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If You Have It Flaunt It! Complete Your Dining Room Design With These Crockery Units

Crockery unit designs for your dining room

Crockery units are furniture pieces that may not be found across all homes, but nevertheless elevate the aesthetics and ambiance of a home with their style and elegance. Used to store glassware, cutlery and carefully collected curios, crockery units have been an indispensable part of Indian homes. As space in homes became a constraint and it became crucial to include minimal furniture, crockery units began to decline. Gradually in the last few years, Indian homes are increasingly including crockery units in different finishes and sizes to complement home interior design.

Crockery units arose out of a need to store away cutlery and other serving items, but without the need to hide them away. These occupied either the walls or one wall of living rooms. They were made of wood and thereafter plywood or particle board. Sizes were customised with in-built shelves and cabinets to store a variety of material. Today crockery units are available even in metal and other materials. Their colour and finish varies to complement home decor. Although glass fronted, crockery units are still popular, nowadays open shelved ones or boxed units are seen in most homes. They have gone beyond function to reflect style and enhance the ambience of a home.

Crockery units are versatile. They are stylish and trendy. They come in different styles and shapes. Picking the right one for your home can be tricky. Before buying one, here are four criteria you must factor in.

Allocate A Budget

Before designing a crockery unit, know how much money you’re willing to spend on it. There is no constraint because budgets will allow you to decide the height and size of your unit, the material you’re going to be using and the length you will go to infuse styles. Bigger budgets will entail more usage of wood, paneling and glass work. Restricted budgets will mean the use of MDF and a greater emphasis on the outer look than inner functionalities and design.

Check Your Available Space

The availability of space helps in the decision of the size and weight of the crockery unit. Measure the height, depth, breadth of the space where you intend to place your unit and then take a decision. Alternately buy one and then decide where you would want it to go. Larger heavier pieces are cumbersome to move around, whereas smaller units are easy. Decide this before you get down to designing your crockery unit.

A Definitive Choice Of Design And Colour

Designs and colours of crockery units available today are mind boggling thanks to a plethora of designs and colours to choose from. Have a definitive idea of what you need before picking a design. This will also depend on your home, its color, placement and what goes into your crockery unit. Standalone cabinets with wooden doors, asymmetrical units, display units with glass, units that double up as a home bar are all choices to consider. Do this carefully as this is the most important step.

Materials And Finishes For Crockery Unit

Wood has been a traditional material to use for crockery units and are typically designed with glass fronts. However there are even more materials available today based on how sturdy you want your crockery unit to be. The choice of finish varies from matte to gloss and textured to distress. Wood and laminate veneers can be added depending on the kind of look you’re hoping for.

Below is our guide on the different styles and latest in crockery unit designs. You won’t go wrong in picking the right one for your home.

Crockery Units With Glass Fronts

Crockery unit with a sleek and slim glass front it is a crockery unit design for dining area
A sleek and slim crockery unit with a glass front for an effortlessly elegant look

As the name suggests this type of crockery unit has a see-through glass front. They can be placed in your living room or dining area, providing an easy display cum storage of cutlery and crockery. These crockery units have been in use for decades. Today however their designs have become sleeker, slimmer and more sophisticated.

Glass cabinets look great. When it comes to glass, the style statement is effortless and elegant. These cabinets can be illuminated, embellished and underplayed and yet look good. Glass fronted crockery units can either be frameless, sliding, decorative or designed with mosaic. They look good in any part of the home and can even act as room separators instead of walls.

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Standing Cabinet Crockery Unit Designs