Everything You Must Know About Different Types Of Beds

Time to get to know your beds better! We at Design Cafe have come up with a guide on everything you must know about types of beds.

Let’s start with a little bit of the unexpected history of beds. Did you know that 23-25 million years ago before humans walked on earth, apes were the first creators of beds? They would create a surface out of the land and raw material with a wooden pillow. Fascinating, isn’t it? As centuries went by this humble bed design grew into a variety of styles. Today we have different types of beds that you can choose from. This guide gives you the lowdown on everything you need to know about bed varieties, be it king size bed box type bed, bed with sliders, beds for boys or beds for girls and much more.

A World Full Of Beds For Bedrooms

Let’s take a look at the different types of bed that are available today.

Murphy Bed

Murphy beds are also known as wall beds and are one of the most intelligent types of bed design as they can be pushed back into the wall when not in use.  These types of beds are the best option for homeowners with limited space in an apartment or live in a small home. If you want to save some floor space, then a murphy bed is your go-to bed without a shadow of doubt!

Murphy Bed is one of types of beds, it is best option with limited space in an apartment or live in a small home.

Trundle Bed

A trundle is a low bed which can be pulled out or rolled out from the parent bed or bed with sliders. This bed is apt when you have a lot of visitors or friends who need space to bunk. It can also be used in children’s bedrooms if the room is small.

Trundle bed is a low bed which can be pulled out or rolled out from the parent bed

Bunk Beds

These are the most popular choice when thinking of  beds for children’s rooms. These beds are designed one over another and are equipped with a ladder to reach the top. Also, great for small homes or bedrooms as they take up less floor space.

Types of beds: bunk beds popular choice for kids bedroom or small homes as they take up less floor space.

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Hydraulic Beds

This box type bed design has a lift-up mechanism and is built to provide storage beneath. For those of you who need extra storage, this is a good choice. Ideal if you have a lot of stuff or are in a small bedroom/ home.

Hydraulic beds have lift-up mechanism and storage beneath for small bedrooms.

Floor Beds

Floor beds are often called futons that are nothing but padded mattresses and are easy to roll up. Floor beds are smart folding type beds that can be used in a child bedroom as they are safe and allow free movement.  Also great for studio apartments or rooms used by one person only.

Pink and white kids floor bed with lights are safe and allow free movement.

Storage Beds

These days beds with storage can be a double, single, queen, king size bed which have storage either to lift up or in the form of drawer type bed.

Storage beds is a new type of bed has storage options either to lift up or pull out in the form of drawers on either side.

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Types Of Beds And Their Sizes

King Size Bed

A king-size bed is a bed that is the largest-sized bed so far. It measures 76” X 80”  This bed is generally found in the master bedroom.

Master bed king size is a bed that is the largest-sized bed so far.

Queen Size Bed

Queen size bed is smaller compared to the king-size and measures 60” X 80” This bed can be found in guest rooms, children’s rooms, grandparents rooms.

Icy blue queen size types of beds found in guest rooms, children's rooms, grandparents rooms.

Single Bed

This is a bed which only one person can sleep in. As the name suggests it’s for only one person.

Cream colour mattress and blue blanket with pull out storage options are types of single beds for small rooms.

All You Need To Know About Headboards

Bookcase Headboards

Types of headboards are designs for people who love to read. Bookcase headboards are designed so that you have enough space to store away all your books. Turn your bed frames with headboard into a bookshelf to create your own library.

Types of headboards, Bookcase headboards are designed so that you have enough space to store away all your books.

Contemporary Headboards

These are headboards that are simple and sleek in their style, often seen in a single colour with a soft finish either in silk, wool or linen. So if you like a clean yet sophisticated look this headboard is for you.

Light blue colour with a soft finish double bed headboard clean yet sophisticated look.

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Slat Headboards

These types of headboards are made with either wood or metal. Vertical slat spindles are placed neatly in order to create this look.  The slats can be arranged as per your preference and colour.

Colourful kid bunk beds with vertical slat headboard placed neatly in this white bedroom.

Panel Headboards

These types of headboards go by their name and are designed in order to create the look. The panels are either vertical or horizontal and are made of a fabric finish. Three-panel headboards are a popular pick with homeowners these days.

White bed with blue mattress and panel bed headboard is either vertical or horizontal are made of a fabric finish.

Traditional Headboards

These types of headboards are usually attached to the bed and are made from rich wood to give it an authentic traditional look.

The traditional queen bed headboard is made from precious wood to give it an authentic classic look.

Wooden Headboards

Wood headboards can be customised as per your choice. You can have a storage integrated into your headboard in wood where all your favourite stories can be kept safe and within easy reach.

Wood bed headboard can customise as per your choice & have storage integrated into your headboard in wood

Metal Headboard

These types of headboards get their origins from the Victorian eras and are known to be strong, durable and long-lasting. If you don’t have any plans on switching beds too often and want something that will last pretty much forever, then this is a perfect pick.

This type of metal bed headboard is a perfect pick and durable and long-lasting.

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Natural Fibers (Wicker, Rattan) Headboard

If you like something a tad different and not mundane then these types of headboard could be something you like. These headboards use woven organic material like seagrass, abaca, wicker, or rattan to give it an one of a kind classy yet country style look.

These type of natural fibre bed headboard uses woven organic material to give a classy yet country-style look.

Leather Headboard

A bed headboard in leather is for those who feel the need to go beyond the usual to bring a rich and luxurious look to their space. Authentic leather headboards often use hides of various animals. However, with a growing population of environmentally and ethically conscious people we have false leather which will do just the job of real leather as an ethical alternative.

Bed headboard in white leather brings a rich and luxurious look to their space.

Materials And Finishes For Beds

Types of bed frames are important as they change the entire way your bedroom looks. Let’s take a deeper look in materials and finishes that are used for beds.

We at Design Cafe use plywood as the core material for beds.

What Is Plywood?

Plywood is made of thin wooden layers which are put together or stuck together by a strong adhesive. The beds are coated with finishes of either veneer or an acrylic coat.

The Most Creative Beds For Kids

You all want your children to have the best of life and luxuries they can. So to help you in your endeavours here are some creative types of beds you can consider for your kids’ bedroom interior design.

  • If you have kids who are full of fun and love jumping about going on adventures, then bunk beds with slides will brighten up their day
  • If you have a little princess residing in your home, then a castle bunk bed with a slide is sure to make her majestic journey a blissful one
  •  A treehouse bunk bed is sure to be loved by your child whether its a girl or a boy. A tree concept will make them enter into an imaginary world

FAQs on Beds

Here are some commonly asked questions which we at Design Cafe would like to address so you can make your choice smarter and wiser.

1. What age can a child go to sleep on the top level of a bunk bed?

Generally, if your child is below nine years of age, he or she should not be allowed to sleep on the top bunk for safety reasons. These days bunk beds come with an advisory manual as there are a variety of bunk beds and can also be custom made.

2. What is a headboard for bed?

Headboards provide support, so you lean up against them while reading a book watching a movie or simply just resting and chatting. Headboards also add to the overall aesthetics of your beds. There are headboards that come with storage for people who love to read and need space to store away books. Headboards also prevent stains on your walls. So there you are, these are some reasons a bed headboard will do you good.

3. What type of bed is the most sturdy?

Metal or steel bed frames are considered durable and long-lasting as they don’t wither away like wood. So if you want something to last you decades, then metal frames are your go option.

We hope this guide gave you an insight into all about beds. Choosing the right bed is an important part of interior design for bedrooms. Read this blog to know more about it. And if you have any questions on insights send us an email.

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