Everything You Can Do With Living Room Walls

You can’t leave a wall dull and boring. You need to pep it up with some texture, living room wallpaper and some paint. Take a read at this guide to know all about it. 

Have you ever thought of decorating your wall but end up in a situation where you’re as blank as is? Have you found yourself asking basic questions such as  What do I do with my walls? How can I make it look blissful and pretty? How can I add some texture paint to my living room walls? Well, worry not, because we at Design Cafe have answers to all these questions in this guide.

Different Types Of Texture Paints For Your Living Room

For those of you who don’t know what texture paint is, let us break it down for you. Texture paint is made with the use of coarse grains like gypsum and sand. Materials like ribbon, metal, leather lace can also be combined to create a rough and intense look. Texture paint has become a popular pick among many homeowners as it adds a new and exciting effect on your walls. 

Living room wall texture with wooden panelling adds a new and exciting effect on your walls
A tall ceiling with a luxurious looking textured wall with wooden panelling brings an elite look to this space


Let’s take a look at the different types of texture paint available today: 

Slap Brush Texture

In order to create this texture a crowfoot, panda paw or stomp brush is used, to get a slap brush texture. The paint is either slapped, brushed, sweeped, stamped or twisted on to the wall.

Hawk And Trowel

To create this textured look on your walls a hawk, which is a flat plate, is used. It has a handle that neatly spreads the plaster or paint to create this look on the wall.

Skip Trowel

This texture is achieved by resting skipping arches across the wall. The arches need to be randomly imprinted on the wall. This method is great to hide imperfections on your wall. 

Sand Texture Paint

Sand textured paint has various sizes of coarse grain additives as part of it. So when painted against a wall, it gives a sandy texture to the surface. 

Knockdown Texture Paint

This paint is popular in living rooms. This painting technique involves spraying a coat of paint about 1/8 inch thick. Once dried the high points are knocked down to create the look. 

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Popcorn Texture Paint

This paint goes by its name as the texture resembles popcorn. A special sprayer with large nozzles must be used for the application. This paint is highly durable and long-lasting. 

Orange Peel Texture Paint

To create this living room wall texture look an orange peel is spread over and then sprayed with a painted gun over a primer. This paint texture is known to be long-lasting. 

Splatter Knockdown Texture

Multiple steps are needed to achieve a splatter knockdown texture. Two coats of primer is a must after which paint is sprayed over it. A large flat surface knife is used to get the texture and look right.

Smooth Texture Paint

As the name goes, this paint texture is smooth but heavy and requires a putty knife for the application.

Living Room Wallpapers

Wallpapering has made its way into Indian homes in a big way and is a great alternative to paints and textures, especially when budgets are tight. Wallpapers pack a big visual punch, are available in a variety of colours, prints and styles, and can become the major focal point of your living room interior design. Let us look at the various styles and print options you can choose from.

Pastel blue and white patterned wallpaper designs for living room lends a soothing vibe.
A living room with a pastel blue and white patterned wallpaper lends a soothing vibe to this space


Different Types Of Wallpapers

  • Metallic Wallpapers: Metallic wallpapers, as the name suggests, have thin layers of metal film or thread woven in them to form patterns. Gold, silver, metallic greys, rose golds and more – depending on the kind of metal composition and patterns metallic wallpapers work well as feature walls and make your space shimmer as they play with light.
  • Flock Wallpapers: Flock wallpapers today are made from man made fibres- rayon, nylon or polyester applied on an adhesive coated surface. This process gives the wallpaper an embossed or raised coated surface and is available in different patterns. This mild embossed look gives your walls an artisan feel and are great as feature walls in areas with less traffic – lounge room, living or dining areas. 
  • Vinyl Wallpapers: This type of wallpaper is non-woven in nature which means that vinyl is attached to some sort of backing. On the front side it can be applied as a liquid- acrylic type that’s sprayed on or as a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheet laminated onto something. Though known  as a cheaper option to add colour to your walls, the right quality Vinyl wallpaper will look just as good. 
  • Hand Screened Wallpapers: Hand-screened or silt screened wallpapers are great for homeowners who want something artisanal in their homes. This type of wallpaper is handmade by pushing dye over a screen where ink is penetrable. This type of wallpapers enables papers to be personalised to every project and therefore you can choose a pattern from anywhere and then have it on your walls.
  • Murals: Mural wallpapers are for those who love big, bold works of art on their walls. It offers photo imagery that is detailed in nature. From the Sistine Chapel to the Hagia Sophia, artists back in the day achieved this to significant effect.

Read more about different types of wallpapers here.

Different Styles of Wallpaper

  • Neutral wallpapers: If you love subtle colours and are a fan of light hues neutral wallpapers are for you
  • Country: This type of living room wallpapers are for those who love a touch of the countryside indoors. Patterned with floral and forest prints they lend a fresh feel to living rooms 
  • Bold: Bold living room wallpapers can create a statement and allow you to showcase the wild and bright side of your personality through your wallpaper. Try geometric prints, large prints or motifs if you want this look
  • Retro: Those of you who love the colour pallete and prints that of the past decades then retro wallpaper will suit you well. Think paisley motifs, colourful floral prints and more. Remember the 60’s and 70’s? 
  • Mid-century:  These living room wallpapers include clean lines, graphic and geometric patterns to bring in the mid-century look 
  • Modern: Modern living room wallpapers are a combination of sophisticated simplicity with a twist of chic. They are made with advanced treatments and usually have bold colours and geometric prints

What Is The Best Colour For Your Living Room

Do you know what the most commonly asked question by homeowners is? What colour is best for my living room? Here is the answer: a lot of people prefer colours like green because it is said to have had a calming effect, or blue as it brings about serenity, the feeling of being secure and tranquil. Beige and white are neutral colours, hugely popular, and are often the first preference. 

Whitewall paintings for living room with cladding bring a modern twist to this area
A white living room with wall cladding brings an edgy look into this living area

What Are The New Colours For Living Rooms?

  • Mint green living room walls: If you want a feel of the clear waters in the Maldives and a tropical vibe then this mint green wall will wind you up in wonderland.
  • Sunny yellow living room walls: If you love the feel of summer sun 365 days and are a person with a fun and positive vibe then a sunny yellow living room wall will leave you energised throughout the day.
  • Hot Pink: This colour has been recently trendy and is considered funk and hippy. If you love dark or bright colours then hot pink will surely please you. 
  • Pastel Blue: Pastel blue living room walls will keep you calm and at peace with its subtle yet breezy colour. If you love the colour of the sky and often find yourself mesmerised by it, then this pastel blue will be a perfect pick for your living room wall.
Blue wall painting designs for living room brings a calm effect to this area with white combination
A living room with a blue accent wall brings a fresh new look to this space

Play Around With Some Colour

You can have a lot of fun when it comes combining two colours for your living room. If you plan to go bold, remember to combine it with a light colour or it will be too bright. And if you want to go light it often goes well with bold colours. However, sometimes two shades of pastels or light colours work perfectly well too. 

Sunny yellow walls living room with the white colour combination perfect & feel like you at the beach.
A sunny yellow accent wall will make you feel like your at the beach

Wall Paintings For Your Living Room

Nobody likes a dull and lifeless wall. It’s got to have some decor like wall paintings. If you have a blank wall you might want to add some paintings.  And if your wall is large you can add just one large painting in the middle or go for a sequence of three paintings together. Hanging artefacts will also give your walls a makeover so can pick and choose a plan that blends well with your overall layout. 

White best paint for living room walls and decorating with hanging artefacts will give your walls a makeover.
Painting against a plain white wall bring life into an all-white living room

We hope this guide has given you an insight into everything you can do with living room walls. Let us know if you like it. Send us an email!

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