Bungalow Interior Design Ideas

Where there is space there are immense possibilities. Space reiterates the need for working more, doing more, exploring and experimenting. It is these possibilities that make such spaces exciting. Bungalows are homes, usually single-storey dwellings that feature balconies and verandahs, lofts and staircases. The design possibilities in them are immense, their canvas large and unfettered.

Large Furnitures That Multitask

Because of their lack of many floor levels, bungalows can seem smaller and enclosed. Although they don’t suffer from a lack of height, what they offer might seem restrictive in terms of possibilities. The use of furniture in such spaces must be a cleverly thought out exercise. Bungalows do well with furniture that is wider, can seat or carry more and are limited to a few thoughtful pieces. Sofas that hold twice as many people, large tables that function across tasks and longer horizontal furniture makes spaces appear larger and rooms bigger.

Bungalow interior design with a large furnitures

Open Spaces With Plenty Greenery

As spacious as bungalows seem to be, what adds to their design are open spaces. Unlike apartments that make do with whatever space is available, bungalows are built around plenty of open space in and around, courtyards, balconies and terraces. This affords a versatile canvas to design around, with greenery, water bodies and seating. Greenery breaks any restrictions of such buildings and makes movement cohesive and continuous.
Open spaces with plenty greenery for bungalow interior design

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Kitchens With Character

In most bungalows, kitchens are the soul of the home. The house layouts and designs have traditionally been built around large families gathering in a kitchen. Continuing with the same thought, modern bungalows need kitchens with strong character. Exposed brick walls and chalkboard cupboards, separate spaces for baking and cooking, makeshift breakfast tables and multi-functional kitchen cabinets all centred around the cooking area draw the family together.

Bungalow interior design in kitchens with strong characterEclectic Dining Spaces

The aesthetics that dining rooms lend to bungalows can never be ignored. Elaborate dining areas with large tables and chairs in heavy wood, subtle lighting and clever seating are great for such spaces given that conversations revolve around dining areas. Unlike apartments that do well with lean furniture, elaborately designed furniture in such homes add character and beauty.
Eclectic dining spaces for bungalow interiors

Vibrant Furnishing And Accessories

Bungalows thrive on vibrancy. The juxtaposition of a period look and heavy furniture with bright upholstery and furnishings is interesting. Bright pillows and rugs, textured carpets and unusual accessories in clay, glass and wood or flea market finds when layered in specific spaces around the home make it warm and welcoming.
Vibrant furnishing and accessories for bungalow interior design

Crafting Lounging Spaces

With single cohesive spaces in bungalows, it is natural for the urge to move around because of the horizontal design. This also makes it necessary to find spaces to sit around and dream, write or work beyond traditional working spaces. A daybed or diwan in the guest room, furnished loveseats under windows, sofas and more afford plenty of lounging spaces around a home.
Crafting lounging spaces in bungalow living room design

Lighting Matters

Lighting has always had such a profound effect on homes, particularly spaces like apartments. This same can be applied to bungalows, where different moods can be created for different rooms. From a dark and quiet mood for home theatre rooms, to subtle lighting around hallways, from bright incandescent light in the living room to calming chandeliers and floor lamps in bedrooms, lighting can transform bungalows and their interiors.
Lighting matters to transform bungalows and their interiors

Period Upholstery And Furniture

Period furniture is often acquired from family or personally owned, but buying them will embellish your bungalow to reflect old world charm. Large wooden beds with bedposts, wooden almirahs and storage boxes, ornate corner tables and seating lend a look to the home that is both familiar as well as classic that anyone can relate to.
Bungalow interior design with wooden beds with bedposts, wooden almirahs and storage boxes

Global Design Influences

Bungalows can showcase various kinds of influences. These might be art forms, places, ideas and people. Because they offer a horizontal canvas, these influences don’t clash but are spread around, adding nuance and stories, color and character throughout the home. A touch of Moroccan wallpaper in the living room, some Arab-inspired lamps, wall hangings of Warli and walnut dressing tables from Italy come together beautifully in bungalows. Clever influences can transform the look of the home.
Bungalows design with various kinds of influences

Stylies With Stunning Corridors

Corridors or connecting spaces are the least utilised and don’t offer much to explore, but in bungalows are ripe for imagination. From console tables to chandeliers, elaborate floral arrangements to eclectic wall niches, there’s so much to explore and work around. Corridors can be rife with life instead of becoming boring connected spaces.
stunning corridors

Rustic Influences

Unlike apartments that offer less scope for design, a bungalow’s very architecture makes it easy to move between design influences. Rustic organic designs in seating and furniture can be easily done in bungalows with bamboo, wood, grass and handwoven wicker materials. This when merged with modern aesthetics allows more scope to experiment.
Rustic Influences

Large Windows And Doors

Open airy spaces designed into bungalows keeps rooms free flowing, open and not heavy and foreboding. Bungalows with their horizontal flat design do have pockets of darkness. To dispel this necessitates having large windows and doors spread everywhere to let natural light and breeze in and allow the flow of movement. Bungalows were omnipresent in previous cityscapes and have become rare with the construction of small homes and apartments. Nevertheless they have a charm of their own. Adding contemporary touches lends them interest without taking away their inherent soul.
Large Windows And Doors