Farmhouse Interior Design Ideas

Big homes are indispensable. They are places we would all like to go to every once in a while. In India these are farmhouses, often designed as secondary homes on the outskirts or in the countryside. By their very nature farmhouses echo rusticity, irreverence and casualness. Their inviting ambience lies in their design, the non conformity to traditional colour, decor and furniture otherwise found in apartments and city homes. In older times farmhouses were built in line with contours of the surrounding area. The design was solid and centred. The buildings built around, added to the central structure based on necessity, usage or chores that revolved around it. Because needs were basic, so too was design and decor, a fuss-free, no-frills simplicity that allowed for functional improvements and changes.

Dress Up the Exteriors

A farmhouse style home gives out the right vibes both from the outside as well as within. The decor has to align throughout with a mix of casualness and charm. Farmhouses back in the day had very defining architectural elements, a holistic mix of design that was both inviting and warm. The basic design of a farmhouse is defined by an external porch or verandah, reminiscent of old homes that skirted the entire outer facade of the place. A wraparound porch in modern times can be difficult to replicate but is still possible with a small sit out areas and terraces with railings. If space is a limitation, then a simple front yard, balcony will suffice with quaint unique railings to replicate the look. This design isn’t led by size but staying true to decor and design of such a space. Fill this porch or balcony with rocking chairs or tea tables, hang a couple of plants and place pots around. A few vines and creepers will add to this inviting ambience. Beautiful lighting can complete the look of the farmhouse vibe.
Farmhouse interior design in balcony with rocking chairs or tea tables, hang a couple of plants and place pots around

Define it with Wood

A typical farmhouse look cannot be achieved by eliminating wood. Wooden accents are casually chic and enhances the vibe of such homes. Wood can dominate the entire home or have the accents spread everywhere, from banisters to hardwood floors, wood wall paneling to exposed beam ceilings. This look can be replicated irrespective of the size of the home and emphasises a classic cottage style appeal. Wood is available in different finishes and colors, pairs well with any kind of interior design and ages beautifully. If on the contrary wood doesn’t appeal to you, raw, unseen concrete and stone will work just as well.
Farmhouse interior design with wooden accents

Relaxed and Casual Appeal

Farmhouse underlines simple, basic and frugal. The concept of this design came about from the lack of accessibility to modern materials. Back in the day everyone made do with what was available and a vibe where anyone was wholeheartedly welcome. Taking the farmhouse theme into a home, means ensuring everything is in sync with simplicity. White as a predominant color merges with wood accents and can be used to play with decor. Adding coloured accents in furniture and upholstery lends a brightness to the space. White ushers in a typical, authentic, warm farmhouse aura.
Farmhouse interior design with relaxed and casual appeal in kids bedroom

Large Kitchens & Dining

Farmhouses have always placed much emphasis on kitchens and dining areas. These spaces are larger, more encompassing, open and blend with the rest of the rooms. With traditional farmhouses seeing plenty of traffic in these areas, these spaces define the epicentre and set the tone for the remainder of the home. A farmhouse-style kitchen is uncomplicated and vibrant. The color scheme is majorly neutral, which can be juxtaposed with accentuated colored highlights. Wood accents make such kitchens bright, either as countertops, open shelves and cabinets or kitchen islands. Farmhouse style kitchens enjoy a complete look with pot racks, china and sinks that also reflect the old style. A large heavy wooden vintage table and chairs, antique chandeliers and lighting and exposed brick walls complete the space.
Design a farmhouse-styled kitchen and dining room

Open Shelves and Cabinets

Open shelves, as mentioned previously can make a world of difference in replicating country style farmhouses. Large open shelves framed in wood dominating large portions of walls are typical of old style homes. Cutlery and groceries are easier to access and use, simple rustic shelves add character to such kitchens and shelves can be mixed and matched without adhering to specific colors or styles. Pretty printed curtains and towels in raw untreated materials lend an added touch of rusticity to a home.
Farmhouse interior design with open shelves and cabinets

Comfortable Cosy Materials and Fireplace

Heirloom decor, wooden and handmade fabric, textured materials bring a certain farmhouse vibe and chic style to a home, especially the living and bedroom. Although cotton is an apt choice, simple stripes and chequered patterns, floral motifs, lace and knit in different color accents and styles add color and warmth to a farmhouse style home. This kind of design allows an easy mix of fabrics, an eclectic blend of furniture and furnishings.
Use comfortable cosy materials and fireplace in farmhouse interiors

Vintage and Contemporary Style

A farmhouse look can be put together easily, with little tips and tricks that one can use. Small side tables and ornate wooden cabinets, light curtains and furnishings with multifunctional furniture, old bathtubs with trendy cabinetry – a blend of these marries the vintage with a contemporary style. As you peruse farmhouse interior design ideas it is important not to forget where this style originated from. The trick lies in not working too hard on it, but sticking to the theme of accessibility, rusticity and simplistic design. Glass, metal do not find an echo in such homes except in designing some part of the outer facade to let in more natural light. Blending what you have with what you need, can bring together the farmhouse design style holistically.
Vintage and contemporary styled design for farmhouse