury and a metal table-top of industrial minimalism. You can further play table styles to determine the ideal one for your dining room. Choose richly detailed and carved tables for a traditional look. Clean lines, on the other hand, will help you achieve a modern look. Experimenting with metal and wood can result in an industrial style.

Dining room design for your home where it can be more than just a practical place to dine with modern dining room ideas

Complement The Dining Table With The Right Chairs

Carry forward the design style of your dining table to the seating. The solid look of armchairs is best suited to add formality to the head and foot of your dining table, while armless side chairs can comfortably sit alongside the table or be at its head. Parson chairs come with straight backs, are without arms and feature fully upholstered seats. These solid back chairs can be upholstered in a variety of ways using linen, leather or fabric or can be button-tufted or patterned, making them a versatile choice for your dining room. Leather gives the room a glamorous yet laid back look while metals lend a touch of relaxed elegance.

Wooden chairs complement timeless traditional and old-fashioned rustic well. For a modern and contemporary look, decide on keyhole back chairs which have the centre; usually, a square or rectangle shape, cut out. Aiming for a more traditional look? Explore oval-backed dining chairs or more conventional options of elaborately slat backed chairs coupled with curved legs found in Chippendale or Regency chairs. Slat backs can be Windsor in design, featuring fanned out vertical slats set in a half-circle back mounted on spindly legs. Or they can be more Shaker in style with simple vertical slats. Ladderback chairs have horizontal slats that create an open look.

Dining room decor to carry forward the design style of your dining table to the seating with these dining room decor ideas

Liven up your dining space with ergonomic designs

Dining Room Sideboards And Crockery Units For Storage And Style

From dining tables and chairs, let’s turn our attention to other furniture in the dining room. If your room size allows it, consider additional surfaces for the supplemental serving area, leaving your dining table relatively clutter-free. Combine this with a storage area to create side-boards or crockery units that provide convenient access to dishware and crockery. You can display serving dishes on the bar of the sideboard when you have guests over or use it as a beautiful display for lamps and flowers when not in use. Sideboards also have near limitless options in terms of designs. Explore styles in design, wood, lacquer, without or without hutches, open and closed shelves, doors that slide or open out, to arrive at the optimal fit for your dining room.

Dining room furniture for your home to turn your attention to other furniture in the indian dining room interior design pictures

Dining Room Colour That Adds Taste And Sets The Mood

One of the most critical components of your dining room interiors is the colour palette. If you want to create an exquisite and sophisticated style, opt for deeper colours on the walls. These can be dusky and rich tones of chocolate and cinnamon or almost jewel-like hues of navy blue. Offset these with lighter colours like creams and ivory when choosing your woodwork and furnishings. For a soothing and restful space, choose light shades for your walls like beige and pastel. A small space can be visually brought to life when painted with similar light colours. Pale yellows coupled with white make for a sunny and warmly welcoming look. Colours like ivory and off-white will never go out of style. For a bolder statement, choose a striking palette such as black and white. Curtains, blinds, dining linen, artwork on the walls, the surface and finish of your light fittings – all of these are a part of the canvas you can style with colours to your mood and liking.

Dining room sets for your home if you want to create an exquisite and sophisticated style with small dining room design

Is your dining room part of your living area?

Let There Be Light in the Dining Room

To further create the right ambience in your dining room, work out a good lighting scheme. Install a chandelier directly over the table as a conversational piece or pick out an oversized pendant in keeping with the rest of the room. A linear set of pendant lights also work well over a rectangle-shaped table. Use recessed light to shine the spotlight onto the table. If you have the wall art to show off, some well-positioned lighting can do wonders. Wall-sconces are another lighting fixture that adds layers of light to a room as do placing table lamps on the side-boards.

Dining room interior design where you can install a chandelier directly over the table of dining table in living room

Let Your Dining Room Play Dress Up

Once you have the basics in place, round off the project by dressing the room up. Pick draperies and table linen that blends well with the rest of the room. Pick an interesting conversation starter to adorn the walls. This can be one large mirror or a set of artfully placed mirrors or even a richly textured wall. Display artwork or prints that keep your personal preference. Family photographs, set of painted plates, bold wallpaper – these are different décor elements that you can choose from to add the desired finishing touch.

dining room designs for small spaces where you pick an interesting conversation starter to adorn the walls of modern dining room

Table designs, lighting, wall décor, colours – there are endless permutations and combinations available for you to design an ideal backdrop for hosting meals. Remember to put your personal stamp on the room and personalise it the way only you can. Create a traditional room or go industrial or modern contemporary. Channel the vintage look or opt for Italian or French countryside. Or cleverly mix and match across styles to define your own unique style. With options available for dining rooms of every size and for every budget, nothing can stop you from having a dining room you have always wanted.