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Our Inspiration to Build An Interior Design company in Bangalore

A place to call home has been a search that each of us are familiar with as we go about our lives. The sense of longing for it has been throughout history made into movies and written as songs. What about the sense of home makes us need it so badly? Our experience in home interior designing has made it clear that the idea of belonging and a feeling of ‘mine’ are major influencers. And we, Design Cafe, chose to embrace this feeling and make it our business to ensure homes feel more ‘at home’.
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Where else to begin than in one of India’s seats of eclectic culture--Bangalore. A city which we have come to love more as two years down the line it’s made us into one of the top interior designers in Bangalore.

Being interior designing is an interesting look at the field as a whole. It has exposed us to peoples of various kinds; leading us to understand that it is the personas that we need to identify and cater.

100% personalisation - all-customised

Home interior designs with us does not only mean you get what you want. A shocking statement isn’t it? But hear us out: we not only aim to facilitate you with a home you want but an elevated version of that version of that home. What this means is that our interior designers are trained and equipped to get to know you first and create a home influenced by your personality.

For instance, if you were to pick between a bookshelf of a catalogue or a custom-made, wall-stalled bookshelf that’s carved to offer that chic minimalistic look that you love, which would you pick? Exactly! For a company like us, meeting you, talking to you, getting your feedback, in other words, working with you is of utmost importance. Because, ready-made designs cannot have that all-important touch of customisation. So that in addition to getting a home that looks like what you’d envisioned, it becomes a home that feels right as well--like a place where you belong.

Any size, Any taste - Democratising good home interior design

Any size:
Interior design companies in Bangalore often tend to shy away from small houses as they could prove to be quite the challenge. A lovely small home is just creative thinking at its peak as far as we are concerned. Even the best interior designers in Bangalore will confirm that a creative challenge to make the most of a small home is a dream. One that we’d gladly accept.

High-end homes are a given with us where we spare no expense in order to make an already impressive home a lovely sheen of authenticity with our designs.

So if you are wondering if interior designing is the solution, to say, make more room, utilise the space better or to add more character to your space, we assure you, it is. Our design solutions are bound to have you living in a transformed home; one of style and ultimate convenience.P.S.: You must ask us about our ingenious kitchen ideas.

Any taste:
Be it a country home, a penthouse, an apartment or a city home, we are game. We pride ourselves of especially being one of the popular apartment interior designers in Bangalore.

We are also all about the fun and so by principle, we undertake all types of requests. Frankly speaking, the more outrageous you might think your vision for your home is, the better.

0% EMI, lowest prices and more - Designing on the perfect budget

It is a common misconception that interior design is for those with disposable incomes. If that’s what you think, think again. Our interior design cost will surprise you. Don’t believe us? Well 2BHK designs begin from 2 lakhs and 3BHK designs from 8 lakhs. Depending on your requirement, the costs could get lesser. Surprised yet? Good. Because to be budget interior designers in Bangalore is what we strive towards.

We aim to make clever, original design, good craftsmanship and seamless execution available for everyone. All the while breaking the myth that quality interior design cost is unaffordable. Budget is the defining factor when designing your home. Hence we intend on proving that your dream home needn’t be a money pit, and that quality home designs can be an inexpensive reality.

Lastly, to further boost affordability, you can hire our services on EMI with no interest. You heard that right--all our designs can be paid on EMI at 0% interest. That is because we pay the interest for you so that all you pay is for the services rendered. Quite a good deal, don’t you think?

End to end services - holistic home interior designs

When we commit to quality in design and experience, you can believe us because we own it all--from start to finish.

We are all about understanding how you feel and so unlike most companies in Bangalore, we have not one but two spectacular Experience Centres in the city. You can just walk in and catch a glimpse of what we are capable of and talk to us in person.

Our designers are some of the best interior designers in Bangalore. Since we are all about personalised designs, we employ a band of carefully chosen designers who’re masters at visualising and articulating their ideas for you.

Our craftsmen at our factories are more of artisans who are immensely talented at their craft. We also have alliances with some of the best-in-the-industry facilities and material--all to ensure that good quality is not a matter of doubt.

Safe to say that you can rest assured of careful planning and execution from when you come to meet us, till when we come to meet you with the keys to your reformed home.

Did we mention that we assemble the installations in your home and save you all the hassle and debris of an at-home manufacturing? Since we own our factories, our designs are manufactured there and then transported to your home. All we do in your home is assembly and installation. We’ll give you a minute to let the convenience of this fact to sink in.

Call us, visit us, write to us regarding any inquiry about our designs and we’ll be at your service.
P.S.: Watch out for our newsletters with tips and tricks on how to maintain your home interiors

The best interior designers in Bangalore - quite a tall claim to make, frankly. But we are confident that we can easily earn that title with you. The DC experience is such and we can’t wait to have you feel it --that all important feeling of belonging--that feeling of home, with us.


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