For This Read A Book Day, Design Your Own Reading Nook

by Natasha Unger | January 31, 2024 | 6 mins read

Reading nook ideas for your home

This Read A Book Day, don’t just choose a new book to curl with but also create your own quiet corner with our reading nook designs for small homes

A study once claimed that Indians love to read and spend around 10 hours a week reading. Well, considering the love for books that we have, we ought to celebrate this year’s Read A Book Day at home.  Yes, it is a legit day for book lovers (no, we are not making it up!.

And we know that Read A Book Day cannot be celebrated without a reading space! After all, the charm of reading at home in your private reading nook is the best way to celebrate this iconic day. However, the sad part is that most modern Indian homes are compact. Thus, they don’t usually come with a dedicated reading nook. But that doesn’t mean we can’t cook something up! 

Below are some of the easiest reading nook designs to squeeze into your tiny homes. After all, there are multiple ways to transform any area in your house into a space where you sit back and enjoy what you read.

Here are a few reading nook ideas to help you develop a little corner for you on this Read A Book Day!

Read A Book In This Reading Nook By The Window

Sitting by the window on a beautiful September afternoon with a steaming cup of coffee and a book in hand seems picture-perfect. And this Read A Book Day, you can realise this dream by converting your window area into a cosy reading space. If you have a window with a low height, you can consider a book storage space that doubles up as a seating area. This saves space, especially in a small home. Set it up with comfortable upholstery and a few cushions to make it a cosy reading nook. This might just turn out to be your favourite place to be in. Here, you get to keep your favourite books close to you while spending quality time by yourself.

Set up reading nook in your home with a space by the window by adding comfortable upholstery
Nothing beats a cosy space by the window where you can read your favourites whenever you want to

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An Easy DIY Reading Nook With The Royal Chair That Allows You To Stretch Your Legs

This simple DIY design idea for Read A Book Day can become your regular quiet corner at home. This is an idea that works perfectly for all those who think that a chair can have many uses. Well, this is a chair that stands out. You can stretch your legs on the ottoman and read as much as you want to. Between the reading sessions, a quick nap on the chair does not harm either. The chair will keep you comfortable no matter what, especially when you add cushions. Setting this up in the corner of your bedroom or living room with a lamp by its side can make a comfortable reading nook. You can also put a shelf or a rack alongside that can hold your favourite books.

A cozy chair with an ottoman can be the perfect addition to your room
A cozy chair with an ottoman can be the perfect addition to your room

A Reading Nook With Separate Seating For You And Your Loved One

How about celebrating this year’s Read A Book Day with a bibliophile companion? If you have got your reading partner, here’s an idea for you. This small corner with two comfortable seats can make a quiet place where two people can talk over a cup of coffee and read. You can DIY this one quickly! Just pick two chairs that look either alike or stand apart. Bring in a bookshelf or a side table where you can keep your favourite books.  When you have a small and cosy home, this arrangement can be an ideal fit for the living room. You can limit chairs or couches while uplifting the look.

Cozy reading nook in home that matches the upholstery with the walls or the floor
For an arrangement like this, matching the upholstery with the walls or the floor can make things look breezy
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Create A Lavish Sofa Into A Reading Nook For The Ultimate Comfort

Instead of setting up a particular corner for reading, why not pick a sofa that allows you to stretch out and be comfortable? Yes, this is easy, doable and you won’t need more than one piece of furniture. All you got to do is add a lovely sectional sofa with comfortable upholstery to make the perfect ‘Read A Book’ set-up.

If you already have a chaise sectional sofa, you can style it up with some comfy pillows. And if you are thinking of getting a new one, purchase a sofa where you can lie down and rest as you read a book. Putting up a bookshelf close to the couch would make it easy for you to pick your favourite books and read them whenever you want to.

Large sectional sofa in grey colour with comfortable upholstery to make the perfect ‘Read A Book’ set-up
A large and comfortable sofa can always make you enjoy your reading sessions while making it an excellent idea for small homes

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Set Up Your Cosy Read A Book Day Reading Nook In The Bedroom

How about celebrating this day with a set-up where you not just sit and read but also contemplate life? Yes, we got you this Read A Book Day reading nook right by your bed where you can read, rest and chill.  A window bay seating arrangement by the bed can be your perfect quiet place. The bed here has an extended headboard that evolves into a window bay seat. The best part? The window bay seat has a storage shelf beneath it. Thus, you can stack your favourite books while reading. Setting ceiling pendant lights by the other side of the bed can add character to the room. 

Set up your cosy reading nook in the bedroom for your read a book day
Fitting in quietly with the other essentials in your bedroom, this reading space has a lot to contribute

Get A Space-Saving Bookshelf For Your Living Room Reading Corner

If you are looking for a small reading nook idea in your living room, this is it! This industrial living room has a space-saving folding bookshelf. It comes with a concealed shelf space. This makes the bookshelf an ideal choice for small homes. The bookshelf also has storage drawers beneath it. To complete the reading nook, there is an upholstered lounge chair. The reading nook remains illuminated by a tripod floor lamp—ideal for reading. Thus, with a folding bookshelf and a single lounge chair, you can create your very own reading nook at home.

A small reading nook in your living room for reading enthusiasts
An industrial living room with a small reading nook for the reading enthusiasts

Read A Book Day is a call for all the book readers who would love to celebrate the day in their cosy reading nooks at home. And with our reading corners, you can transform your unused space into quiet reading stations. So, go on, flip open that novel and immerse yourself in its pages. Want more such ideas? Give us a shout-out, and we’ll help you out!

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