A Guide To Home Lighting And Its Benefits

Lighting is an essential component of home interiors and decoration. Good home lighting  makes your space comfortable and functional – it guides us to our destination. And the ambience and the mood of a room is also governed by the lighting  in it. Modern-day lighting plays a crucial role in the interior design of a home as it enhances everything present – the furniture, flooring, finishes and textures.

Without proper lighting, all the architectural detail, artwork and focal points will go unnoticed. But when done right, lighting ensures perfect harmony and composition of lights, layers, direction and flow. 

This guide will talk about the various types of lighting needed for every room in your home. From fancy lights, to hanging lights and lights for decoration at home we cover them all.

What Are The Different Types Of Lighting?

Six most popular styles of decoration lights for home makes it comfortable and functional.

In general, there are three types of lighting:

Ambient Lighting:

Also called ‘general lighting’, ambient home lighting is the primary source of light for a room. Ambient light provides a comfortable illumination without too much glare to help you navigate the room more comfortably. 

Some examples of ambient lighting are:

  • Chandeliers
  • Track Lighting
  • Recessed Ceiling Lights 
  • Wall Sconces
  • LED Downlights
  • Wall Mounted Lights

Task Lighting:

Task lighting are lights focused in a particular spot to make the completion of a task easier as opposed to ambient lighting that illuminates an entire space. Task lighting is useful to locate smaller objects of low contrast. 

Some fixtures that provide task lighting are:

  • Portable Desk Lamp
  • Pendant Lighting 
  • Under Cabinet Lighting 
  • Directional Gimbal Recessed Fixture 
  • Vanity lights 
  • Table Lamps

Accent Lighting:

Accent lighting is for those who need extra drama and character on their favourite objects. Accent lighting is used to draw attention towards what you want to highlight. It could be a painting, memorabilia, a sculpture, motivational quotes or more.

Some examples of accent lighting are:

  • Candle Light
  • Direct Track Lights
  • Chandelier With Dimmers
  • Wall Sconces
  • Floodlights

How Do I Choose The Right Lighting For Different Areas Of Your Home?

Here we tell you what kind of lighting you need in each area of your home so that you are not scrambling your way through or find it difficult to perform tasks.

What Type Of Lighting Is Good For A Living Room?

What is the point of having a beautiful living room if you’re sitting in the dark? Good home lighting is of utmost importance in any room, whether you want to display artwork or shine some light on your beautiful flooring. The living room is the epicentre of any home where most activities take place here. So a bright room is essential. Your living room must have these lights listed below.

Home lighting: chandeliers work beautifully in the living room and act as a focal point in the area is hanging lights for home.


Chandeliers work perfectly in a living room especially if you have high ceilings and want some decorative hanging lights for your home. It can act as a focal point in the room and is an excellent home decor option. Not all chandeliers are meant for mansions or lavish homes as they come in various shapes and sizes these days. A chandelier can spread the light evenly throughout a room. It also lends a royal touch to the living rooms.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are the best options for a living room as it can illuminate the entire room or can be adjusted to light up a specific area. A floor lamp can transform the ambience of a living room entirely and adds a classy vibe as well.

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Fan Lights

A new trend has been emerging lately where a set of lights are attached to a ceiling fan. The bulbs are designed in such a way so it can resist the vibration of the fan. Fan lights brightly light up spaces and add character too. 

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights can be an excellent addition to a living room. This type of light can be hung over a chair, sofa or other furniture. Pendant lights are focused down to a specific area and can be used as a task light as well. 

Wall Lights

The best way to make a living room homely and warm is by installing wall lights. Some homes might not be suitable for chandeliers. If the ceiling is too high then long pendant cords might clutter the space as well. Here is where wall lights can be the best option. Place them on either side of the couch to give your living room a beautiful glow.

What Type Of Lighting Is Good For The Bedroom?

You might not think lighting is vital in the bedroom since the primary purpose of this room is for sleeping. But when you think about it there are some activities like reading or working that need specific lighting. Here are the types of lighting best suited for bedrooms.

Bedroom fancy lights for the home have focus lights and hanging led lighting best suited for bedrooms.

Table Lamps

A table lamp is the perfect lighting solution for any bedroom as they come in various shapes and sizes that will fit on your bedside. A table lamp is handy as it helps guide you to your bed. Also, a table lamp on your bedside table is easily accessible to you. It saves you the extra effort of rolling out of bed to switch it on and off.

Large Floor Lamps

If your bedroom has ample floor space, a large floor lamp can be perfect for lighting. When choosing a floor lamp make sure it matches with your bedroom decor as these lamps can become the focal point if you are not careful. Choose a style and design that will suit the bedroom even if you make decor changes.


If your bedroom is tight on space and cannot accommodate a floor or a table lamp sconces light are a great alternative. They are space savers and add a touch of elegance to bedrooms. Wall sconces can provide adequate illumination and make it warm and inviting. 


While many might not agree with the idea of a chandelier in a bedroom these lights have a different charm altogether. If your bedroom is blessed with a high ceiling, a chandelier can make it look luxurious and classy. Chandeliers are incredibly ornate and are definitely for those who love a touch of royal sophistication to their spaces.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is used to make a bedroom cosy and warm. It can be tricky to install but if done right it lends a subtle glow to spaces. Use recessed lighting to highlight specific areas or features in the bedroom. Dimmers can control recessed lighting so you can regulate the brightness or softness to suit you. 

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What Type of Lighting Is Good For The Bathroom?

The bathroom is the first place we go after waking up. It is also a place where most men and women  dress up before going out. Most people neglect the importance of lighting in a bathroom. As a result this space ranks low on priority compared to the rest of the home’s interiors. Modern bathrooms are extravagant, large and luxurious – a place to unwind and relax so it is important to install the correct lighting fixtures too.

This modern bathroom has hanging led ceiling lights for the home next to the mirror that looks luxurious.

Ceiling Lights

Installing ceiling lights in the bathroom suffice as ambient lighting. It is a general light that will light up the bathroom but can’t be used for grooming. Other common names for ceiling lights are downlight and pot light. Ceiling lights are installed in the ceiling in a hollow opening. 

Vanity Lights

Vanity lights are often overlooked when it comes to lighting but they are essential for grooming. A well-lit bathroom is mandatory for shaving, putting on makeup or other self-care routines. This means a bathroom needs the right amount of well-placed lighting. There is a wide range of vanity lights but most people prefer wall sconces and this type of fixture is commonly used in pairs on both sides of the mirror. Wall sconces prevent harsh unwanted shadows and distribute light equally. 

Mirror Lights

If you want some fancy lights for home decoration  then mirror lights can be a perfect choice. Mirror lights can be installed all around the mirror. You can also purchase a readymade bathroom mirror with built-in lights. Mirror lights can transform the space, making it brighter, spacious and more attractive.

Track Lights

Track lights are mounted on the wall or ceilings of the bathroom with individual light heads in a continuous series. Track lights are placed above the mirrors so you can change or position the light heads when needed. This feature comes handy, especially when you are grooming, doing your hair or applying makeup that requires focus lighting. 

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What Type Of Lighting Is Good For The Kitchen?

A kitchen also needs the perfect balance of lighting just like breakfast. A kitchen is a multifunctional space where activities take place – from cooking, paying bills to homework. You must ensure your kitchen has good lighting in every nook and corner. Let us walk you through the types of lighting required for the kitchen. 

Kitchen has cabinet and ceiling lighting perfect balance of lighting in every nook and corner is the best lights for home.

Cabinet Lighting

Finding the right plate or utensils can be difficult in an unlit cabinet. While most homeowners may not opt for cabinet lights installing them can be practical and aesthetically pleasing. Cabinet lights are installed under the roof of each cabinet’s shelf. It makes it easier to use cabinets at night where general light might not reach.  You can also use LED lights for home to illuminate your modular kitchen setup.

Pendant Lighting

The most popular light and an ideal choice for the kitchen is pendant lighting. A pendant light comes with a single bulb with a decorative lampshade covering it. Use a pendant light to illuminate a particular spot in the kitchen (like above the kitchen island or breakfast counter) or to spread light throughout the area. Cluster multiple pendant lights at different heights above your kitchen island for an eye-catching visual centrepiece.

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Spotlights are incredibly valuable if you have a large kitchen with high ceilings. Covering up dark spots and lighting specific surfaces is easy when you have spotlights. They are used on top of countertops, stoves and so on. This way, you can be assured to have ample light while cooking. 

Natural Light

Natural light is the best choice for a kitchen and many homeowners choose it because it is a better option than the artificial alternative. First and foremost, it saves a lot of energy. A perfect mixture of natural and artificial light will make this space warm and inviting.


Put dimmers for all your lights. Adjust the brightness in the kitchen by installing a dimmer on each fixture so you can control the brightness or softness as and when required. 

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What Type Of Lighting Is Good For The Dining Room?

Good lighting is essential in a dining room because this is where friends and family gather during the evenings. A dining table in an Indian house can serve as a place to eat, a workstation for kids to do their homework and so on. You need to have lighting that is suitable for an evening with friends or for a regular day when you’re having a hearty meal with your family. 

The dining room has a chandelier home ceiling light that blends well with the decor of the dining room.


Installing a chandelier can provide the light to a large area and thereby does away with the need for any other fixtures. There are so many styles of chandeliers in the market – drum chandeliers, wagon wheels, crystal chandeliers, candle-style chandeliers just to name a few. Opt for the one that will blend well with the decor of your dining room. 

Pendant Lights

A pendant light can add character to your dining room. They are bright and focused lights that do not take much space. Install two or more pendant lights for a brightly lit space. Make sure it is focused directly above the dining table so you can eat your meal with ease.

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are directly fixed on the wall. They are designed to emit a small amount of light upwards or downwards onto an object near the wall. This type of lighting is great if you want to highlight a piece of art, decorative chinaware or any other artwork that you would love to show off.

Cove Lights

Cove lights are the perfect accent lighting for dining rooms. Multiple bulbs are mounted on the ceiling producing a soft and mellow glow The light casts upwards and draws attention to the dimension and depth of the ceiling’s details. Cove lights eliminate the shadows on the ceiling. It emits a delicate, subtle light but creates a strong impression.

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How Does A Mirror Help Reflect Light And Space?

Do you know that a decorator’s secret weapon is a mirror? Mirrors are not only used to check our appearances but also to capture light and make a space look larger. Mirrors can create spatial and textural illusions and can be used to highlight your favourite accessories and make them appear larger from various angles. 

Check out how your mirror can ….

Create Texture

Mirrors can create texture in two ways. First you can install a textured mirror frame for a three-dimensional look on your wall. This can act as a statement piece of decor in any room. Secondly, position the mirror in such a way that it reflects an object already in the room – a vase, a coffee table or artwork on another wall. 

Use Mirrors To Brighten The Room

Place a mirror opposite or next to the window to increase the amount of natural light seeping into the room. Mirrors double the amount of light so no matter what the weather is outside it will harness any daylight. Bigger the mirror, the brighter the space. 

Enhance The Room Using Mirrors

Mirrors can make a room appear larger. Use mirrors in awkward spaces or hang an ornate one on the wall. This will add more dimension to any space. 

Group Mirrors For Visual Interest

Stack mirrors on the wall of different shapes and sizes to make it look like wall art. A well-placed mirror can alter a view and open up space. There are many mirrors with different shapes and frames available in the market so choose according to taste, budget and lifestyle.

Here are the best bulbs you can buy for your home:

For High Ceilings: Cree BR30 Floodlight LED

Best LED Bulb: Philips 60W Equivalent 

Best Budget Bulb: Philips 455576 60W Equivalent

Best Smart Bulb: Philips Hue White LED Smart Bulbs 

Best Bulbs For Bathroom: 75 Watt Equivalent A19 LED Light Bulb

Best For Kitchen: Cree 100W Equivalent Light Bulb 

Best Dimmable Smart Bulb: Philips Hue White Starter Kit

And that’s everything you need to know about various home lighting. We hope this guide helps you make an informed decision.

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