List Of Common Materials And Finishes For A Balcony

Balconies are often the most overlooked corner of any home. However, it is necessary to design this corner of your home carefully so that there is a seamless shift from your indoors to the outdoors. Moreover, balcony flooring, furniture and railings, even if made of types of laminated wood, should be able to resist all kinds of weather conditions but also amp up the aesthetics of your balcony. With so many materials and finishes available, picking the right one for your balcony can be overwhelming. Here is a guide to common materials and finishes that are excellent choices if you are designing or renovating your balcony.



This is a natural material that is strong and very resistant to wear and tear. Its heat resistance and low permeability to water means it is an ideal material for countertops, which are even better than types of laminate countertops. Granite lasts a lifetime. It can be polished to a high gloss finish or left rough for a textured look. It is stain-resistant and impervious to most household or industrial cleaning products.

Granite is a natural material for a balcony and better than types of laminate countertops

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Also a natural material, this soft stone has been used by artisans for centuries now and is continually in use in modern times, including as marble-finish laminates. Marble is well known for its white pearllike lustre. It comes in a variety of naturally occuring patterns or veins. There is a huge selection out there when it comes to marble. From the world famous Carrara marble of Italy to the more readily available Rajasthan marble, you can never run out of choice when it comes to this stone.

Marble also a natural material and it is also common material for balcony


Quartz is a hard mineral that is found in crystalline form or embedded in other stones such as Granite. Quartz as a material that is used in architecture and interior design is man made by mixing quartz chips with a hard binder and then fabricated to suit the needs of a particular industry. Since they are man made, they are available in a variety of colours and designs. Quartz is also popular as quartz finishes.

Quartz is a hard mineral material for balcony, these are available in a variety of colours and designs


Made of sandwiched sheets of wood, it offers excellent strength and durability. Using this type of wood to make the best use of its strength also means it’s ever so better for the environment as it cuts down on wastage. Plywoods differ from MDF and HDF material furniture in strength and durability.

Plywood made of sandwiched sheets of wood with excellent strength and durability


Textured Laminates:

Different types of laminates recreate the touch and feel of real wood so well that you will never be able to tell the difference. It is an ideal finish for furniture pieces (settee, tables, cabinets) that are good for your balcony set up especially if you love the feel of natural wood. They come in a variety of patterns to suit every taste, style and requirements.

Textured laminate is a common finish for a balcony, ideal textured laminate finish for settee, tables and cabinets

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High Gloss Laminates:

This type of laminate is available in two different variants – both solid and wood grains. This is quite a common and popular choice in finishes for modular furniture. High gloss wood grain laminates resemble varnished veneer with its glossy surface. Lacquer-finish laminates and high-gloss lacquer wood finish laminates are also popular among today’s homeowners.

High gloss laminates common and popular choice in finishes for modular furniture in balcony

Premium European Textured Laminates:

These are laminates from our premium catalogue imported from Europe. It is of a very high quality, making it a bit more expensive than other finishes. The touch and feel of this type of finish is as close as you can get to real wood and stands above the standard variety that is offered.

Gravito finish made up of real wood which is of high quality


Made out of synthetic polymer, acrylic is durable and does not chip or break that easily. They come in an array of colours and designs with very good texture and prints.

Acrylic finish made up of of synthetic polymer and is durable with variety of colours and designs

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