20 Aesthetic Room Decor Ideas Trending in 2023

by Nikita Keshwani | February 23, 2024 | 10 mins read

Aesthetic room decor for your home

Ready to add a whimsical charm to your bedroom? Check out these aesthetic room decor ideas that will transform your space.

Looking for aesthetic room decorating ideas? Then you are in the right place. In this blog post, we will shed light on some design tips and tricks that have been tried and tested by so many Indian homeowners. These ideas can work for anyone regardless of the home interior style or budget. The best part? These tips go beyond wall paint and wallpapers and can make all the difference in the world for your bedroom.

1. Aesthetic Home Decor 101: Add Pops of Colour

This is one of the easiest ways to decorate your room. Uplift your basic room with colourful cushions and a duvet. Check out this bedroom in white and neutral wooden accents, which is made vibrant with the addition of multiple cushions. The different sizes and colours of cushions add a comforting vibe to the space and enliven it effortlessly.

Aesthetic room decor by using pops of colour
Add warmth to your bedroom by layering soft pillows

2. Infuse Greenery For Aesthetic Minimalistic Room Decor

If you’re searching for simple yet aesthetic room decor ideas, this is the one! Just add some indoor plants to your bedroom for a splash of colour. This bedroom in muted grey tones comes alive with the addition of indoor plants on white planters with gold legs. This room decor hack is affordable and low-maintenance.

Aesthetic room decor which infuses greenery to a boring room
Plants can bring to life even the most boring room

3. DIY Aesthetic Room Decor For a Boho Vibe

Check out this beautiful macrame wall hanging that adds a boho look to the colourful bedroom. For bedrooms with bold colours, it’s important to keep things muted so as not to overwhelm the space. And this neutral DIY wall hanging does the job perfectly. Although common for aesthetic decorations for a room, the hanging wall planters bring a sense of freshness to the space.

Aesthetic room decor which includes succulents for a boho vibe
Showcase cute succulents and macrame art on walls

4. Install Metal Wall Art For Aesthetic Wall Decor

If your bedroom is monotone, we suggest going big. Add a statement wall art for aesthetic bedroom decor that adds character to the space. For instance, this bedroom comes in a single tone with ample woodwork. So we have added a bold art piece in geometric shapes to create interest and breathe life into the room. It makes the room look more dynamic and stylish without taking away the beauty of the wooden finish interiors.

Aesthetic room decor which has metal wall art to create a depth
Metal wall art creates depth in a simple bedroom
End-to-end home interior solutions with functional designs

5. Aesthetic, Cosy, Trendy Teenage Room Decor

This aesthetic cosy trendy teenage room decor is a must-have if you have a teenager at home! This sports-themed bedroom has a comfy daybed by the window for lazy afternoons and lets your kid host sleepover parties. The striking colour contrast and the superhero logo cushions will make this your kid’s favourite corner in the house.

Aesthetic room decor for a trendy teenage which is striking and cosy
A daybed with storage for your kid’s bedroom decor

Explore more daybed designs here.

6. Vintage Aesthetic Bedroom Decor For Comfort 

Nothing screams comfort like a soft fuzzy rug! You’ll find one in a variety of textures, colours and designs. Pick something that goes with the interior style of your bedroom, or go bold and pick a bold colour to add character to the space. Either way, a textured shaggy rug is a snug aesthetic room decor option.

Aesthetic bedroom decor in a vintage style
Rugs make your bedroom more inviting and aesthetic

7. Keep It Earthy

This idea is aesthetic in its truest sense and will make a whole world of difference to your bedroom decor. Mix and match neutral shades in your bedroom to create an earthy vibe. For instance, this bedroom comes with muted colour interiors – be it the wall paint, the curtains, the cushions, the rug, or the spacious bookshelf. By sticking to the same colour palette, you get aesthetic room decor without spending too much.

Aesthetic room decor which has calming earthy tones
Calming earthy tones add tranquillity and a luxe feel

8. Make A Statement With An Accent Chair

If you had to add just one element to your bedroom decor to transform it into your personal haven, let it be a classy accent chair. Accent chairs will cheer a dull, useless corner of the bedroom and act as a lounging spot. Use it to enjoy your hot cup of morning coffee or cuddle in it while reading your favourite magazine in the evenings. 

Aesthetic room decor with an accent chair to make a statement
Accent chairs add personality to your bedroom

9. Quote It Out For An Aesthetic Room Wall Decor

Adding frames with your favourite quotes on the bedroom walls is an inexpensive aesthetic wall decor idea. They are ideal for people who like a little quirkiness in their bedroom interiors. Express your personality with quotes that resonate with you. But make sure to pick a clean, easy-to-read font and a simple frame so the quote stands out. Here’s an example:

Aesthetic room wall decor with a meaningful quote
Personalise your room decor with a meaningful quote

10. Light It Up In Style

Want to add a modern touch to your bedroom? Go for statement lights! Available in a plethora of unique shapes and designs, statement lighting fixtures don’t just illuminate a corner. They also bring the much-needed glitz and glamour. This bedroom, for instance, is completely transformed by the addition of hanging pendant lights and LED strip lights at the top. They highlight the wallpaper and add a warm glow to the entire space. 

Read more about different types of bedroom lighting here.

Aesthetic room decor with stylish light fixtures for a modern touch
Stylish light fixtures lend a modern aesthetic
Revive your home with modern and affordable home interiors!

11. Get Wall Shelves To Utilise The Walls

Looking for space to display your favourite items? This room decor idea will enhance both the visual appeal as well as the functionality of your bedroom. These hexagon wall shelves are super trending and very easy to install. Stock them with your favourite books, souvenirs from your travels, and succulents in cute little pots. 

Aesthetic room decor with wall shelves to enhance the visual appeal
Mystical blue room decor with wall shelves

12. Play With Mirrors

Mirrors have been used for aeons as aesthetic decorations for rooms. They reflect light and make small rooms look spacious, adding a sophisticated vibe. This aesthetic small room decor with a full-length standing mirror is easy to execute! Just find the right spot for the mirror, adorn it with warm string lights and watch your bedroom turn whimsical. 

Aesthetic room decor with ful-length standing mirror for teenagers
Aesthetic and classy teenage room decor

13. Multifunctional Furniture For Aesthetic Cozy Trendy Teenage Room Decor

Invest in smart space-saving furniture that can be used for various purposes, like this study-table-cum-vanity. It serves as a work desk when you work from home or journal your day at night. The desk opens up to reveal a lift-top vanity with a mirror that you can doll up from the comfort of your bedroom. Isn’t that a value-for-money small aesthetic room decor for your bedroom?

Aesthetic room decor with multifunctional furniture for a trendy look
A multifunctional study table with a hidden vanity

14. Give Your Bedroom A Rustic Spin

An aesthetic room doesn’t just mean a simple and clean look. An exposed brick wall can make your bedroom aesthetically contemporary and bring it the X factor. This accent wall lends a rugged look to this sophisticated bedroom and creates a focal point. It adds a dash of colour to the ash-grey bedroom and brings in an old-world charm.

Aesthetic bedroom decor with a rustic brick wall to add texture
Rustic brick wall adds texture to the bedroom

15. Splurge On A Vintage Wall Clock

Wall clocks have always been used for bedroom decor but have also been increasingly used as a wall centrepiece. Decorative wall clocks grab attention and beautify an empty bedroom space effortlessly. For instance, consider this vintage aesthetic bedroom decor with a wall clock. The antique design and looks of the wall clock lend a subtle elegance, making it a great choice for your bedroom.

Aesthetic room decor with a vintage wall clock for an antique look
A large wall clock makes your bedroom look stylish

16. Pastel Aesthetic Room Decor

This room decor idea is for all book lovers! Create a reading nook by adding a bookshelf and a snug chair to a bedroom corner. We recommend picking a spot by the window as it allows lots of natural light and positive energy to flow in. Consider investing in a comfortable chair so you can curl up in it with your favourite book for hours.

Aesthetic room decor in pastel colour with a cosy nook
A cosy nook turns your bedroom into a personal oasis
Designer home interiors within your budget!

17. Invest In A Bedroom Bench

An attractive addition to bedroom furniture, bedroom benches have overtaken new-age home interiors. They’re easily available in all kinds of materials and budgets. Whether you go for a bench that looks like a storage trunk or a simple cushioned bench with wooden legs – it will enhance the utility of your bedroom. 

Aesthetic room decor with a bedroom bench to add flair to the space
A grey bedroom bench to add flair to the space

18. Purple Aesthetic Room Decor

Bedside tables are super useful as part of this purple aesthetic room decor. They hold all your bedtime essentials, the book you’re reading before sleeping, the scented candles that enhance your mood, and much more. They’re a popular small aesthetic room decor item because they can be easily moved around the house. They are perfect for the storage of items that you need frequent access to. You can spruce up a bedside table with a stylish table lamp or a hanging pendant light.

Aesthetic room decor in purple colour with a bedside table
Keep your room neat and tidy with a bedside table

19. Create Your Own Wall Art With Portraits 

Portrait walls are a wonderful addition to your bedroom as they let you showcase what’s special to you. Be it family portraits or pictures from your travels – get them framed and arrange them on an empty bedroom wall for aesthetic room decor. You can stick to just one frame size for all portraits or experiment with varying sizes to add dimension to the empty space.

Aesthetic bedroom decor with portraits to add dimension to he empty space
Turn your memories into wall art for your bedroom

20. Make The Most Of Your Bedroom Corners 

Fill up an empty bedroom corner with a free-standing shelf like this one. Use it to add a personal touch to your bedroom space by decking it with your favourite scented candles, plants and vases. You can also use it to stack everyday knick-knacks, books, and small artefacts. Apart from adding storage space to your bedroom, it enhances the creative appeal of the corner. 

Aesthetic room decor with a free standing shelf to offer extra storage
A free-standing shelf offers extra storage in the room

And there you have it—the top aesthetic home decor ideas to get inspired from! We hope you’ll implement some of these ideas in your own home. Even just a few small changes can make a big difference. If you’re looking for something more personalised, get in touch with our expert interior designers today!

FAQs On Aesthetic Room Decor

What are some aesthetic room decor ideas?
Some aesthetic room decor ideas are portrait gallery walls, string lights, full-size mirrors, throw pillows, and candles. If you want simple and aesthetic decor, stylish planters are a great decor option. For a boho aesthetic room decor, go for patterned rugs and macrame wall art.

Which colour is best for an aesthetic room?
Neutral shades and pastel tones are ideal for creating an aesthetic room decor, creating an airy and soothing vibe. You can also opt for earthy tones like brown and green for an aesthetic room.

What are 5 different home aesthetics?
The 5 different home aesthetics are Scandinavian, traditional, minimalist, bohemian, and industrial. Out of these, the best aesthetic for your home is one that resonates with your personal style and makes you happy.

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