Modern Dining Room Cabinet Designs To Tastefully Flaunt Your Loot!

by Devna Tiwari | February 23, 2024 | 6 mins read

Dining room cabinets with a premium look covered with glass and lighting inside in dining storage cabinets

For happy and relaxed meals, a clutter-free dining room is essential. An ideal dining room must be designed with ample storage to store crockery, food or any other daily essentials. Smartly designed cabinets are the answer to a clean dining area – something many homeowners miss out on while planning their home interiors. Sideboards and cabinets can be both appealing and functional. These pieces of furniture are built with drawers and shelves to show off that fine china you inherited as well as give you lots of space to store everything you need as you dine. 

Though dining room cabinets have been a part homes for ages now, typically as wall-mounted corner units with glass shelves or bulky ones your grandmother housed, designs today have taken a contemporary turn. However, their purpose remains the same – storage with style. 

Picking the right cabinet for your dining room can be a challenging task. You can’t choose a cabinet only because it offers lots of storage; it also needs to blend in with the aesthetics of your dining room. Here we have a bunch of unique cabinet designs for your dining room to make life simpler and redefine your mealtime. Take a look!

Bring Back That Old Charm With Antique Dining Room Cabinets

An antique style side cabinet such as this matches flawlessly with the traditional décor of this dining room that is dominated by a conventional dining table. Dark wood with glass fronts – so you can show off your fancy dinnerware –  lends a warm and vintage charm to this space. Flanked to the right is a sideboard big enough to store a lot of other stuff. If your taste is a blend of modern and classic, then your search ends here.

dining cabinet to bring back the old charm with antique cabinets in dining console cabinets
A bit of classic and a bit of modern, just the perfect cabinet if you like old school charm

Contemporary Sideboards For A Modern Dining Room

The smooth touch of wood and glass blends together seamlessly in this white coloured sideboard. While the design of this beautiful piece is early French, its straight clean lines add a contemporary touch making it a classic hit all at once! Glass-front cabinets, make it perfect for a modern yet elegant dining space. Besides, dining room cabinets like this are excellent as they use up the dead space in a room and are perfect to store cutlery and crockery.

Dining room cupboards with contemporary sideboards for dining room side cabinets
White cabinet with glass doors are elegant and modern in appeal
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Go All Out With Floor To Ceiling Cabinets

If your dining room is spacious enough then this floor to ceiling cabinet will work just right. Open shelves floating on the wall straight up to the ceiling coupled with cabinets or drawers below provide storage aplenty. Or, perhaps an elegant see-through cabinet that spreads across the total length of your dining room wall to showcase your immaculate cutlery is what you need? Go all out!

Cabinets cupboard from Floor To Ceiling for wall mounted cabinets for dining room
These beautiful open racks add an impressive height to this dining room area

Sideboards With Cabinets Are A Sophisticated Choice

Whether you choose a cabinet or a sideboard depends entirely upon the design layout you opt for in your dining room. As mentioned before, sideboards are a great tool to utilise dead space in your dining area. So a sideboard with cabinets will add more storage value and be far more functional. You get extra space to store your crockery and cutlery and if the sideboard comes with glass cabinets, you can flaunt your expensive porcelain too!

Get Your Dining Room cabinet designs with Sideboard and glass mounted doors in dining room wall unit cabinets.
A smooth wooden sideboard with glass cabinets lends a sophisticated look to this dining room

Open Shelves Are Not That Bad Afterall

An excellent way to level-up the style quotient of your dining room is by introducing open shelves. They offer plenty of scope to showcase your favourite books, pottery, porcelain, indoor plants and everything else you want to put on display. The idea of bringing in open shelves is an ideal choice for modern families. Just give it a second thought if you have toddlers! 

Dining room cabinets modern with open shelves are not that bad afterall in dining side cabinet
These open shelves are a fabulous way to flaunt your expensive porcelain or book collection
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Get Floaty

Did you think floating shelves were only for the bedroom? No! These sleek creations, if brought into your dining room can be quite efficient and functional. Space is never an issue either as they are wall-mounted. Plus, they look great and offer significant storage space for your daily cutlery as well as potted plants or knick-knacks (if you want some fun thrown in!). In this setting, the sideboard with dual cabinet and multiple drawers provides enough storage while the floating shelves bring in aesthetic charm and extra display space. 

Tall dining storage cabinet with shelves on the sides and drawers in between for dining area storage cabinet
White floating shelves add an element of fun along with the cabinet

A Cabinet Designed With A Buffet Bar

This cabinet is designed with milky white wood lending sublime country charm to this dining area. The middle portion is left free and can be used as a buffet bar for an intimate lunch or a Sunday brunch. If you are tight in space but wish to keep your style quotient intact, this is something you must check out.

Modern dining room cabinet designs with buffet bar and elegant wooden colour chairs beside dining room side cabinet
A cabinet with a buffet bar serves well for intimate gatherings

Compact Dining Room Cabinets For Small Spaces

If you do not have a separate dining area but just some extra floor space in your kitchen that can double up as a dining area then you need something compact! Opt for a compact wardrobe-like cabinet to display and store your kitchen items, dinnerware or cutlery. It serves the purpose of storage and adds a statement to the overall decor of the space too!

Tall dining storage cabinet or a compact cabinet for a compact house.
Tight on space? Get this compact but a functional cabinet
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Budget-Friendly Dining room Cabinet Designs

If you’re happy with your existing cabinet or storage options, then this one’s for you.

A budget-friendly but smart idea is to make use of old racks, containers, cartons and fruit crates and convert them into storage cabinets. Put your healthy choices on display and add life to the dead spaces between your kitchen and dining space. You can pile up boxes on one on another to gift yourself an instant but stylish storage solution.

Budget friendly dining room storage cabinets made up of wooden boxes as a corner cabinet dining room
These crates, trolleys, and racks add life to this dining space

A Cabinet Topped With A Sink.

Chic dining room’s dead nook is utilised with a small wooden cabinet and a mirror on top — a dining room sink with a shiny steel faucet sure is a great idea. This type of design combines utility, functionality and aesthetics. 

Modern built in dining room cabinets and a cabinet topped with a sink for dining room storage furniture
Wash Basin in the dining area – Yes or No? Always a yes!

These trendy and unique dining room cabinet designs will let you tastefully flaunt your extravagant dinnerware to every guest that walks into your home! Just match the dining room decor with your requirements and you have your own cabinet design!

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