How To Choose A Chimney For Your Modular Kitchen

Cooking results in a lot of smoke especially in Indian houses thanks to our cuisine that’s heavy on spices and oil. All this leads to a greasy and sticky kitchen soon leaving stains on tiles and cabinets. 

A one-stop solution to this problem is a kitchen chimney. This appliance absorbs all the smoke and keeps your kitchen grease and odour free. Not to mention, modern kitchen chimney designs and kitchen chimney sizes level up the style quotient of your space. 

Now that you are aware of its advantages, here is a quick chimney buying guide on how to choose kitchen chimney. Keep the following things in mind to make a well-informed choice regarding how kitchen chimney works.

infographic things to remember before choosing kitchen chimney

Size Of The Kitchen

Note down the dimensions and space of your kitchen, the existing ventilation options and your cooking/eating habits. Also, check your kitchen’s internal construction and overall structure and layout so that the final design, kitchen chimney size and look matches your expectations and vision.

Kitchen size needs to note before choosing a kitchen chimney for your home

Kitchen Chimney Size

kitchen chimney size itself largely depends on the size of your stove. The standard chimney sizes are 60 centimeter and 90 centimeters. If you have a two-burner stove or a single burner stove, you can opt for a 60 centimeter kitchen chimney dimensions. And for a three-four burner stove pick a 90-centimetre kitchen chimney size.

kitchen chimney size mostly depends on the size of the stove so choose kitchen chimney size perfectly

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Suction Power

The capacity of the chimney’s motor must be powerful enough so that it can easily absorb all odour, fumes and oil particles during the cooking process. The suction power of a chimney is measured in cubic meters per hour and should lie anywhere between 450 m3/hr – 950 m3/hr depending upon the size of your kitchen and the length of ducts.

Kitchen chimney design with suction power motor to easily absorb all odour

Chimney Filter Types

Ensure that the filter of the chimney functions well so that it can efficiently absorb all the heat and grease at every stage of handling the air. There are three basic chimney filter types – carbon filter, cassette filter and baffle filter.

Modular chimney designs these days come with filter-less technology. A chimney without any filters requires less cleaning. They are equipped with oil collectors and an in-built cleaning feature. These designs are a bit on the costlier side, but are sure to take away the burden of cleaning it.

Choose an efficient filter type for chimney while designing your modular kitchen chimney

Duct Installation

The ducts are passages that remove smoke, and deliver fresh air, and also assist in ventilation and cooling of the air. There are 2 types – Ducting (Extracting) Filter | Ductless (Recycling) Filter.

Use ducting and ductless filters for your modular kitchen chimney designs

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Always go for a chimney that’s low maintenance and install it at a lower height of around 3.5 feet – 4 feet for easier cleaning.

Choose your kitchen chimneys with low maintenance and easy to clean.

Cleaning Method

Auto clean: Easy to clean and more durable as they are good oil collectors

Normal clean: Difficult to clean and high maintenance since it is manually done

Chimney buying guide: use auto clean method for your kitchen chimneys to make easy to clean

Type Of Chimney Designs

Based on where it can fit

Box Type | Straight-Line | Angular | Curved Glass | Pyramid

Shape and alignment

Ceiling-Mounted | Corner-Mounted | Island | Wall-Mounted | Downdraft | Built-In And Integrated


Contemporary: Designer – Equal Focus on Design & Performance

Conventional: Traditional – More Focus on Performance Than Design

After-Sales Service And Warranty

Double check the warranty card and after-sales service facility at your nearest service centre so that you are not at a loss. Warranties range from one year to lifetime while some after-sales services also involve a visiting technician. It is always ideal zero in on a known brand since they carry a good public reputation and have credibility in the consumer’s eyes.

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The budget ranges between Rs. 4000 – Rs. 90,000 depending upon the design chosen, filters and other add-on features such LED lights, finish and colour, body material (stainless steel / tempered glass).

Different types of modular kitchen chimneys

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