Home Interiors in 3 Easy Steps

Home Interiors in
3 Easy Steps

Design Cafe Meet Team

Book an appointment and meet our awesome design team.

creating your perfect home in 3D

Collaborate & have fun creating your perfect home in 3D.

Design Cafe installs everything

Move into your home hassle free in 60 days. Our team installs everything including the kitchen sink.

Every DC Home Interior Includes


Maximum Space

We Promise 20% Extra space in every DC Home You get Designer Homes that are Space Efficient



Crafted by award winning designers, so no two homes look the same.


Upto 10 Year

Zero Compromise, only the best brands go into your Designer home backed by unmatched warranties.


Installation by

Wallpapers to Wall lights, Furniture to false ceiling – our professional team takes care of everything, so you relax.

Proud DC Home Owners


Do you undertake interior design projects for homes only?

Yes, we currently undertake home interior projects only.

Do you deliver home interior projects only in Bangalore and Mumbai?

Design Cafe currently delivers home interior projects only in Bangalore and Mumbai, but we’re continually growing our footprint and plan to launch in 6 other cities soon!

Do you have an Experience Centre?

Yes we do! You’re welcome to visit our Experience Centre, located at St. Mark’s Road, Bangalore. Here, touch and feel a plethora of cutting-edge materials, finishes, designs and styles to help you navigate your personal home design experience. From modular kitchen models, living room interiors, bedroom layouts, sleek wardrobe designs and more, seek endless inspiration for your home.

How many home interior design projects do you complete in a month?

Design Cafe has delivered 1000+ homes to date. We complete about 90 home interior projects per month!

Does your complete home interior solutions include home decor and furniture too?

Yes, our packages include exclusive furniture and home decor, handpicked by our home interior designers in line with your envisioned aesthetic.


Apart from the promise of hassle-free experience and space-optimized home interiors, why should I hire Design Cafe?

With Design Cafe, you can look forward to a hassle-free, personalised home interior design experience, from design board to delivery. With customised services and seamless delivery protocols, you can trust us to breathe life into your vision and craft a tailor-made, space-optimised home within your budget.

What sets Design Cafe apart from other interior design companies in Bangalore and Mumbai?

Design Cafe has an outstanding quality code, with award-winning, in-house interior designers, intelligent designs and functionality-first protocols. Our handpicked interior designers are among the crème de la crème of the industry, and our quality standards are mirrored in the slew of positive customer reviews on our Google and Facebook pages!

Why should I choose Design Cafe over a carpenter or independent interior designer?

At Design Cafe, in addition to delivering end-to-end home interior solutions (design, execution, installation, handover), we also offer a matchless 10-year warranty to keep you shielded against inevitable wear and tear. Our service philosophy, coupled with our ethos of ensuring elevated customer experiences, has led us to being awarded the ‘Most Innovative Interior Design Company’ by Times Business Awards. Our projects are rooted in aesthetic designs, functional interiors and affordable packages.

Can I see my project in virtual reality?

Absolutely! We’ll conjure your final design in virtual reality to allow you to witness a lifelike version of your end project.

Do you offer a delivery promise of 60 days?

Yes, our delivery turnarounds start at 60 days.


Will you keep me updated on my project status at every step?

At Design Cafe, trust our interior designers to spearhead your project while you take it easy. Stay updated at every step with regular milestone updates via WhatsApp, all the way through to delivery.

Does Design Cafe not outsource to contractors, or have in-house designers and carpenters?

Yes, from conceptualisation to delivery, our projects are completely handled in-house. All our designers and carpenters are employed and trained by us, and our furniture and fittings are manufactured at our own factories.

Do you manage end-to-end home interior projects?

Yes, we see everything through, from design and execution to installation and delivery.

Do you provide an instant quote in the first consultation?

Yes, we do provide an instant quote, customised to your budget, in the first consultation.

How involved in the interior design process will I need to be?

You can be as involved as you want to be. If you’d rather be part of the creative process, let our designers know. If you’d rather not, sit back, relax and watch your dream home come to life. Whatever you choose, you can look forward to a zero-stress, hassle-free experience


What is the payment process at Design Cafe?

We know it takes a lot to invest in a home interior project. That’s why our payment terms are fair and flexible. Pay only 5% on signing up and the rest in equal monthly instalments, at 0% interest.

What are the payment options available at Design Cafe?

Pay only 5% on booking, and the rest via equal monthly instalments at 0% interest. We accept cheque, online transfer, debit and credit card payments.

Is 5% token money good enough to get interiors of my house started with You?

Absolutely, you only need to pay a 5% booking amount to get started!


How do I get started with Design Cafe?

Easy, just call us on 76195 95959 and book an appointment. Alternatively, walk into our Experience Centre at St. Mark’s Road, Bangalore from Tuesday to Sunday, anytime between 10.30 AM and 8 PM.

What are the steps to a Design Cafe home?

Get a Design Cafe home in 3 easy steps.

  • Book an appointment and tell us about your dreams
  • Watch your home come to life in virtual reality
  • Move into your home hassle free in 60 days

Full Homes

Interior Design for 2BHK
Interior Design for 3BHK
Home Interior Design for 3 Rooms
Interior Design for 4 BHK
Interior Designs for Flats
Interior Design for Villas
Interior Design for Apartments
Interior Designer for Homes
Interior Designer for Duplex
3Ds of Interior Design
3Ds of Interior Design
Note: We take up complete home interior projects only

Room Interiors

Interior for Bedrooms
Interior for Drawing Rooms
Interior for Halls
Interior for Livingrooms
Interior for Balcony
Modular Kitchens
Modular kitchen accesories
TV Unit Designs
Interior for Kid's Room
Note: We take up complete home interior projects only

Decor and Furniture

Décor for Home
Furniture for Home
Decor for Bedrooms
Decor for Kitchens
Decor for Livingroom
Wall Paintings
Wall Cladding
False Ceiling
Kitchen Cabinets
Vastu Design for home
Note: We take up complete home interior projects only


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Home Interiors Startup Design Cafe Raises $28.5 Mn From WestBridge Capital.
Home is where the heart is, as found by Design Cafe.

Home Interiors in Bangalore & Mumbai

Interior design forms the crux of any home; defining its shell, enhancing its character and expressing its owners’ personalities in a thoughtful, aesthetic way. As seasoned experts in site planning, concept design, space optimisation and home interiors, interior designers can help you straddle the line between form and functionality, and give you ergonomic and aesthetic value in equal measure.

At Design Cafe, we offer all that and more. Our interior designers are noted for customising each home design project to the exact specifications of the client. We guarantee you a zero-stress, hassle-free experience seeded in space-saving layouts, budget maximisation, personalised service and seamless delivery. So, whether you know what you need or are still looking for ideas, rely on our designers to breathe life into your vision. With a 10-year warranty on all our designs and dedicated after-sales Happiness Managers, we promise you a delightful design experience you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Things to consider before hiring interior designer in Bangalore or Mumbai

There are several things to consider before taking the plunge into the beautiful world of interior design. If you’re looking for interior designers in Bangalore or Mumbai, here are some considerations you should make.


Treat your interior design budget as your compass for all your spending decisions. Once you have this in place, you can make informed decisions with regard to materials, finishes, styles and designs. Also, your budget will give your prospective designer or design firm an idea of how much you’re comfortable spending, and allow them to create a design plan that sits within the designated allowance.


Don’t sweat it if you don’t know exactly what you want. That’s what your prospective designer or design firm is here to help you discover. Still, it doesn’t hurt to sit down and gather your thoughts. Qualify your preferences into broad categories. For example, ask yourself whether you’d prefer a traditional or contemporary aesthetic. Then, trust your design consultant to help you refine your ideas into a definitive blueprint.


If you’d rather put your feet up as you watch design wonder unfold in your home, it’s a good idea to choose a professional home interiors company over an independent contractor or carpenter. This way, you can rest assured your home will be taken seamlessly from design board to delivery, against a backdrop of budget maximisation, space optimisation and functional aesthetics.

4.Interior design floor plan

If space is at a premium, resorting to a professional home design firm can help you maximise every inch and corner. Floor elevations, vertical storage and multifunctional furniture are some ideas your designer may weave into your design plan. Conversely, an independent mason may be more attuned to simply executing your brief without contemplating intelligent space-maximising strategies.


A designer or design firm’s portfolio can be your guiding light to making your final decision. Browse through prior projects and ask for customer testimonials. Don’t be shy to ask questions. The more you ask, the more clarity you’ll have!

Why choose Design Cafe in Bangalore or Mumbai

At Design Cafe, we look at each home interior project differently. We consider your style, budget and space to give you a home that speaks your language. If you’re in Bangalore or Mumbai, here are some reasons to pick Design Cafe for your home interior needs.

1.Aesthetic match

If you already have your heart set on a specific style for your home – be it Bohemian, classic or contemporary – we make sure your home mirrors your vision. Our skilled interior designers in Bangalore and Mumbai have years of rich experience crafting a variety of decor styles, and can translate your vision into reality.


You’ll find interior design firms burgeoning in the Indian design space, but the big question is, what sets them apart? The simple answer – customisation. While most interior design firms in Bangalore and Mumbai deliver standard designs without customisation options, Design Cafe specialises in creating tailor-made home designs. So, if a custom design experience has your heart, we’re sure to have yours!

3.Space maximisation

Space maximisation is a true science, and our savvy interior designers have the skill, knowledge and expertise to carve more out of less space. We promise to give you 15% extra floor space over any other design firm.

4.Home decor & furniture

While many interior design firms will work exclusively on palettes, designs and finishes, Design Cafe can give you a tailored decor and furniture package, with everything down to the last little photo frame.

5.End-to-end interior design solutions

A design transformation shouldn’t involve stress, anxiety and worry. That’s why, at Design Cafe, we go to great lengths to take all the unwanted hassles out of your interior design makeover. Our designers handle end-to-end execution and keep you updated at important milestones, allowing you to have a peaceful and positive experience.

6.Warranty on home interiors

The last thing you want is a wonderful home interior and problems to show for it. This is why we offer a 10-year warranty on all our home designs, a reflection of our confidence in quality and our commitment to you.

7.Design Cafe Experience Centre

A home interior project is a big deal. And it’s only fair you browse through your options first-hand before making a decision. Our Experience Centre, located on St. Mark’s Road, Bangalore is a curated showcase of home interior materials, finishes, designs and layouts that will inspire you to make the best design decisions. Speak with our interior designers about translating certain aesthetics into your home.