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20 Stunning Modern Wallpaper Designs To Ace Your Bedroom Space

Bedroom design wallpaper for your home with a subtle grey wallpaper that lends a beautiful look for bedroom wallpaper design ideas

Do you perceive your bedroom as a four-walled space or as a landscape reflecting your emotions and memories?

Where do you start and end your day? Your bedroom! Your bedroom often reflects your inner personality. The kind of colours and patterns used on bedroom walls play a dual role of not only enhancing your bedroom interiors but also dramatically impact our everyday mood. Research studies on the psychology of colours have gathered enough evidence to back this fact. Hence, it becomes important to choose your wallpaper colour combinations wisely. 

Wallpapers, though a relatively new concept in India, are gradually gaining popularity. It is a great option for those looking for longer-lasting bedroom interiors and are open to experimentation. Bedroom wallpaper designs help you cover up flaws – cracks, dents, wall chips, and marks – on your existing walls. 

Wallpapers for bedrooms come in different surface finishes (vinyl, paper, bamboo, paintable), patterns and designs (geometric, culture-specific, abstract), and are extremely eco-friendly. And the good news is that they are also reasonable and affordable. However, before choosing the perfect wallpaper for your bedroom, factor in a few essentials: budget, ease of application, durability, level of maintenance and the versatility it lends to your space.  

So if you are bored with your lacklustre bedroom walls, and want to breathe more life and energy into them? Look no further. Here is a quick guide to choose the perfect wallpaper for your bedroom based on colour psychology.

Bedroom wallpaper colour trends for your home where you have a lot of colours to choose from for your bedroom

Whatever you choose from the above list, remember to limit the number of colours to a maximum of three-four. Too many colours look cluttered. A basic thumb rule to follow is: light colours make rooms look brighter, airy and larger while dark colours make rooms look more intimate, sophisticated and warm. 

Also, sample wallpaper designs in your bedroom before closing on one to ensure the colours and patterns blend with your bedroom interior design. 

The right wallpaper can make a drastic visual impact to your bedroom interiors. You can either apply the wallpaper to all the four walls of your bedroom or on a single wall.

Let’s look into 20 modern wallpaper designs ideas that can transform your space in minutes.

Classical Patterned Wallpaper for Bedroom walls

This classical patterned wallpaper with intricate design looks elegant and does not make the room look overwhelming. It seamlessly blends with the furniture of the bedroom making it a perfect bet for this space.

Wallpaper design for bedroom for a classical patterned wallpaper with intricate design for wallpaper design for bedroom price

Geometric Patterned Bedroom Wallpaper

This geometric patterned wallpaper is the best option for those who are obsessed with symmetry. You can opt for this wallpaper if you wish to have a single feature wall in your bedroom. What’s even better, you get to use a four-colour combination of your choice to bring out the pop.

Wallpaper for bedroom walls for your home with a geometric patterned wallpaper  design
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Floral Black And White Wallpaper

This floral wallpaper design combines the subtleness of nature with a muted combination

of black and white that makes this bedroom look classy and elegant at the same time.

Wallpaper designs for bedroom indian with a floral design which combines the subtleness of nature for bedroom wallpaper

Floral Coloured Wallpaper

Make a bold statement with this coloured wallpaper that is a creative blend of floral prints and geometric spirals. It’s sure to make you spellbound.

3d wallpaper for bedroom walls which makes a bold statement with a  floral colouured wallpaper for wallpaper design for bedroom

Bedroom Wallpaper Design For The Athlete In You

If you have the sporty gene in you, this athlete-influenced wallpaper will truly reflect that side of you. Whether you are a swimmer, rock climber, bungee jumper, you can get that adrenaline rush for a power-packed day.

Wallpaper for bedroom walls designs for the sporty gene in you which reflects the side of you for bedroom design wallpaper

Country Nature Wall Mural Wallpaper For Bedroom Walls

If you love nature and dream of waking up in the middle of the forest, you can definitely opt for this mural wallpaper inspired by the countryside. It will make you feel at one with nature.

Bedroom wallpaper design for your home if you love to wake up in the middle of the forest

The Magic Of Moroccan Patterned Wallpaper For Bedroom Wall

Get this Moroccan patterned wallpaper for your bedroom if you want to break the monotony on monochrome walls. This modern yet timeless wallpaper pattern will catch everyone’s eye and transform your bedroom into a graceful and elegant space.

Wallpaper for bedroom wall india if you want to get this moroccan patterned wallpaper design for bedroom

Herringbone Pattern Wallpaper For Bedroom Wall

This brown-textured herringbone pattern is a wallpaper design that perfectly complements this bedroom’s interior with industrial finishes. It is a great choice for those looking for a feature wall for their bedroom for a modern yet clean look.

Bedroom wallpaper price for this brown textured herringbone patterned wallpaper design for bedroom
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Bedroom Wallpaper With Motivational Quotes

Derive your daily inspiration with motivational quotes on your bedroom wallpaper. Such wallpapers infuse positive energy in to keep you moving forward everyday.

Bedroom wallpaper india with motivational quotes for daily inspiration which infuse positive energy to keep you motivated for bedroom design wallpaper

Bring In Beachy Sea-Side Vibes

Transport yourself to a tropical paradise and uplift your mood instantly with a sea-side inspired wallpaper. The irresistible combination of seascapes, palm trees, sands, clear waves and blue skies bring relaxation and tranquillity right into your bedroom.

Master bedroom wallpaper where you can lift up your mood with beach side style wallpaper for bedroom walls

Landscape Inspired Wallpaper For A Kid’s Bedroom Wall

Children are inquisitive and tend to get lost in their dreamworlds, no matter what age they are. If you have young children, a landscape-inspired wallpaper – with mountains peaks or beaches – can be one a good option for their bedroom. It will let their imagination run wild.

Bedroom wallpaper texture for kids which are inquisitive and tend to get lost in their dreamworlds for bedroom design wallpaper

Space Inspired Wallpaper For Kid’s Bedroom

So what if you can’t travel to outer space just yet. You can always bring the beauty of the galaxy to your kids’ bedroom walls with space-inspired wallpaper designs. Colours of the sun, moon, planets, constellations are enough to excite them and bring out the inner explorer in them.

Bedroom wallpaper patterns where you can bring the beauty of galaxy to your kids wallpaper design for bedroom

Cars in a City’ Inspired Wallpaper For A Kid’s Bedroom

Every kid loves the idea of a racy car! Adorn your kid’s bedroom walls with this wallpaper design that instantly fills their play area with vibrant colours. This wallpaper with colourful cars printed is a perfect addition to any kid’s bedroom. It is going to be a memorable addition for years to come.

Best bedroom wallpaper to adorn your kids bedroom walls with this cars  wallpaper design for bedroom walls

Travel Lovers.. This One’s For You

If you are a travel enthusiast you can get just the right inspiration from these wallpapers. Make your bedroom interiors come alive with images of places in your bucket-list, inducing some serious wanderlust. This wallpaper will satisfy your travel cravings right from the comfort of your bedroom.

Wallpaper bedroom design ideas for travel enthusiasts where you can get just the right inspiration for bedroom design wallpaper

3D Effect Abstract Bedroom Wallpaper

Add this large-scale 3D effect abstract designed wallpaper to your bedroom for a stunning look. Make it look simple yet spectacular at the same time. Invite some warmth and harmony to your bedroom.

Wallpaper bedroom design with a large scale 3d effect abstract designed for stunning look for wallpaper design for bedroom

Give Your Personal Space A Royal Touch

This gold and beige motif leaf design wallpaper add a touch of royalty to your bedroom with its stunning metallic effects. It looks unique and delicate, bringing a sense of warmth and comfort to your bedroom.

Modern bedroom wallpaper adds a royalty to your bedroom with stunning metallic effects for wallpaper for bedroom walls
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Bold And Beautiful For A Passionate Touch

This bold and beautiful wallpaper creates an eye-catching contrast to your bedroom feature wall with bright pops of black and red. Since your bedroom is your ultimate comfort zone, make it special for both your partner and you with colours and patterns that represent passion, love and romance.

Wallpaper design for bedroom in india which creates an eye catching contrast to your bedroom for bedroom design wallpaper

Pretty And Playful Textured Wallpaper for Bedroom

This textured motif wallpaper in lavender exudes elegance and delicateness to bedroom interiors. Light colour accents will help you relax with your partner with a sense of togetherness. It will keep things fun, playful and flirty too!

Bedroom 3d wallpaper designs with textured motif wallpaper in lavender exudes elegance and delicateness to bedroom for wallpaper design for bedroom

Green Textured Wallpaper For Bedroom

Adding a green textured wallpaper design to your bedroom creates a subtle yet stylish effect. It lends a sense of character, warmth and good vibes to your personal space. It is a must-try for nature lovers who love to experiment.

Bedroom wallpaper design images which adds green textured wallpaper design to your wallpaper for bedroom walls

Cool And Calming Blue Hues For Aqua Lovers

This blue-shaded wallpaper is for those who love the calm and soothing effect of water. The soft shade of blue blends with white and is cool and serene in appeal. A great way to start your day!

teenage wallpaper designs with blue shaded for those who love the calm and soothing effect of water for bedroom design wallpaper

So, what are you waiting for? Get your creative juices flowing and start experimenting with your bedroom interiors. There is no dearth of beautiful bedroom wallpaper options – so choose one that appeals to you at the core!

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