Walk In Wardrobe Design Ideas For Your Home

by Anmol Kalro | January 22, 2024 | 4 mins read

A paragon of style and structure, this modern walk-in wardrobe will never make you want to walkout

What if we told you that you could create the walk-in wardrobe of your dreams even within a skimpy square footage? A stunning style statement and the zenith of functionality, walk-in closets are every home’s must-have. They’re convenient, orderly, and thanks to modern-day interior designs, super affordable too! Did you know that on average, people spend about 30 minutes getting dressed every morning? You practically finish your morning exercise unknowingly by walking back and forth between your grooming appliances, your mirror and your closet. Enter a tomb of utility- a dedicated space to help you get dressed and out in the lap of luxury. Arrive in style, but leave with plenty first.

A walk-in wardrobe that will make you want to live inside it

You can never have enough light. Once you’ve decided to take that plunge of designing your walk-in closet space, you’re going to need to remember the essentials. First and foremost, do you have enough natural light falling in to let your boots and ball gowns breathe? People often underestimate the need for a window in their walk-in wardrobes. French windows dolled up with soft-toned ivory or frost curtains look notably elegant in compact wardrobe space. That on-point wing eye-liner doesn’t pan out on its own. Lighting matters, and there’s nothing more effective than natural light that makes even a small wardrobe space look mighty pleasant and airy.

Dark Wood Decor

The magic of dark wooden furniture has seen generations of awe and still managed to conquer hearts in the world of interior design till date. Simple and elite, these handsome cabinets compliment a walk-in wardrobe space and all that lies within so perfectly. To top it off, visually pleasing cabinet lights mounted into each shelf of the dark wood cabinets create a soft round of glow and look so alluring every time your step into your closet. And when it comes to picking out the right paint colours for your walk-in closet you might think it is tricky, but it’s actually quite simple. Neutral shades are always your best bet – a subtle white, grey and tan. This is simply because they happen to provide a flawless backdrop for your bright-coloured clothing and creating that starting contrast within your cosy space. In addition to looking classy, the use of light colours in this wardrobe work exceptionally well to brighten up and visually enlarge this confined closet space.

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The Ideal Elegant Dresser

A petite white dresser that is sleek and modern blends in well with dark wood like two peas in a pod. To optimise space, it’s best to have a table occupying minimum space with a mirror etched into the wall instead of one that swallows up most of your floor space. To complete this neat design, throw in a chic castle white or ivory chair that makes you feel all things princessy. Edith Head once said, “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” And we believe that the first step is a fine dresser. 

Dressers need dressing up too. And what better way to add that extra oomph to your walk-in wardrobe than a charming chandelier? It instantly brings out the royalty that lies within the ivorys and browns of your closet space. Adding glamour and sheer exuberance, you deserve to feel all things baronial while getting your gear on!

Break The Monotony

We’re all for elegance in style but what’s a modern wardrobe closet without that one single element that completes your cosy closet by adding a dash of zing with its bright coloured patterns? Ottomans make statements. Period. This black and white aztec print ottoman patches the closet space together and is the perfect spot to comfortably strap on your shoes too!

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