A Guide To Must Have Compartments For Your Wardrobe

Too many clothes, not enough closet space? An everyday situation for most of us even when our wardrobes are packed to the edge with clothes. And there is a reason! Not all of us are blessed with big walk-in closets; smaller wardrobes, the more stressful it is to keep it organised. But a few smart design hacks here and there can fix this for you. Instead of picking a wardrobe design with two basic compartments, consider separate compartments for all your belongings to double up available space.

compartments for your wardrobe

What Is A Compartment In A Wardrobe?

For those of you who are wondering what a compartment is, it’s a sectional unit inside a wardrobe that has a specific function. So your shelves, drawers or pull-outs that are built to make the most efficient use of your wardrobe space, are all compartments. Listed below are a few must-have compartments for your wardrobe to help you keep your wardrobes organised at all times.

Accessory Tray

It can get pretty annoying when you’re rummaging through your wardrobe for your favourite scarf, earrings or belt, only to find nothing. Accessory trays or drawers come to the rescue. It is  a must-have addition to any wardrobe with dedicated sections for belts, ties, scarves, earrings, shades and more to keep all your accessories organised. There are several ways of organising an accessory tray based on your preferences. You can make them with partitions modified to cater to the number, type and size of your accessories.

Accessory trays as compartment for wardrobe or section to store belts, ties, scarves, earrings, shades to keep all your accessories organised
Accessory Trays
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Glass Drawers

Glass drawers are a must to make your mornings easier. You can use them to keep your everyday essentials – innerwear, socks, daily watch and more. Since these drawers have glass shutters, it’s easy to spot everything instead of pulling out every piece of garment from your wardrobe to find what you need when in a hurry. Glass shutters of these drawers can be built with different types of glass such as frosted, tinted and clear.

Use glass drawers as a compartment for wardrobe to keep your everyday essentials - innerwear, socks, daily watch
Glass Drawers

Skirting Drawers

The whole idea behind a skirting drawer is to tuck away stuff that is essential but is frequently used. This easy to access compartment can be used to keep your invoices, warranty cards, paper bags, extra stationary and more all neatly organised in one space. A skirting drawer functions with a push-to-open mechanism, that lets you open them with a slight push of your foot.

Your compartment for wardrobe with skirting drawers to keep your invoices, warranty cards, paper bags, extra stationary etc
Skirting Drawers

Hanger Rods

A hanger rod section is a standard in every wardrobe. A pull-out hanger wardrobe like we see in this image takes this section to another level of convenience. A pull-out hanger rod is designed with a mechanism that allows you to pull the hanger down to the level you need, making it accessible for short people or those with back issues.

Pull-out hanger rods for your compartment for wardrobe to create wardrobe section that allows you to pull the hanger down
Hanger Rods

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A Trouser Rack

Trouser racks are the best way to keep your trousers wrinkle-free. This compartment makes it easy to access and hang your trousers. It is a lot similar to hanger rods except that it’s solely designed for trousers. The dimensions are just right to keep your trousers organised. There are many types of trouser racks that either slide or swivel out. They can be used in different parts of the wardrobe like dead corners to let you make the best use of empty spaces.

Trouser rack as a compartment for wardrobe to save space in the wardrobe and organise your clothes better.
Trouser Rack

His And Her Section

A must for every bedroom wardrobe shared by a couple! A wardrobe must-have two separate sections for your spouse and you to keep all your stuff organised. The ‘her’ section is not as tall as compared to the ‘his’ section but is designed with many more compartments for dresses, saris and accessories.  Additionally, you can customise these sections by adding a pull-out iron board, a pull-out mirror, a shoe-display rack, and a trouser rack.

His and her section in compartment for wardrobe to create different compartments in cupboard.
His and Her Section

These were just a few must-have compartments for your wardrobe. You can always customise your wardrobes to suit your requirements, space and style. You can also consider having LED light strips, spotlights installed in all the compartments to increase the ease of use and make them look expensive. We hope this guide helps you make a wise choice.

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