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Galley Kitchen Design Ideas For Your Home

Galley kitchen design ideas for your home

If you have been fascinated by passageways and corridors, then these galley kitchens are worth taking a look at.

Simply Parallel In Nature

This kitchen has a parallel shaped layout and is simple with a rustic touch. This galley kitchen design has beautiful black sleek slabs as countertops and the cabinets are made from dark wood. This kitchen has vitrified tiles that match the walls and a lovely accent light.

Simple kitchen with a parallel kitchen layout
A simple kitchen with a rustic touch looks pretty for a parallel kitchen layout

A Galley Kitchen Design That Resembles A Sunny Summer Walk

A common question that often pops up when you have a galley kitchen is where do you put a refrigerator? Let us make this a simple task and give you the answer you have been waiting for. In a parallel kitchen layout, the refrigerator must be kept towards the end of the passage where there is free space, preferably where the kitchen counter ends. This galley kitchen is designed with the use of lacquered glass in a bright shade of yellow for the bottom cabinets and drawers and a white for overhead cabinets.

Galley kitchen design with lacquered glass in bright shade of yellow
A fun and friendly galley kitchen in a popping colour yellow is sure to brighten up your day

A Compact Galley Kitchen Design

This galley kitchen design is modern yet a small galley kitchen. Where you are tight on space this kitchen design will do its purpose of being at its best use for you. This parallel kitchen layout is perfect for compact spaces. It has a stone cladding backsplash with a rich black granite countertop. Inbuilt space for the microwave has been incorporated in this design along with cabinets and drawers in white.

Compact galley kitchen design with stone cladding makes modern look for small galley kitchen
A small yet smart galley kitchen with stone cladding enhances the look of this compact kitchen

Elegant Like The English

This lovely galley kitchen layout is so pretty and elegant with a touch of English style. Often when you have a kitchen layout that is parallel, there is always a question of how you can make it seem bigger. Well it’s easier than you think. It’s all about the colours that you use. Neutral and light colours like light creams, beige and white always make a space look more spacious. This kitchen is designed with the use of white wood for its cabinets and drawers, and wood for flooring.  A metallic backsplash stands out in this gorgeous galley kitchen design.

Galley kitchen layout with a whitewood kitchen with a hint of english touch
A whitewood kitchen with a hint of English touch and a backsplash add a silver lining

Let’s Take A Walk Back In Time

This galley kitchen idea goes back to the ’90s, and a question that many of you will have in your mind is how do you arrange a galley kitchen. A galley kitchen, as you know, comes with a passage so it is important to ensure there is sufficient space to walk between the two walls. Don’t add unnecessary seating or furniture or decor as they can be a hurdle to your walking space. Try and keep the cabinets to the wall. Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure the stove and the sink are on the same side of the kitchen.

90s galley kitchen layout takes back to your golden days
A kitchen that takes you back to your golden days

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A World Of Wooden Interiors

This galley kitchen design idea is based on a lot of wooden interiors. The overhead cabinets drawers and bottom storage space are all made from wood. This kitchen has wooden flooring and a wooden framed door towards the end. Who wouldn’t want to spend all day cooking in the warmth of this kitchen? So even if you aren’t passionate about cooking, this kitchen design will change your interests in a jiffy!

Wood based galley kitchen with a mosaic tile backsplash
A complete wood-based kitchen with a mosaic tile backsplash will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy all day

This is what we at Design Cafe think are the best galley kitchens for your home. Let us know what you think! Send us an email. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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