What Is The Ideal Time To Paint Your Home?

Painting your walls is just as essential to complete the look of your home interiors as is choosing the right decor and furniture. And knowing when to paint is a crucial part of the process. Every home – be it an apartment or villa comes with a basic top coat of paint that is either white or beige in colour. You can choose to retain these colours if you like or go with more different colours that suit your interior design. Questions like when to use paint primer come up often, so we thought of answering your queries here.

Here is the pro and con of painting before or after installation! Make a wise choice.

Painting Before Installation: Most apartments or villas come with a pre-applied coat of basic paint on the walls. This coat of paint usually in light or pale colours will often get scuffed, chipped and dirty during the process of installation of your modular furniture, making when to use paint primer a critical factor. This is bound to happen as installation sometimes requires drilling nails into the walls, plastering, cementing or other civil work which is always messy and ends up staining the walls, which is why you should be mindful of precautions to be observed when painting.

Design Cafe Recommendation: No

Painting before installation of your modular furniture is not recommended by design cafe experts

Painting After Installation:

The installation of your modular furniture will cause some cosmetic damage to your walls. Therefore, it is wise to apply a coat of fresh paint in colours that match the overall  interior style of your home keeping in mind when to use paint primer. This not only completes the look of your home interiors but it gives you a chance to cover up blemishes that may have occurred during the process of installation. And it is for this reason that new coats of paint must be added in the finishing stages to avoid costly re-painting, especially because when to use paint primer is critical. Also make sure you start the process of painting in the morning.  There is lots of natural light available and you have plenty of hours to get the job done. This will ensure an even coat of paint in your home.

Design Cafe Recommendation: Yes

Painting after installation of your modular furniture is a good choice as per design cafe interior design experts' opinion

Painting your home before and after installation of modular furniture

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What Is The Best Time Of The Year To Paint Home Interiors?


If you are not designing a new home or getting modular furniture installed, but are planning to change the colour of your walls inside then the best time for when to use paint primer is the winter season.

There are several benefits to getting your house painted during the winter season. The greatest benefit is that all the paint dries quickly when the temperature decreases. Besides, during the summers, paint dries quicker than usual and does not stick to surfaces well. This results in it peeling off in the future.

The only drawback of painting in winter is if the temperature falls way too much resulting in extreme temperatures. In extreme winters, the paint will not dry quickly, and wetness as a result of a very cold winter will give your walls a rather unattractive look, making it imperative for you to learn the precautions to be observed when painting.

Therefore, picking a time where the temperature is neither too low nor too high is ideal. You can also keep the heaters on to maintain a warm temperature. Also, leave the windows open after every coat for the smell of paint to fade.

Best time of the year to paint your walls to match with your home interiors

What Is The Best Time Of The Year To Paint Home Exteriors?

When to use paint primer on the exteriors of your home needs proper planning. You can’t paint the exteriors of your home at any time of the year. After all, you’d never see painters up on ladders, painting exteriors during extreme winters. So why do exterior painting jobs happen only during a specific time of the year? 

To paint the exteriors of a building in a way that the end result is flawless, the temperature needs to cooperate. Paint dries depending on the weather conditions and temperatures at the time of application.

You must wait for a time that gives you dry and warm days. It’s advisable to keep a check on the weather conditions for a few days before and after your painting day. If it rains before the application, the paint will need a few days to dry out entirely. The same applies to post the application. Ensure it’s not going to rain the next day of the paint application. Therefore, early summers and autumn are the best time when to use paint primer on the exteriors as this season sees the least rain and minimum fluctuations in temperature. This ensures all coats of paint are evenly spread, dries and fixes correctly.

Best time of the year to paint home exteriors of your home

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Painting your home is like adding the icing on the cake. It completes the vision your designer had for your home. Wall paint is expensive and certainly not something you can afford to change after applying the final coat. Therefore, waiting to paint after installation gives you a chance to make any last-minute change to colours after seeing what your furniture looks like.

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