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Dining Room Design Styles

There are various things you can do to spice up your dining room by incorporating wicked ideas, bold furniture, loud colours and wallpapers. Whether you’re hosting a lavish dinner party to your close friends or want to spend some time alone, we’ve compiled plenty of dining room interior designs and inspirations to help you out.

Traditional Dining Room

When we say traditional, we think of a formal dining room area. A traditional dining area is great when you have a separate room to allocate for dining. This way you can spruce it up with formal decor while keeping the rest of your home relaxed for everyday use. What you place in a traditional dining room is important too – opt for heavy wooden tables and chairs, invest in fine tableware crockery that will be a key part of your table. To give a more bold statement, add a centerpiece that illuminates the table. Good lighting is the cherry on the cake in traditional dining room interiors – install pendant lights to give your dining room a real wow factor.
Traditional Dining Room Design

Minimalist Dining Room

Minimalism doesn’t mean boring! It’s actually far from boring. A clean backdrop with sharp lines and edges make a minimalistic dining room the perfect place to enjoy a meal with your friends and family. Adorned with beautiful tables and chairs as a focal point for a room, minimalism spells simplicity and elegance. Minimalistic aesthetics works like a charm in a dining room for it creates a clean, clear canvas for tapestry. A dining pendant light hanging adds coziness to dining room – so you need to be smart on how you will use lights while decorating it. Black plays well with minimalism – black modern chairs are popular because it creates mystery and goes well with a neutral white background. Mimic lines of your kitchen and cabinets with taller black chairs as it makes the room feel bigger and open.
Minimalist Dining Room Design

Contemporary Dining Room

Sleek, chic, and eye-catching is what contemporary dining room interiors are all about. Classic black and shades of grey, a great color choice for modern homes with tables and chairs just adding fun. You can incorporate an array of designs to your contemporary dining room. Have you considered rugs into your dining room? The right rug will do wonders for your dining room. Top it up with colorful antiques and accented lighting and you can turn your dining room into a world full of art and style.
Contemporary Dining Room Design

Rustic Dining Room

A dining room with a rustic decor is nothing but warm and welcoming. Weathered farmhouse tables, spindle back chairs, classic French country style decor – all this just beckons for a wholesome feast. To give your dining room a rustic feeling the tableware you choose is crucial. We’re talking relaxed stoneware, classic cutlery and loads of fresh foliage are the main ingredients for a perfect rustic decor. Use of vintage material, old cupboards to keep crockery, delicate china, handmade pillows, wooden tables and chairs will add more to rustic style. If you have a candle chandelier it will be a bonus point.
Rustic Dining Room Design

Eclectic Dining Room

A dining room is an extension of your living room so why not make it happening and eclectic? Having an eclectic dining room gives you an advantage of versatility – you can combine a variety of elements to represent the home in a unique way with its own distinct style. Go crazy! Mix and match tables and chairs, throw on some funky pillows and cushions, and drape patterned curtains for a joyful and welcoming atmosphere. Mix up midcentury pieces with beautiful antiques for a diverse feel to the whole room. And don’t forget colorful textiles like napkins or a table covering cloth with patterns because they add to the overall eclectic style to your dining room.
Eclectic Dining Room Design

Bohemian Dining Room

A bohemian style dining room is a great chic style with a great amount of detail and accessories, vibrant colorful patterns and furniture. Even patterned walls work well in a bohemian style dining room. When you choose colors make sure it has a neutral scheme – white and grey. Add rough wooden furniture exquisite glass tables, rugs, table runners, pillows, accessories like candle holders, and art pieces to spice up the dining room. Incorporate a bit of rustic style as it bring coziness making your space bolder and bigger.
Bohemian Dining Room Design

Simple Dining Room

A small art piece or a tiny pattern on the window can make a massive difference to brighten up the space. A simple dining room can be inviting and welcoming and cozy. Light tables and chairs that aren’t bulky are ideal for simple dining room interiors. Make sure your walls are brightly coloured as it creates an illusion of a big space. Just add lovely framed art work combined with a simple dining table and white chairs for a clean look. Add a wood top table with industrial lamps above for a dash of old world charm. Integrate sleek lighting options like lanterns, cascading bulbs or pendant lights to create the perfect vibe.
Simple Dining Room Design

Indian Dining Room

Indian dining rooms are the entertainment centre of the home. Featured with ornate geometrics, rich colors, and fine metallic silverware, Indian dining room interiors are nothing less than royalty. The dining table is usually a four-eight seater and stone walls blend well with this style of decor. Compliment a simple designed table with an army of colorful chairs but in shades of pastel that will enhance the elegance of space. A round dining table is a good option too and compliments dinner time conversation with everyone facing each other. A drinking trolley against the side wall will come handy for guests who love to have a peg or two before dinner.
Indian Dining Room Design

Scandinavian Dining Room

Scandinavian design is for anyone and anywhere – be it your bathroom, bedroom and everything in between. Known for its fresh, clean, cutting designs, Scandinavian designs are popular world over. Wooden floors and console tables illuminated by pendant lights hanging from the ceiling are quintessentially Scandinavian. A neutral toned look will looks absolutely appealing – white on white, or black and white are very popular with this Scandivanian dining room interiors. If you have a chandelier to hang over the dining table it will add more flavour to the living room.
Scandinavian Dining Room Design
Take these ideas and inspirations and make your dining room a place for joy and memories. There are many designs which you can choose from according to your style and personality. Discover the endless possibilities on how a dining room can change the whole outlook of your home. We at Design Cafe can make your home into a heavenly abode where you can sit and relax. Our intelligent designers are here to help you in every possible way to achieve your dream interiors – from designing to installation.