List Of Common Materials And Finishes For A Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchens are basically factory-made modules that can be designed and set up in multiple ways to suit your requirements and taste. They have become a popular choice among homeowners as they are designed with smart functionalities. Modular kitchens are built with materials and finishes to make them long lasting and easy to maintain. Here are commonly used ones.

What Are Materials And Finishes?

Materials provide structural support to the different modules in modular kitchen design. At the same time, finishes as the name suggests, add a final finish to the material, making it smooth. Finishes give kitchen cabinets an appealing look and protect the materials from extreme temperatures or any other sort of damage. Let’s understand this better with the help of a simple analogy. Think of your modular Kitchen as a brand new expensive phone, where the material is the phone, and the cover you use to protect it from any stains or damage is the finish. Make sense now?

Common Materials For A Modular Kitchen


Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is built with a single board produced by binding together multiple wood fibres. It is a common type of engineered wood, has a smooth texture to it and offers an excellent finish when paired with a suitable laminate.

Mdf Kitchen material

Looking for the best materials & finishes for your modular kitchen

Commercial Plywood:

Plywoods are a popular pick when it comes to designing modular kitchens over the last few decades. It is produced from a specific type of wood panel that is manufactured after being processed. Its surface is laminated and polished that gives it an excellent finish.

Commercial kitchen plywood design


Boiling waterproof (BWP) is an excellent material to use in the base module structure as it is water-resistant making it an ideal choice of material for a wet area such as the kitchen.

Modular kitchen materials bwp or boiling waterproof which can be used in base module structure and is water-resistant

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High-Density High Moisture Resistant board is made by combining fiber chips, forest wood waste to form a single layer that makes it a robust higher density board. It is a durable material and used for kitchen shutters.

Hdmr Kitchen material which is high density and high moisture resistant

Common Finishes For A Modular Kitchen


Made of thin films of real wood veneer is commonly used in modular kitchens to give it a natural look and feel. It is typically used on cabinets, tops, and doors. A modular kitchen with veneers offers best of both worlds – wood grains from real wood and the modular functionality of a modern kitchen.

Veneer kitchen finish made up of thin films of real wood used on used on cabinets, tops, and doors


Laminates (commonly known as Sun Mica in India) are the most commonly used finish in any modular kitchen and offers a great deal of durability for the price. It is usually made of plastic and an excellent substitute for natural wood and comes in a wide variety of patterns, colours and designs. They come in various forms – textured, high gloss, soft and matte – and therefore allows you to mix and match any design to build your dream kitchen.

Kitchen laminate made of plastic and a excellent substitute for natural wood in textured, high gloss, soft form for kitchen finishes


This finish is commonly used in kitchens due to its high resistance to staining and ease of maintenance. It is made of high-quality glass and comes in a variety of colours. Lacquer is extremely durable as it does not fade or lose its lustre over time.

Lacquered glass kitchen finish made up of high-quality glass and extremely durable


Second to lacquered glass when it comes to maintenance, acrylics are used as a more affordable alternative in kitchens to give it the high gloss look of lacquered glass. Acrylics are prone to scratching but are also durable.

Acrylic kitchen which is high gloss look and affordable

So now that we know how important it is to use the right materials and finishes in a kitchen, which one will you pick for your modular kitchen and why? Share your views in the comments below.