Attention All You 90s Kids! – Let’s Relive The Golden Era Of Evergreen Designs!

by Devna Tiwari | January 10, 2024 | 5 mins read

90s interior design and decor trends
Let’s take a trip down memory lane! Grab some Uncle Chips, a bottle of limca and relive the glory days of the 1990s with us. If any of these designs make you nostalgic about your childhood home, you’re definitely a ’90s kid! The era that gave us our beloved sitcoms, endless political shifts, pop music masterminds (Backstreet Boys, Linkin Park and the list goes on!), and spicy celebrity gossip. Along with a dot-com bubble, the ’90s were an excellent time for home interior design and decor – Tuscan style, ultra frilly, chintz on walls, and  confetti-filled blow-up chairs (a common sight in every teenage girl’s bedroom!) Many homeowners today in their early 30s look back on their teens with nostalgia. Wicker furniture doesn’t feel so outdated — it reminds them of their grandparents’ home. After years of complete white, modern kitchen cabinets, old wooden kitchens seem beautiful.

90s Style Furniture!

Wicker and rattan furniture were popular in the 90s. The uncool uncle of outdoor materials that would not leave your home without a tough fight. And you may wonder why? This type of furniture pieces are highly durable and popularly known as all-weather furniture. In 2021 they are slowly finding their way back into our gardens, living rooms and our hearts! When accessorised with the right vintage pieces, these 90s style furniture feel incredibly chic. 90s style furniture were wicker and rattan furniture for your home interiors

A Themed Kids Bedroom

If you grew up in the 90s, then you know that themed bedrooms were always in style. Draw on the decor trend of the most colourful decade and give your kid a bedroom that’s fun and iconic. Turn fleeting fantasy can be turned into a fun theme for your kid’s bedroom. Loved the idea of the tricolour bed from Powerpuff Girls? Well, “fear not fair viewers” you have yourself a power-packed kid’s bedroom. A themed kids bedroom were famous in the 90s design trends
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Dreamlike Canopy Beds

What’s more surreal than a canopy bed blanketed with ruffles and endless fairy lights? Gauzy white fabric brings in tranquil beachside vibes to your bedroom. However, if you love minimalism, you can go low on the ruffles and lighting and just make do with a sleek canopy bed. Pair this pared-down bedding with pillows in solid colours and feather white sheets. Canopy bed designs were famous in 90s bedroom interior design trends Also, read more Canopy Bed Design Ideas

Go Retro With The Wallpapers

Floral or country-inspired or geometric wallpapers were the focal point in almost every ’90s home. This trend is slowly making way to our homes but with a modern feel to it. A lot of us are digging wallpaper in vibrant, and fun prints and colours like this elegant setup in the image. 90s home wallpapers with floral or country-inspired or geometric wallpapers

Ah, The Old Computer Desk!

Remember your old computer desk for your bulky monitor, printer, hard drive, and piles of CD-ROMs. We’ve all spent playing Tetris, Contra, Super Mario and of course doing homework! Those desks are back in trend offering you a secluded corner to work from home in the real sense.  With enough storage and counter space, a desk is ideal for your home office. Not to mention, it will bring back a plethora of memories. 90s home office cum study room designs with enough storage and counter space

Patterns? More Like Patterns x 1000!

We think 90’s designers competed with each other on how many patterns they could fit in a single room. And since we are talking about decor statements from the ’90s we cannot miss out on patterns. They were literally splattered across the house! Consider adding a floral, mandala or Indian ethnic pattern like ikkat to your space for an antique yet elegant feel. 90s pattern decor trends by adding a floral, mandala or indian ethnic pattern for elegant look

Please The Boho Spirit In You, 90’s Style

If you are a fan of boho style of decor, give it a ’90s accent: doorway curtains! Doorway curtains were a part of every household back in this decade. Beaded strings or handmade macrame, these humble dividers are a blessing in open-floor-plan houses. 90s boho style of decor with doorway curtains for your home interiors
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Ultra Frilly And Then Some More!

Remember, our mother’s antidote to grunge phase? The answer – Frills! Used ever so widely in the 90s sitcoms, frills were a focal point of every room. From dresses to slings, couches to tables, frills were the most happening thing about 90s decor! Bring them back to your living room or reading settees. 90s decor trends with dresses to slings, couches to tables and frills for living room designs Just when you think of all the forgotten designs of the 90’s something or the other resurfaces. But it’s not just what we wore or the technology we used that defined this era. 90’s decor, designs and styles, was just as iconic as fashion and movie culture. Steal these ideas from the most colourful era and relive them in your home. Because guess what, they are not going out of style anytime soon! Share your memories from the 90s in the comments section below. Also Read:

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