Sofaaaa, Sooo Good! Different Styles Of Sofas For Your Home

by Devna Tiwari | January 19, 2024 | 5 mins read

Different styles of sofas for your home

Spotting the qualities of “the one” from an endless list of sofa styles is a great way to ensure you pick the right one for your home. Before you let the enormous sofa-sphere scare you away, Design cafe brings you this quick guide to help you understand the different sofa styles for your home to choose from.

While it’s possible to design a beautiful home, you are likely to get confused when you have to decide between a futon or a sectional sofa, a camelback or a chesterfield. For those of you planning to buy a sofa or are trapped in an overwhelming hunt of a new one, let’s brush up your design vocabulary a little.

Getting a sofa for your home is a significant investment, both in terms of cost and design. It is the piece that anchors your living room; its design and style set the tone of this space. As with any major purchase, it’s ideal you plan well before you head to the store. Here we have the lowdown on some of the best sofa styles to help you pick the right one for your home from that never-ending list.

A Sectional Sofa

Sectional sofa style or what designers call the family sofa is an excellent option for those with big families and square footage to match. It’s even for those who wish to customise the shape of their sofa and style options. The sectional style of sofa is a multi-piece sofa. The standard number of pieces are three and five. It can be arranged in several configurations. Each of these sections will include fixtures that join the pieces to keep them in place. Two of the most common and popular settings are L-shaped and U-shaped. Thanks to the growing popularity of sectional sofas, there are endless styles and materials to choose from. Add some fluffy back cushions and pillows to make your sectional sofa a sink-in spot.

Sectional sofa styles are multi-piece sofas in l-shaped and u-shaped sofa styles
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The Classic Indian Wooden Sofa

Remember that bulky, wooden sofa you couldn’t move without help during Diwali cleaning? It continues to be a popular sofa style for Indian homes even today. Although this classic wooden sofa has a modern twist to it, it’s a lot lighter, more stylish and comfortable. The great thing about wooden sofas is they are available in various sizes and colours. If you like traditional Indian decor and interior style but with modern functionalities and benefits, this one’s for you!

Wooden sofa set designs indian style with modern functionalities in your home

Camelback Sofa

Look at that hump in the middle? As the name suggests, this style of sofa is inspired by a camel’s back. Camelback sofas descend from Arabic style of interiors. This style of sofa is fit for those looking for an upscale and extravagant addition to your living room. If you want to live like a sheikh and go lavish from floor to ceiling with intricate detailing, floral wallpapers, crystal chandeliers then a camelback sofa fits right in with such a royal setup. Or you could flip the concept on its head and keep your living room clean, minimalistic and modern making your camelback sofa the showstopper. It will add that much-needed drama to your otherwise simple living room.

Camelback sofa is a new style sofa, these sofa styles fit for an upscale and extravagant addition to your living room
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Chesterfield Sofa

The name alone, Chesterfield sofa, carries with it an air of style and royalty. The easiest way to spot a chesterfield sofa is to look for deep tufting of buttons on the back. The hunky chesterfield sofa makes a powerful statement in any living room. High arms and a deep seat characterise it. Also, the wraparound design gives you cosy seat that is roomy enough for your entire family to pile on. However, you must remember that its generous scale requires a room with some size to maintain balance.

Chesterfield sofa styles makes a powerful statement in any living room

French Cabriole Style Sofa

If Chesterfield is the handsome gentleman of the sofa family, the Cabriole is the elegant grande dame. The Cabriole style sofa has a unique silhouette. The back of this style of sofa is one unbroken piece without cushions and has a beautiful wavy arch. Its exposed wooden frame boasts attractive carvings that add a french country vibe. If you like the elegant and timeless interiors, this might be the perfect addition to your living room.

French cabriole style sofa, this style of sofa is one unbroken piece without cushions

Lawson Sofa Style

The Lawson is the quintessential American style of sofa. It is simple and comfortable. The boxy shape of a lawson sofa is ample and has three back and seat cushions each. Both of these sets of cushions are loose, making it easier to deep clean the sofa. The arms aren’t necessarily rolled either. A great pick if you have a nuclear family. Besides, there are various colours and materials to choose from, making it a popular choice for modern styled living rooms.

Lawson sofa style is kind of sofa style with a boxy shape of a lawson sofa is ample
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Mid-Century Modern Style Sofa

Distinguished by clean lines, a rectangular shape, a tufted back seat and wooden legs, the mid-century style of sofa is a perfect pick if you love everything contemporary. With the current rise in the popularity of mid-century modern interiors, this sofa is the newest addition. Most commonly used in minimalist or mid-century interior style of design, they add a lovely retro touch to your living room.

Mid-century modern style sofa design with a rectangular shape, a tufted back seat and wooden legs

A Perfect Settee

If you’re tight on space then this one’s for you!  Settees have an elegant silhouette as compared to big, bulky full sofas. Commonly used as secondary seating with seating space for two people, a settee typically has a straight back with cushions, and a shallow seat with wooden legs. They carry all the comfort and style of a sofa albeit in a slimmed down version that works well in a bedroom, home office, or any corner of your home that needs a comfortable landing spot!

Settee sofa styles with cushions, and a shallow seat with wooden legs

So there, sofa styles to suit your taste and lifestyle. A perfect space to unwind, snuggle or watch your favourite shows. Let us know your favourite one in the comments section below.

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