All You Must Know About Living Room Seating

A comfortable spot is a must in every household. Let us help you choose the right one. Check out our guide on living room seating.

We all need a place to rest and relax in our homes. Most of us find ourselves lazing around on our sofas when we get back from work or have had a long tiresome day. Seating in your living room is important because that’s where you relax with guests or yourself. We at Design Cafe have curated a guide to help you pick the perfect living room seating for you and your family. Continue reading to know more!

The Chesterfield

This sofa spells out sophistication at first glance. This seating option for your living room will never go out of style. A chesterfield sofa dates back to the 18th century that makes it quite vintage. This sofa is designed with hard leather and the backrest has buttons pushed into it to bring out its look. It has high rolled arms and wooden legs that pop-out. A chesterfield sofa can be seen in the home of retro lovers or your grandparents.  

A royal dark brown chesterfield sofa bench for living room gives a lovely olden touch
A royal dark brown chesterfield sofa which is a great option for those who love a touch of olden day seating

A Camelback Sofa

You might be wondering what’s with a name? Well, there is a small story behind it. If you look closely at a camelback sofa you will realise its resemblance. This sofa has arms that are shaped like the hump of a camel. The camelback sofa dates way back to the 18th century as well. So if you love a classic touch in your modern home, then this living room seating idea will be one to look out for sure. Three people can comfortably sit on a camelback sofa so you can buy another if you need extra seating. 

White living room seating idea classic white camelback sofa & cream coloured pillow gives a classic look.
A classic white camelback sofa with rich cream coloured plush pillows will take you back in time
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A Knole Sofa To The Rescue

In ancient times, a Knole sofa was not used as a comfortable seating option where you could sit back and relax. Back then it was considered to be a seat where only the monarch would sit. A Knole sofa has long straight arms that can be pushed down to provide extra space with a so a person can lay back and relax. If you want a royal touch to your home this living room seating furniture is perfect. 

Magenta pink Knole sofa gives a royal touch to your home this living room bench seat is perfect
A rich Knole sofa in pretty vibrant magenta pink brings a splash of colour to this room with its patterned plush pillows

Relax In A Recliner

If you love spreading your legs out and want a seat just for yourself then this living room seating is something you will adore. The recliner sofa is in brown leather and has a curved low back or can also be adjusted to be backless by pushing the high headrest down. This is great if your living room is a space where you binge-watch, read and chill out after a long working day. 

Seating chairs living room, the reclining sofa in brown adjustable to be backless by pushing the high headrest down.
A reclining sofa in brown is sure to be your best but after a long day at work

This Is A Lawson Sofa

This living room seating design is dated back to the turn of the 20th century and was created by Thomas Lawson. This sofa is for those of you who prefer simplicity. The couch is designed with simple lines and concentrates on providing comfort. This is an excellent choice for homes with families or just even couples. 

Blue lawson sofa living room sitting chairs is sure to smooth your mood any day.
A gorgeous lawson sofa in calm sky blue colour is sure to sooth your mood any day
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A Futon Please

The futon originated in Japan and is a traditional style of bedding that can be rolled up when not needed. Unlike the daybed, futons are easy on the pocket, can be folded and stored away without a hassle when not in use. A full futon set comes with a mattress and duvet you can pep it up by adding colourful cushions and pretty sheets.

Red coloured futon sitting sofa for living room against a textured wall brings in a touch of Japanese tradition.
A brick-red coloured futon against a textured wall brings in a touch of Japanese tradition to your home

Time To Tuxedo

This sofa provides maximum comfort. The arms and the back of this living room seating furniture are usually the same height that makes this sofa appear in a box or rectangular shaped. The additional cushions take comfort and its look to a whole new level. 

This rectangular-shaped sofa in living room seating furniture is comfortable and its look to a whole new level.
A smart tuxedo with white cushions and a wooden frame

A Spacious Sectional Sofa

If you have a big family, this living room seating furniture is something you will want to check out. This sofa has room for your entire family to sit together, snuggle, watch a movie together or just have a game night at home. Adding plush pillows and large pillows will make you want to stay in your comfort zone forever. 

Bright blue sectional sofa bench for living room with grey pillows make you want to stay in your comfort zone forever.
A sectional sofa in bright blue with contrast pillows in grey is perfect for a family chat time at home
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The Sweet Sette

Short on space but need a cute cosy rest area? Then you need a little seat to rest on when feeling tired. This is when the sette comes into play. It’s a full-sized sofa but a small version of it that can be placed in the corner of your living room. It is perfect for small homes or when you have an empty corner to fill. A settee can be personalised with some cushions to add some colour and style to it. 

White sofa in living room seating furniture is perfect for small homes.
A white sette that is perfect for a small living room

The Love Seat

This sofa is designed for just two people. This living room seating furniture is perfect if you are a couple or want to save some space around the house. The love seat is also known as the British two-seater. This sofa set never goes out of style and the best thing about it is that it’s compact. This means you can literally fit it anywhere in your living room with ease. 

This cream coloured two-seater sofa for living room never goes out of style & it is compact
A cute love seat with rolled arms made for a couple that lives together

A Darling Daybed

In simple words, day beds are couches that can be converted into beds. Daybeds are the kind of living room seating that are typically used for lounging, laying back and resting or even sleeping. Daybeds come handy when you have an extra person over or an unexpected guest for an overnight stay. 

This aqua coloured daybed living room sofa stands out in the white-walled living room.
A dark aqua coloured daybed stands out in the white-walled living room

An English Or Club Sofa

This living room seating has a British influence and is common in England. The English sofa brings a lot of class and elegance and has become a popular pick among households all over the world. With a tight back deep seat and rolled arms this is for those of you who can’t compromise on looks and style. This living room seating is generally a two-seater. 

A frosty white club sofa unique living room chairs against a dark accent wall look elegant.
A frosty white club sofa against a dark accent wall gives a classic look to the hall
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A Charming Chaise

A chaise lounge is living room seating where the seat is in the shape of a chair but is extended so it’s long enough to support your legs. It’s like you sitting on a long chair where there is room for your legs to relax. In modern French terms, the Chaise is known as a reclining chair. 

A chaise lounge set of living room chairs in the dual colour of sea green and grey looks gorgeous.
A charming chaise lounge in dual colour of sea green and grey

A Classic Cabriole

This living room seating design has exposed wooden legs that are generally curved. The cabriole was popular in the 18th century. The cabriole is S-shaped with arms and back of the same height. 

Cabriole sofa is S-shaped with arms and back of the same height is living room seating furniture looks elegant.
An enchanted cabriole sofa with look from the victorian era spells out elegnace with no effort

It’s Q and A Time!

Our clients often ask the following questions when it comes to living room seating:

How should I arrange my living room sofa?

Well, this should be based on your living room layout, shape and also the size of it. If you have a small living room and opt for a large sofa like a sectional sofa, it will take up most of your space. This type of seating will not make much sense, however, something like a love seat will work better. So keep in mind your living room layout. It’s really important.

How many accent chairs in a living room?

Accent chairs are there to add contrast and pep up your living room. Generally, they are of bright colours and often are a focal point.  We recommend a maximum of two accent chairs in a living room.

Where should I put my sofa in the living room?

This requires you to carefully study the layout of your living room, the traffic, breathing space and arrangement of other furniture. All these factors must be taken into consideration before you place your sofa in a perfect spot in your living room.

And there, that is really everything you must know about living room seating. So time to get creative and take your living room seating arrangement to a new level of style and functionality. Choose one that suits your budget and lifestyle and you will have a home that you will call your own.

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