A Guide To Kids Room Colour Combinations

As kids grow up your kids’ favourite colour changes as frequently as they change their toys. This definitely makes it difficult for you to paint your kids’ bedroom in a colour that stands the time test, and is bright enough to play or study in. Designing a space that’s perfect for deep sleep and a lot of fun is quite dependent on the colour scheme you choose. A lot of it depends on the age bracket of the kids using the room. You can choose bold paint colours or soothing pastels if you have toddlers or young children. On the other hand older kids might want to choose paint colours for their bedrooms themselves. Here’s a guide to some of the best colour combinations for kids bedroom to help you make the right choice.

Cerulean Blue And White

Baby blue is one of the most popular choices for a nursery. If you have a grown-up boy or a girl, who loves the idea of a blue bedroom, opt for a darker, more vibrant shade of blue. Trust us your kid will love the bedroom. In this bedroom, the main wall in cerulean blue is paired with hints of white on the walls, wardrobes and study unit make this bedroom both fun and trendy.

Cerulean blue and white kids room colors combination makes the bedroom both fun and trendy.

Yellow And Magenta

Yellow colour paint is an excellent choice for a kids bedroom. This colour combination keeps spaces energised and lively. A bright yellow colour as shown in this bedroom image will keep your child focused on studying while magenta will add a whole lot of fun! It is also an excellent choice for a girls bedroom.

Yellow and magenta is an excellent choice for children's room colour combination.

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Beige And Dark Grey

A colour that will see your kids through the years is beige. Quite a classic it can be used as a base giving you lots of room, literally, to play around with decor and loose furniture that can be changed frequently as your kids start exploring different facets of their taste. Here in this fun bedroom setup, this classic beige colour is paired with grey with hints of white that balance the bedroom together.

Beige and dark grey kids room colour combination is a classic and can play around with decor.

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Shades Of Blue And Light Orange

Blue is the first choice when it comes to boys’ bedrooms, but when it’s paired with a bright colour like orange, it becomes a great pick for girls too. Shades of blue and orange as used in this bedroom make it more fun. These beautiful hues of blues makes this kids bedroom look bright and happy.

Shades of blue and orange can be used for kids' room colour combination that makes it more fun and beautiful.

Lilac Purple And White

When your kids are done playing with their toys, the colour lilac that is light on the eyes is sophisticated and soothing.  This colour combination will last at least until your kids pass junior high school. The inclusion of white on the walls and ottomans makes everything right.

Lilac purple and white kids room colors combination make light on the eyes are sophisticated and soothing.

Chalkboard Wall And White

We know what kids love to do in their free time. Yes, you guessed right, doodling on walls! Why beat it, instead embrace it? Add a chalkboard wall so they can scribble whatever they want. In this bedroom, the chalkboard is a part of the main wall with the rest of the surface area in white. Chalkboard becomes the main decor element of the space as well.

Chalkboard wall and white are best suitable kids room colors become the main decor element of the space.

Fuschia And Teal

If your kid wants a pink bedroom, opt for a more pop and lasting shade, like fuchsia. This bright shade of pink with a hint of teal and white walls keeps it balanced. See this kids bedroom here, it’s designed with a duo of fuschia and teal is fun and modern.

Fuschia and teal colour combination for the children's bedroom is fun and modern.

Light Pink And Chocolate

Well, it’s called a classic colour for a reason. Kids love pink. It’s pretty, it’s fun and timeless. In this bedroom, two of kids’ favourite things are brought to life – pink and chocolates. Since all the pieces of furniture and cabinetry are in shades of brown, it leaves less room for smudged fingerprints.

Light pink and chocolate colour combination for children's room is pretty, fun and timeless.

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Bright Purple And Yellow

There’s no other colour combination that’s as cheery as a bright purple with yellow. Your kid will wake up in a bedroom soaked in sunlight and decorated with fresh verbenas. Opt for a sunny shade of yellow and deep purple to create a vibrant and chirpy kids bedroom.

Bright purple and yellow create a vibrant and chirpy kids room colour combination.

And there, colour combinations for kids’ bedrooms that will see them through the years and your bank account too! Leave your comments in the box below. Need a consultation? Book here.

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