A Guide To Kitchen Colour Combinations

Adding colour is an excellent way to give your kitchen an exciting look. Whether you like neutral shades or vibrant tones, our guide here lists out the trendiest kitchen colour combinations to get you started. Spruce up your kitchen cabinets or walls with bold colours to give it a whole new look. Most importantly pick a colour combination that blends well with the overall aesthetics of your kitchen and personal style.

Infographics about kitchen colour combination

Parrot Green, Whites And Browns

This is a refreshing colour combination and perfect for those looking for a fresh feel in their kitchen. Parrot green cabinets paired with milky white coloured walls make a striking contrast. Hints of brown on the ceiling and wooden flooring like in this kitchen balance the whole space. Add cove lights and stone cladding backsplash to make your modular kitchen look expensive.

Kitchen colour combination with parrot green, whites and browns

Black And White

This timeless and ultra-modern colour combination stands out. Patterned tiles make an interesting backsplash complemented by frosted glass cabinets on one side. This colour combination works well for a young couple and also small-sized kitchens, as both these colours add volume to any space making it appear bigger and brighter.

Black and white kitchen colour combination works well for a young couple

Beige, White And Copper

If white is too plain for you opt for a warmer colour combination like this one. A palette like beige and white will make your modular kitchen look bright and inviting. Besides, beige is an incredibly luxurious colour so if you are looking to give your kitchen an extravagant look this is your pick.

Beige, white and copper color combination make your modular kitchen look bright and inviting

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Navy Blue And Browns

An inky navy blue paint like this paired with light coloured woodwork works well in every kitchen style. A rich tone like navy blue lends an extremely warm vibe with reclaimed wood, marble countertop, and steel grey hardware.

Kitchen cupboard colour combination with navy blue and browns

Teal And Yellow

This colour combination is a perfect balance between calmness and fun. Where teal is muted and subtle, a bright shade of yellow as seen in this image brings in a dollop of frolic to the space. A pop of colour never hurt anyone did it?

Modular kitchen with teal and yellow colour combination is a perfect balance between calmness and fun

Olive, White And Muted Navy

Olive green painted top cabinets with white at the bottom blend seamlessly together with the muted white marble backsplash that adds a touch of luxury. It’s bright, lively, and classic, especially when paired silver hardware.

Kitchen colour combination with olive, white and muted navy makes bright, lively, and classic

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Classic Blue With Grey And White

A soothing colour palette like this will make your time spent in the kitchen peaceful. This colour pairing is not harsh on the eyes and Pantone’s colour of the yearclassic blue – on the cabinets above is tied together with a splash of white and grey on the backsplash as well as walls.

Kitchen color schemes with classic blue with grey and white

Yellow And Turquoise

A chirpy and vibrant colour combination for those who are not afraid  to show the world who they are. Go bold this colour combination! In this kitchen the cabinets at the bottom are painted in turquoise and overhead ones in pale yellow making it an exciting blend. Patterned tiles in the background add a charm to this modular kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets color combination with yellow and turquoise

Emerald Green, Grey And Beige

This colour combination is reminiscent of springtime. Emerald green and grey cabinets, a floral backsplash and a beige background wall, makes this modular kitchen a picturesque sight.

Best colour combination for kitchen with emerald green, grey and beige

And there are ten colour combinations to make your kitchen the cynosure of your home!

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