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A Guide To Dining Room Colour Combinations

A dining room is a space in your home where you can add show-stopping colour combinations. Pick a colour combination that’s dramatic, subtle or go bold. Although there are endless colour combinations available for your dining room, choosing the right one that blends with the overall aesthetics can be a challenging task. This guide will let you discover some of the best colour combinations for your dining room to get you started.

White And Beige

If you fancy a clean, modern, minimalistic and a timeless look for your dining room, this colour combination is an excellent choice. In this dining room, we see beige and white spread across the walls and cabinetry. The use of wood with sparkling white walls makes this space feel warm and luxurious at the same time.

Dining room colour combination with white and beige gives modern look to your dining room

Grey, Red And White

When paired well, with carefully picked colour tones in just the right proportion and lots of lighting to balance the intensity of different colours, contrasting colours combined together makes spaces look magical. As shown in this image, the red settee, white cabinetry, and grey display wall blend together seamlessly. Gold accents tie things together.

Dining room color combination with red chairs, white cabinetry and grey display wall

Yellow, Blue And Black

An extremely modern and fun colour combination for those who like to strike a balance between bold and classic. In this ultra-chic dining room setup, the main wall is in black. The whole space is decorated with bright yellow and blue chairs with a splash of white for a soothing touch.

Dining hall colour combinations with black color wall, blue chairs and yellow decor

Purple, Yellow And White

This bold yellow and purple coloured dining room is broken up with a milky white wall at the bottom. White brings in balance and also plays up the wall panellings. A dining room like this is a great breakout space for young couples or newly married folk.

Dining room paint colors with yellow, white and purple coloured dining chairs

Muted Green And Pale Orange

A bold yet understated colour combination. A muted shade of green like we see in this image brings out the best in this dining room. An earthy colour combination like this reminds you of springtime and is ideal for homes in busy metropolitan cities. A dining room like this will help you unwind and eat in peace after a tiring day at work.

Two colour combination for dining room with a muted shade of green and pale orange

Black And Gold With Light Wood

Black isn’t to be feared, particularly for dining rooms. Dining rooms benefit more than any other space in your home from a black colour scheme. It adds drama to your dinner parties while its usage in a seldom-used corner of your house makes it completely liveable. In this dining room set up, we see a black marble dining table paired with hints of gold accents and light wood cabinetry that make this space look elegant and classy.

Dining colour combination with a black marble dining table with gold accents and light wood cabinetry

White, Wood And Blue

For those of you who love beach vacations and everything aquatic, this is the colour scheme for you. Blue cabinets, sand-coloured wooden furniture and hints of pearl white are no less than a beachy holiday. This colour scheme is inviting and light on the eyes and extremely tranquilising.

Dining room colour combination with blue cabinets, wooden furniture and white walls

Crimson Red And White

A bright, peppy and energetic colour combination for a dining room. Some of you might confuse it with a feminine palette, but this combination plays well in a dining room, as shown in this image. Shades of red are trimmed down to perfection with hints of white.

Colour combination for dining room with shades of red and white walls

Mauve And Green

If you are not a big fan of bold colours and prefer something more understated and polished, consider painting a wall with a pop of colour as shown in this modern style dining room. The space is crisp white, with mauve coloured chairs that add a touch of softness to the space that’s playfully contrasted with a dark green wall.

Modern style dining room colour combination with crisp white and mauve coloured chairs

And that’s all for now. We hope this guide helps you choose your dining room colours and give you a better understanding of the role they play in personalising your space.

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