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A Guide To Living Room Colour Combinations

Colour schemes anchor living room designs. The right use of colours combinations can uplift the style quotient of living room interiors and helps create a good first impression.   It can brighten up a dull space and evoke a welcoming feeling – one that your guests and you will love to come home too.

The fun part is you can go all out with colour combinations from unique to visually delightful. The choices of hues, however, can be overwhelming and you may find yourself struggling to pick the perfect combination. Pink with white, blue or green? The options are limitless. Our guide here helps you discover a world of possibilities when it comes to choosing a colour palette for your living room. The answers are right here and this list is going to change your lifestyle forever!

Classic Blue: Pantone Colour Of 2020

Pantone’s pick on the colour of the year can never go wrong. And it’s here again! This year the colour, classic blue, stands for a ‘reassuring presence instilling calm, confidence and connection.’ From minimal accents to mono-colour extravagant spaces, a hint of blue brings in a whole new perspective to any room. Deeper shades of blue are always in trend and credit goes to their enigmatic and elegant appeal. It is the colour of both the ocean and sky after all! Paint your entire room or add cabinetry and furniture of this hue and adorn your space with white or copper decor. Guess what? You’ve just gifted yourself a celebrity living room.

Colour combination for living room with classic blue pantone colour of the year 2020

Go Classy With Grey And White

You can never go wrong with grey and white as a colour combination for your living room interiors. This colour palette is classy and cool. Grey has been effectively used in almost every modern living room design – from the wall, to sofas, drapes and even rugs- all of these elements have been found in variants of this hue across living rooms. A grey and white combination is elegant and luxurious. So if you fancy a contemporary living room that screams class and elegance, then this is your pick!

Two colour combination for living room go classy with grey and white

Soothing Vibes With Lavender And White

For centuries the colour purple has been synonymous with royalty, wealth, grandeur and power. In the spiritual realm, the colour represents the future, imagination, and is known to calm our emotions. There really cannot be a more enchanting colour for your living room walls. Pair it with white for a comforting look or opt for a paler shade of purple, like lavender, to bring in soothing vibes to your space. A deeper shade whispers luxury. All in all this colour combination works for those looking for perfect harmony in their environment.

Colour combination for living room go with lavender and white

Bright Or Mellow Yellow

Yellow as bright and perky as it is, is not an easy one to incorporate in living room interiors. However, if used wisely it can add a ray of cheerful energy to your space. The best way to use this colour is to start by subtly introducing it to spaces – a single wall, cabinetry, a sofa, accessories, cushions and throws, or artwork. If primary yellow is too overpowering for your taste, try a softer shade like lemon.

Living room colors with bright yellow easy to incorporate in living room interiors

Luxury At Its Best With Beige And White

Beige is your safest bet when you don’t want to opt for a very feminine colour like pink. This neutral tone can be paired with several colours and still manages to stand out despite its simplicity. Copper lights and accents or a gold textured wall pairs well with beige as a base colour. The blissful elegance of beige and white creates an open, inviting space adding an aura of luxury to it.

Wall colour combination for small living room with beige and white

White And Bright For A Sharp Look

Nothing is more refreshing and pleasing to the eyes than the purity of white. This colour is clean, sharp and serene at the same time. Versatile in its essence, white as a colour scheme is for those who do not want to experiment much and love airy vibes in their spaces. Bring in the abundance of white into your living and adorn the space with accents of wood, green, pink, or gold to make a statement.

Best color for living room walls with white and bright for a sharp look

Black And White: A Classical Combination

If you love all things elegant and sophisticated your search ends here. This duo is as modern as it is timeless. Black and white as a colour theme in your living room will bring a classical look to your space. Black looks majestic; when paired with white and complimentary decor this combination establishes a clean, luxurious feel to the room.

Black and white living room is a classical living room color combination

Rich Browns For A Traditional Feel

If you think of anything comforting- rich hot chocolate cocoa, a brownie or a coffee – they all involve shades of brown. So why not bring this colour to your home interiors too? Contrary to what most people feel, shades of brown can be pleasing and subtle. A rich blend of brown tones lends a touch of down-to-earth richness to your living room interiors. Brown blends with several colours beautifully as it does with variants of its own. Blend in a neutral coloured textured wall, wooden furniture, furnishings and fabrics for a pretty yet balanced look.

Living room color ideas by using rich browns for a traditional feel

Red, Beige And White

This wintry colour scheme of beige, white, and red in this living room will warm your heart. Red and white custom chairs and an ottoman with hints of beige accents make for a soothing palette. White wallpapered walls balance everything else. A lovely match that is soft yet striking at the same time.

Best living room color schemes are red, beige and white

Beige And Shades Of Grey

Grey furnishings and a beige palette harmoniously work together creating a warm but rich vibe as depicted in this living room here. Besides this colour duo is exceptionally modern and tops the checklist of modern couples who wish to add a touch of class and luxury to their living room.

Beige and shades of grey combination living room add a touch of class and luxury to their living room

Turquoise And White

A perfect shade of turquoise with white brings in the magic of the coastal vibes to your living room. If you are all about tranquillity then this duo with an accent shade for your walls matched with the right pieces of furniture and accessories will give you the coastal living room you’ve been daydreaming of.

Turquoise and white colour combination for living room walls

Olive Green And White

A splash of olive green will bring in a warm, cosy ambience to your living room. Pair it with a milky white hue to tone down the liveliness of olive green. As shown in this image, consider adding textured carpets, green cabinetry, white walls and furniture pieces with a hint of grey to design yourself a nature-inspired living room.

Olive green and white color will bring in a warm, cozy ambience to your living room

Your living room is your go-to spot for socialising, lounging or unwinding. As a homeowner ensure it’s a space you look forward to unwinding in every single day. Whether you pick something neutral, bold and bright, or soothing, make sure it blends with the overall aesthetics of your living room.

Your living room is the focal point for your home. It is your go-to spot and therefore its imperative to ensure it’s a space you enjoy unwinding in every day. Whether you pick something neutral, bold and bright, or even a soothing colour palette make sure that it blends in with the overall aesthetics of your space. Go crazy, go wild – colour your living room with hues that will be etched in time.

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