A Guide To Budget Friendly Materials And Finishes

Interior designers don’t lack alternatives when it comes to picking the right materials and finishes for your home. They have better access to them and are on top of those trending in the market. And it is good to know that all of them do not cost the earth either.

Here is a guide on the most readily available budget-friendly materials and finishes that can modify the appeal and feel of your home interiors.


This ubiquitous modern-day building material is not only used to hold structures together but also be used as a finish. Concrete is a versatile material that can be treated to generate a variety of finishes from smooth and glossy to textured ones with patterns, including quartz finishes and marble finish laminates. It is ideal for those looking for an industrial style and works well with exposed bricks, dark colour palettes and Edison lights.

Concrete material with a variety of finishes from smooth and glossy to textured ones

Budget friendly home interior solutions that are functional and stylish!


Readily available with endless varieties of colours, patterns, finishes, textures and price points; laminates are an ideal budget-friendly option. This finish gives the look and feel of real wood without breaking the bank. They offer excellent durability, are low maintenance, and therefore suitable for home renovation or redesign on a budget. Different types of laminates include all types of laminated wood and marble finish laminates. Types of laminate wood flooring and types of laminates for wardrobes are also available for use in Indian homes.

Budget-friendly laminates finishes

Reclaimed Timber

This material can be sourced from old furniture, old wooden boats and even demolished houses. These pieces of wood sometimes have been around for decades and have their own story to tell. The cracks, chips, scratches that tell their story is what makes reclaimed wood alluring to furniture designers or DIY home interior stylists. However, it is important to note that utmost care and caution needs to be exercised when handling reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood needs to be inspected and addressed for rusty old nails, large cracks and pest infiltration etc. Giving new life to wood using Duco finish is not only easy on the pocket but also an environmentally friendly way to redesign your home.

Reclaimed timber sourced from old furniture, old wooden boats and demolished houses.

Industrial Sheets

Manufactured for industrial use, construction sites and other related areas, industrial Sheets have become popular in the home interior design and decor space. They are a great way to have function and form in design.

Industrial sheets for budget-friendly finishes

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Natural stone slabs are a great way to get a finish that’s relatively inexpensive and long-lasting. Stones are used in walkways, pavements, flooring for balconies, poolside, terraces, living room walls, foyer and entrances. This material is visually striking, does not require much maintenance, painting or whitewashing.

Natural stone is an inexpensive and long lasting finish. Stones are used in walkways, flooring for balconies, living room walls and foyer etc.

Acrylic Finish

This is a synthetic polymer finish that offers a high gloss look. It is a good substitute for lacquer finish or frosted glass as the latter two options are way costlier.. It is water-resistant and comes in a variety of colours and designs.

Budget-friendly acrylic finish for home


Cast iron railings, panels, grills are budget-friendly alternatives to using CNC or jaalis (lattice work). They are durable, sturdy and treated to resist corrosion as well as tarnishing. Iron is used extensively in the industrial style of interior design in homes.

Iron railings, panels, grills are budget-friendly alternatives for using jaalis

And there as you see not all materials and finishes cost a bomb. You can do a lot by playing around with the above to design a dream home too! All it takes is creativity. Need ideas? Book a consultation.