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Put The Fun In Functionality With These Furniture Design Ideas For Your Living Room

Put The Fun In Functionality With These Furniture Design Ideas For Your Living Room


A combination of handy-dandy and frilly furniture that makes a living room feel whole and wholesome.

It’s not an easy task – selecting the perfect furniture for your living room that sings in chorus with your personality, radiates stylishness (enough to impress anyone that lays eyes on it) while also fitting correctly in the dimensions you have at play. And all this, along with being able to fit in your budget? Sounds almost absurd, doesn’t it? Luckily, with delightful designs in furniture today, you will never have to worry about FOMO with regard to fanciful furniture – even if you have a smaller apartment!

The living room of your house is the first area noticed by anyone who enters your abode. The theme of your living room – whether you’re going in for warm and relaxed, industrial minimalism or modern and chic – solely depends on its furniture. So, it’s imperative that you make every piece count. Furniture designs that are sure to enhance even a trite living room.

Sofa Set Designs that Enliven Your Living Room Design

1. Multipurpose Funky Futons

If someone had told us futons were going to be stylish must-haves a few years ago, we wouldn’t ever believe them. But functionality is just one of the many purposes a futon can serve your living room today. Ideal for small spaces, these double-duty delicates serve as a couch and can even be converted into a small cot for spontaneous sleepovers. These minimalistic pieces occupy very less space and sure do make one hell of a style statement.

Sofa set designs for small living room with an open cabinet on the back and wooden frames inside it in furniture design living room
A royal blue futon in a modern living room design

2. Get Savvy With a Statement Sofa Set

If you wish to have a Scandinavian living room design with not too much frill, but would still like to have an attractive focal point nonetheless, go ahead and make a statement with a majestic looking sofa set. You can choose from a variety of themes such as vintage, rustic or fine leather – whatever manages to correctly complement your living room’s backdrop. This white leather sofa makes for a stunning masterpiece in a room that is otherwise stripped down to bare essentials.

Sofa designs for small living room with a big white sofa which can fit 5 people easily in sofa ideas for small living room
A white leather sofa that looks surreal within a white backdrop

3. Play With Pillow Patterns

It might seem like a good idea for some, to keep the colour palette to a minimum of about three. Some like to go with the simplicity of greys and whites – and we support it! While colour might not be something you wish to tow with there’s still a whole lot you can do with pattern play. Multiple pillows of the same colour but different designs could really give your couch a 360-degree makeover. Get your ottoman to match with the patterns on a pillow and voila! You’ve managed to add colour to your home without adding any colour at all. Is grey the new gorgeous?

Living room sofa ideas with cushions with grey patterns which gives an elegant feel of luxury in sofa colour ideas for living room
Warm grey patterned pillows on a matching grey sofa set

4. Circular Sectional Couch Design As Living Room Furniture

A real space-saving victor, this part furniture, part art piece literally challenges one’s expectations of savvy décor. One moment it’s nothing more than a single piece couch with circular edges and the next, end pieces pulled away and doubled as seating for multiple people while the centre bit serves as an ottoman. We bet this got you questioning why you require any other element to complete your living room at all, right?

If you’re going in for this hyper-functional, riddle of a furniture item, make sure to go bold! This rustic red instantly steals the limelight and needs nothing more than a side of glass décor/shelves to complete the overall look of your living room interior.

Red colour Couch designs for living room with a circular design where you can accommodate a lot of people in couch design for small living room
A bold red sectional couch design makes a powerful statement

Alluring Centre Table Designs For Your Living Room

1. Swell Slide-Out Centre Tables

Centre tables aren’t for simply throwing up your feet on them anymore. They’re basically modern-day, budget-friendly chandeliers because of how much vivacity it can bring to the interior of your living room. It’s called a centre table for a reason after all. This three-layer slide out for example, is an elegant enigma and one that is sure to fetch you praises. How great it is that stacked together, this masterpiece acts like any other regular coffee table but when open – you might as well move an entire party to your living room. Charmingly unique, right?

Living room center table decoration ideas with wooden layers designed and a vertical wooden table in the corner with a statue on the top of it in living room center table corner
All-white stylish slide-out table in a modern living room

2. Wooden Top Warmth

When paired with a white backdrop, wooden furniture for your living room is always a great idea. This criss-cross legged piece occupies little floor space while still bearing a large top – it might as well be called a hanging tray! The wood plank and contrasting black finishes give it a rustic country vibe. Modern geometric treats such as this not only beautify your cosy living room but also give the illusion of occupying less space making the room look airy. Besides, there’s always the added warmth of wooden furniture to count on.

Wooden furniture designs for living room with iron stands on 4 sides on a square shaped wooden table and a open wooden cabinet beside filled with pots for furniture design in living room
Groovy wooden centre tabletop with black finishes lend a warm vibe

3. Modern Nesting Tables

Two is always better than one. The rule applies for coffee and coffee tables too. Contrary to what it may seem, this set of two or three tables is actually here to save you space. Just like Russian nesting dolls, they’re basically meant to be stacked underneath one another when not in use, saving you floor space. And the fact that they come in pairs means you can easily use one of them as a side table for your dressing room or bedroom if need be. A true polyhydric prettifier, this one.