How To Design A 10 x 12 And 12 x 15 Bedroom

A detailed guide on how to design different-sized bedrooms.

The bedroom is the cosiest place in your home. It gives you a space to enjoy a relaxing and restful time after a long working day. But with the apartments shrinking in size over the years, families have found themselves living in cramped spaces. Designing a cosy and comfortable bedroom has therefore become a huge challenge.

So here we bring you the two most popular bedroom layouts with clever tips to design them so you get a clutter-free space. From furniture arrangement, to incorporating the right design elements along with a set of do’s and don’ts to design both 10 x 12 and 12 x 15 bedroom layouts, we have got your covered.

Keep this guide handy if you are planning to design your 10 x 12 or 12 x 15 bedroom’s interior design.


How To Design The Interior Of Your 10 x 12 Bedroom

Arranging the furniture in your bedroom plays a vital role in making it look neat and clutter-free. So here are a few design tips to make your bedroom look and feel more spacious.

Space-Saving Furniture: A murphy bed is an excellent option to free up your floor space. Pull it down when you wish to sleep and push it back into the wall when not required. This makes your small bedroom multifunctional and smart.

A simple 10 by 12 bedroom design with a murphy bed is an excellent option to free up your floor space

Sliding Door Wardrobe: The biggest problem with small bedrooms is restricted floor space. So choose a sliding door wardrobe if you have less space between the bed and the wardrobe. This will lend a clean look and help you organise your bedroom better.

A sliding door wardrobe in the 10 by 12 bedroom design lends a clean look

A Pull-Out Study Table: Having a separate study corner in your 10 x 12 bedroom layout can make your space look cramped. Ideally our designers recommend opting for a wardrobe with a pull-out study table. This type of unit gives you a cosy study nook without taking up any extra space.

10 by 12 bedroom interior design with a pull-out study table gives you a cozy study nook

small space, big style we've got designs for tiny bedroom

Window Bay Seater: If you want a seating option in your bedroom convert your window bay into a comfortable seating spot. Instead of adding extra chairs this design hack frees up a lot of floor space and makes your room multifunctional. Perfect if you live in a small home!

10 by 12 bedroom with window bay seat layout is ideal for a small home

Guide on how to design different sized bedrooms

Wall Mounted Shelves: Put your walls to good use!. You can use all the available wall space to create smart storage solutions. Floating shelves or wall slots are an excellent idea to showcase decor, boos, planters. Not only do they accentuate the beauty of your bedroom but increase the multifunctionality of the space.

Simple 10 by 12 bedroom design with wall-mounted shelves are clever storage solutions

How To Design The Interior Of Your 12 x 15 Bedroom

The 12 x 15 bedroom layout is more of a standard size bedroom and provides extra space when compared to the 10 x 12 bedroom design. So here are a few designer approved tips you can use to experiment with the additional space in your master bedroom.

Bed With Storage: If Murphy feels a little high on the budget, choose a bed with hidden storage. This will give you some extra storage space for your clothes, blankets or cushions and organise your bedroom better.

12x15 bedroom layout with a bed with hidden storage gives you extra storage space for your clothes

A Study Unit With A Hidden Dresser: Utilise your bedroom space to the fullest  with a multifunctional study table designed with a hidden dresser. You can use the study top to take your work calls, finish responding to emails or completing last minute office tasks. When not working, flip the top up and use it as your personal makeup vanity. As we see in this image here this study unit has a mirror underneath the table top. It is sleek, compact and perfect for your 12 x 15 bedroom.

The 12x15 bedroom design features a study unit with a hidden dresser and attached mirror

Corner Wardrobe Unit: You can add a corner wardrobe with a glass front to utilise the blind space in your bedroom. Add some LED lights on the shelf to make sifting through your clothes, bags and shoes easier. Glass shutters make the room appear larger than it is and also add a luxe look to the room.

A corner wardrobe with a glass front in the 12x15 primary bedroom layout makes the room appear larger

Open Bedroom Layout: One of the best ways to make your home look bigger is to opt for an open bedroom layout. This design creates an illusion of larger space and makes it airy too. You can use curtains as a subtle partition in order to separate the living room from your bedroom.

A 12x15 open bedroom layout is the best way to make your home look bigger

Want a bedroom that's modern and aesthetic

Swivel TV Unit: A swivel TV unit is an excellent way to utilise the TV unit for more than one room. This saves space and helps you watch your favourite shows from your bedroom or living room at your convenience. In this image here we see a white partition with open shelves. The centre has a swivel TV unit so you can watch your shows from either side of the partition based on your mood.

12x15 bedroom design with swivel tv unit excellent way to utilize for more than one room

Furnishing And Decor Ideas For Your 10 x 12 Bedroom

Mirrors: Use mirrors  to create a magical illusion of space. They are a great trick to make your bedroom look airy and spacious. You can place a big mirror on the wall or the door of your wardrobe. 

10 by 12 bedroom design with mirrors creates a magical illusion of space

Large Windows For Natural Light: Windows not only bring in ample natural sunlight but help in air circulation. So dress your window with some sheer curtains and enjoy a breezy vibe in your bedroom. You can also add a window bay seater to add to the functionality of your bedroom.

A simple 10 by 12 bedroom design with large windows brings ample natural sunlight

Ample Lighting: The best way to compensate for small spaces is to illuminate them well. Invest in light fixtures and cove lights on the ceiling or your wall panelling to brighten up your space.

Brighten up your 10 by 12 bedroom with light fixtures and cove lights

Minimal Accents: Simple decor is the best friend of a small bedroom. Choose minimalistic decor, like jute rugs, macrame wall hangings and planters for a minimalist boho vibe for your home. Ensure you don’t place bulky planters or large artwork as it will make your small space look cramped.

10 by 12 bedroom in simple decor is the best friend of a small bedroom

Want to know what kind of bedroom designs suits you

High Gloss Laminate: Glossy laminates are pricier but add to the glam quotient in your home. They reflect light beautifully and add to the spacious vibe of your bedroom. If you have some freeway on your budget definitely consider glossy laminates for your wardrobes or on the wall like we see in this image here.

10 by 12 bedroom wall design with high glossy laminates add a spacious vibe

Hanging Planters: If you love indoor plants bring in hanging planters to display your greens. They can be hung beside your window or on your bedroom wall. In this way, you can nurture your plant babies and save floor space.

A simple 10 by 12 bedroom design with hanging planters on the wall

Pastel Shades: Choose muted colours for your walls for a spacious look. Dark colours can make your room look clumsy and smaller than what it actually is. You can add a pop of colour with vibrant cushions, curtain covers or bedsheets.

10 by 12 bedroom colour- choose muted colours for your walls for a spacious look

Furnishing And Decor Ideas For Your 12 x 15 Bedroom

A 12 x 15 bedroom has a little more floor space as compared to 10 x 12 bedrooms. This leaves room for a little more experimentation. Most of the decor tips mentioned above can be incorporated in a 12 x 15 bedrooms as well. But here are a few extra tips for your standard-sized bedroom.

Experiment With Colours: If you love vibrant colours for your walls, choose a decorative wallpaper or add a pop of colour on your accent wall. However our designers recommend balancing it out with lots of lights and muted colours for the rest of the walls.

12x15 bedroom design balanced with lots of lights and muted colours

Furniture With Legs: Though wall-mounted furniture works best in modern interior design plans you might be one of those people who choose otherwise. If opting for floor-mounted furniture make sure to choose furniture with legs. It looks less bulky and can make a bedroom look spacious.

The 12x15 bedroom layout features furniture with legs that make it less bulky

Flooring: You can choose any flooring of your choice. The market has a wide option of tiles – vitrified, slate, ceramic, marble, granite and more. However opt for small light coloured rugs for a roomy look.

12x15 bedroom design with small light coloured rugs for a roomy look

Indoor Plants: If you love nature, bring in a few potted indoor plants for a tropical vibe in your bedroom. Place it on your side table or on floating shelves. You can also place a tall potted plant in the corner to accentuate the height of your bedroom.

Indoor plant in the 12x15 master bedroom is placed on a side table for a tropical vibe

Choice Of Laminates: You can use a combination of matte and glossy laminates for your bedroom. Light wood finish laminate is a great option too as it is light on the eyes and yet brings in a sense of warmth to the entire space.

12x15 bedroom design with light wood finish laminate on the wall brings a sense of warmth to the space

Things To Avoid When Designing A Bedroom

Now that you have an idea of all the do’s while designing your bedroom, let’s talk about don’t of 10 x 12 or 12 x 15 bedroom interiors.

Avoid Bulky Furniture: Opt for sleek furniture with clean lines for a clutter-free look. Bulky furniture is heavy on the eye and makes your space look cramped. Instead opt for sleek modular furniture with clean lines and smooth finishes for a seamless look.

Avoid bulky furniture for 10x12 or 12x15 bedroom interiors for a clutter-free look

Excessive Decor: Follow the principle of less is more. Minimalist decor is the best way to make your home’s interiors stand out and free up space in your bedroom.

Minimalistic decor for 10x12 or 12x15 bedroom interiors is the best way to free up space

Avoid Single-Purpose Furniture: Choose multifunctional furniture for your smart bedroom. Not only does it save space but is easy to maintain too. 

Avoid single-purpose furniture for 10x12 or 12x15 bedroom interiors to save space

No Heavy Curtains: Heavy curtains make your room look cramped and block natural sunlight and fresh air. Opt for sheer curtains. You can also add blinds to your windows if you want to avoid harsh sunlight during the day. 

Avoid heavy curtains for 10x12 or 12x15 bedroom interiors

We hope this guide on designing a 12 x 15 and 10 x 12 bedroom’s interiors has helped clear all your doubts. 

If you still have questions or want an expert to help design your home, book a free consultation with Design Cafe today. Our team of design experts will help you with personalised designs that suit your budget and lifestyle. You can also check our bedroom design ideas for inspiration.

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